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Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon needs to convert over 40% of voters from Don't Know to Yes, can a woman who is so unlikeable pull off that miracle, no one is buying her ‘angry wee Nat’ routine of 'standing up for Scots'

Dear All

It is said that up to 40% of Scottish voters have not yet made up their minds on independence.

And Englishman and SNP MP Angus Robertson says that they are reachable by the Yes campaign.

That is such bullshit!

Angus Robertson is the MP co-ordinating the doomed SNP's referendum campaign.

He is thought off very highly of but only in the SNP.

He also opines, wrongly that most of the "don't knows" wanted to be persuaded of the case for independence.

Scottish people have made up their minds already, poll after poll is saying the same thing to Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and the word is No!

On the issue of Cybernats, the hate wing of the Nationalist camp who go online to threaten, bully, spread lies, hate and deception, Robertson urged all sides to show respect to their opponents.

Robertson also said:

"Up to 40% of the electorate are reachable. How one chooses to describe the degree of ­undecidedness I will leave to the psephologists. Most of them wish to be persuaded of the strongest case for Yes, so they can, if they want to, vote that way."

That isn’t a fact but an assumption and rather a bizarre assumption at that, the SNP case doesn’t hold water at all, at any level, promises have been made which can’t be delivered, people have been deceived and the government is a shambles since 2011.

Presumably in disbelief, Robertson was asked if he was really getting a sense on the ground of this desire to be persuaded in favour of independence, he said:

"Yes. People want to get a satisfactory balance between their head and their heart when they are undecided."

He must be moving in the wrong social circles because people in Scotland are not backing Salmond.

Robertson added:

 "I am totally convinced the referendum is there to be won. It comes down to confidence, optimism and doing everything that we need to do to provide voters with the information that they require to vote Yes."

George Laird analysis, you are pure fucked, this isn’t 2011, times and fortunes have changed for Salmond and Sturgeon.

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon used the six month mark to Alex Salmond’s political death at the ballot box by laying out six reasons to vote Yes.

The fantatsy from her is that there will be more jobs and opportunities for Scotland as well as protecting public services from "Westminster's privatisation obsession".

Most of the domestic stuff is devolved, and there is no guarantee that a future Labour admin would stop privatisation in Scotland.

So, that is a load of rubbish!

Little Ms. Unpopular added:

"The referendum is a choice between taking Scotland's future into Scotland's hands or leaving our future in the hands of an out-of-touch Westminster establishment."

Firstly, she isn’t saying Scotland to be run by Scots.

Secondly, we already know that Alex Salmond Party within the SNP is already out of touch, her pitch is ‘vote in a local idiot because they are local’!

Fuck off!

Alistair Darling of Better Together said:

"The history of the UK shows we are better and stronger when our four nations pool and share our resources by working together. The bailout of RBS is a good example of that."

The Better Together leader added:

"We can decide to keep the strength, stability and security of being part of the larger UK, with a stronger Scottish Parliament and the guarantee of more powers, or we can take a leap into the unknown with all the risks of separation."

And when the vote takes place, despite Salmond, Sturgeon and Robertson trying to hype up they can convert 40% of undecided voters, they will come crashing down through the floor to a rather nasty thump.

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon can convert 40% of undecided, she can’t get the women’s votes, she can’t get the male vote.

Sturgeon is cast as the ‘face of independence’, but she is not Snow White more the Wicked Witch!

The Wicked Witch who wants to destroy Scotland, the granddaughter of an English woman will be failing in that attempt.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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