Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Constitutional expert Matt Qvortrup predicates that the people of Britain will vote No in the European referendum, David Cameron is trying to get a deal, but it is unlikely he will get enough to satisfy the British people, with Europe heading towards violence and chaos some might argue where is the sense going down with the sinking ship?

Dear All

The next ‘big’ political bunfight on the horizon is whether Britain should leave the European Union. As someone who grew when Britain went into the European Union, I approached the issue as this was a good thing. Over the years the EU has enlarged to what we know today, but along with enlargement came real problems.

In the past the big stories were the ‘butter mountains’, the ‘wine lakes’, the Common Agricultural policy making the French farmers rich, MEPs robbing the place blind and the EU being unable to balance the books, year in year out.

In some ways you might think back and view these as the ‘happy times’!

But we aren’t living in the happy times anymore, we are living in possibly the most dangerous times to part of the EU in its history, we see that the organisation needs reformed, we see it’s undemocratic and we see the Euro has a mistake, the migrant crisis threats the stability of the entire European Union.

If you are sitting in Britain, you can research the chaos of Europe in detail from many sources on the web. The footage on youtube of ‘events’ give a bird’s eye view of what is happening on the ground, and what is happening is disturbing.

Are you familiar with the old saying, ‘you don’t buy a condom unless you want to fuck’?

In Europe, right across Europe, people are buying firearms; sales are through the roof, in places like Germany and Austria. The migrant crisis hasn’t been a success, it has been a disaster for Europe, and it has damaged the reputation of Angela Merkel.

Merkel is the woman who destroyed Europe.

In Europe, the wishes of voters have been ignored by the political class, this has led to the current crisis, the far right is growing, the people want and demand action; so while people like Merkel do nothing; the right will extend their influence politically.  The public backlash in Europe has already started, what Europe is waiting for is the person who people will rally around to restore order.

How is order restored?


In Britain, we have our own problems, and those problems are getting worse and worse, being in the EU once seen as a great benefit has lost its shine. We can’t control our own borders, we are economically unsafe, social cohesion is breaking down. As people see that they are not being listened to, there is an out, the Brexit. The referendum is a way out of Europe which voters may decide represents the best way to save Britain.

Once Britain leaves Europe, I would suggest that this would also be the trigger for European reform which is sorely needed.  

According to research, voters in the UK might just decide that David Cameron’s offer to the British people isn’t enough; personally I never thought his European adventure stood much chance. And the fact he had to barter for a deal over benefits was never going to satisfy the British public, we want control of our borders.

The only way to do this is lies with a No vote.

Matt Qvortrup has predicted the public will vote No, he is a Coventry University political science professor, he also reckons the vote will be close about 4% between the two camps.

If matters in Europe aren’t dealt with and new measures put in place to start a deportation programme in Europe, among other measures, we can expect violence to be widespread across the continent over the next decade. The English Channel was always seen as a buffer between Europe and Britain, that isn’t enough now, we appear to be heading towards the exit at an alarming rate.

Polling expert John Curtice said the result could hinge on whether Cameron wins new terms for Britain’s EU membership at a meeting of the European Council next month, although he will get something, he might as well come back with nothing.

David Cameron isn’t come back what voters want, although he will make a big deal about this in the press, everything politically is stacked against the British public with every mainstream political party with the exception of Ukip backing staying in.

The EU referendum may just turn out to be the expression of people power in the UK which really makes a difference to everyone’s lives.

Europe is broken, the political leaders don’t care, they don’t have the will to act, they ignore their own people, and they also don’t act in their best interests.

Finally Matt said:

“Based on statistical evidence from the previous 43 referendums, the opponents of EU membership will win the Brexit referendum.”

If it is a No vote, it will be a sad end to Britain’s membership, but on the plus side it could simulate the British public to become more politically active as the traditional parties see their popularity decline.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University    


Freddy said...

I think this package Cameron is attempting to negotiate better be a good one George.

Anonymous said...



Smudge said...

Well said Freddy.
George, there's a video on the go of Sturgeon making a right arse of herself "AGAIN" This time it's in Holyrood and she blabbing on about, about, well, about something to do with council tax. The opposition are killing themselves with laughter just listening to Sturgeon's "crap", and, well, you should see the look on Sturgeon's mug,, so childish,,, aawwwww.

G Laird said...

Hi smudge

if you get the video, send me a link.

Nicola Sturgeon gets upset when people laugh at her.


Smudge said...

Go onto Facebook George go to "Ian Murray for Edinburgh South"" . It's on his Facebook page. It's the first video, and it shows "CHILDISH NICOLA STURGEON" really getting her come uppance. You want to see her face at the end George. HAHAHA.