Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alex Salmond’s SNP Government signed up to a great white elephant as they push electric car charge points for Scottish roads, the stupidity of this idea is breathtaking, millions are about to wasted, no genuine benefit will come from this

Dear All

Some people have the ability to look at an idea and see the potential and market for it, others look at an idea and can’t see it is plain stupid, doomed to failure and further down the line will be have to be scrapped.

All parties like to show their ‘green’ credentials because they want to show they care about the planet.

The SNP Government has an idea to set up a network of electric vehicle charging points.

These points will be established every 50 miles along major roads, so worst case scenario you would only have to push your electric car 25 miles if you know where all charging points are.

And in the event you get there and all the places are taken up, you might have to wait 7 hours to get a charger and a further 7 hours to affect a full charge.

Plus however long it takes you to get there in the event of a flat battery!

The downside is further enhanced by that electric cars aren’t hybrid, the trend in motoring and the cost of the vehicles themselves.

In motoring terms, the electric car will not catch on with the motoring public; Patrick Harvie has joined the debate and said that there was a need for renewable electricity.

Really, there are such stupid people in this SNP Government that it literally beggars belief how their bodies generate enough electricity to power their bodies!

Opposition parties have rightly attacked the move, and why shouldn’t they idea is bonkers.

The Scottish Government’s Transport Scotland agency claimed today the country was “set for an ‘electric revolution’ on the roads” from “radical plans” to increase the number of charging points.

To encourage take up of electric cars, free installation of home charging points, and others at car parks, leisure centres, ferry terminals and offices, including for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow will be rolled out next year.

If you stay in a tenement building what then for these people, how do they get home charging points?

And then there is the issue of security and vandalism to consider.

Plus freedom of movement could be severely curtailed which at present you don’t get with petrol, diesel or hybrids.

This has all the hallmarks of pandering to a minority, wasting taxpayers’ cash on a scheme not accessible to all, think of it as an IT project that is a black hole that further down the line will be scrapped because usage and take up will not justify the costs.

Courtesy of the Scottish Greens, they said Transport Scotland figures show there are only 198 electric vehicles on Scotland’s roads among the total 2.7 million licensed vehicles.

SNP Ministers have pledged to have more than 500 charging points in place by the end of next month.

500, not even a drop in a bucket, not even the hint of moisture in the air.

This is one electric scheme that isn’t ground in reality and will lead to a massive shock for electric car drivers when costs soar.

Does the SNP Government really think anyone is stupid enough to buy in this?

Millions are about to wasted, no genuine benefit will come from this and again, the genuine lack of talent in the SNP Government is laid painfully bare for all to see.

Finally, how does the SNP Government replaced the tax loss on fuel duty to the treasury in order to protect vital services?

Is the answer to this question, they don't know?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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