Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thrown under the Bus, SNP councillor Craig Melville, aide to SNP Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie is reported to council watchdog over allegedly ‘racist’ text sent to female SNP Muslim employee, rising star Melville appears to be falling very quickly

Dear All

How do you save a problem like Craig Melville?

Craig Melville is the SNP Councillor and aide to SNP Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie who is in rather hot water at present over what some describe as a racist text scandal.

It now seems that things have now turned sour as the Dundee City Council leader Ken Guild has decided to report Melville to the Standards Commission.

Is this more sleaze Nicola Sturgeon?

Well, it looks like the SNP has possibly decided to throw Melville under the bus as they dob him in.

Nothing like having buddies is there?

Councillor Guild said:

“If true these allegations are extremely shocking, and are not the sort of behaviour acceptable for a Member of Dundee City Council. I have written to the Standards Commission requesting that they carry out a full investigation.”

The SNP are under pressure in Dundee in the shape of the Labour Party’s Councillor called Georgia Cruikshank.

Ms. Cruikshank said:

“Given that Maryfield... is a diverse community representing a high proportion of the Asian community and all denominations, it would be an insult to allow him to continue to represent our constituents until all investigations have been completed.”

Dundee is seen by many as the ‘powerhouse’ of the SNP because of the electorate success in the pass and the fact that several senior SNP come from there.

The fact that Melville worked for Stewart Hosie makes this a great story for the press, add to Melville was a rising star, he could have worked his way into Holyrood at some point to boot. Of course Holyrood isn’t full of wonderful people as we all know. Yesterday on the blog I published video of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon who has left ordinary people to rot in the ghetto she represents.

How do you solve a problem like Craig Melville, well, you do what the SNP always do, you get rid of them from the party.

Given the nature of the text messages, one can only wonder will we see in the ‘third act’ the presence of Police Scotland who might wish to have a word about the texts sent.

I assume that Labour Councillor Georgia Cruikshank will be like a dog with a bone regarding this story; this is her big chance to get her famous for 15 minutes spot. Maybe project her onto the national stage.

Finally, now that his own SNP boss has reported Craig Melville, is this his idea, or a command from party bosses?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Smudge said...

I wonder whether Tasmina ( flipper) Sheik will get up a petition to have him banned!!! Haha,,, you couldn't make it up. So now you know, in the SNP there are those who are anti Muslim , while others are anti Jewish, and others who are racist,, this political party, the SNP is EVIL.

Anonymous said...

Had there not been an election close by, this would have been spun out. But no, the SNP is taking the appropriate action.But this has not always been the case.

The SNP does not have exclusive rights to those idiots who engage the 'Send' button before brain. But they should really know better that in politics you are watched like a hawk,.

Melville is now political history. The SNP will kick him out and I doubt he has made many friends on other parties. Although Ms Sheik could give sound advice on choosing another party.

S said...

This is very serious. Did Stewart Hosie know of Craig Melville's extreme views on Muslims? I'll say it louder. DID STEWART HOSIE MP NOT KNOW OF CRAIG MELVILLE'S EXTREME VIEWS ON MUSLIMS, AND IF HE DIDN'T,, WHY NOT? A person like Melville doesn't suddenly come up with extreme, hateful, views/comment. To send hate text messages openly like he did, doesn"t suddenly happen over night surely. There is far more to this than meets the eye!!! Who knew Craig Melville's extreme viws on Muslims and when? Remember, this is Stuart Hosie MP's AIDE we're talking about here, Stewart Hosie, the SNP deputy leader.

Anonymous said...