Friday, February 22, 2013

Scottish independence, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon loses key student Scottish independence vote at Glasgow University, 87% not interested in her positive message, and those who voted 62% said No, Nicola Sturgeon cannot win an independence vote

Dear All

Yesterday saw a mock referendum held among the students of Glasgow University on Scottish independence.

Despite Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon taking a key role and fronting the campaign on campus, it was a disaster of epic proportions.

Team Salmond, Team Sturgeon and Yes Scotland threw everything including the kitchen sink into a massive operation trying to secure a win.

But the result was a large majority in favour of staying within the UK.

As I previously said, it was a mistake for Nicola Sturgeon to actively campaign on the streets of Glasgow University.

George Laird right again.

The result also shows another point which I have been making regarding a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

As I say the SNP threw everything into this to win, with Nicola Sturgeon investing her own political capital.

Unfortunately, she wasn't bright enough to understand the political economy and that you do not invest in a collapsing market.

George Laird right again. 

Nicola Sturgeon campaigned, SNP Government Ministers campaigned, SNP MSP’s campaigned, SNP members campaigned, Yes Scotland put two full time people on campus according to reports.

George Laird didn't campaign.

And the answer was No!

Students at the University of Glasgow were balloted using the same question as will be used in the referendum although the result is not representative of the average population; the main story was the defeat of independence at the ballot box under the personal leadership of Nicola Sturgeon.

Another part of Nicola Sturgeon’s failure was that 87% of students weren’t interested in her ‘positive message’.

Of those who did vote, "should Scotland be an independent country?".

62% (1614) voted no, while 38% (967) said yes.

As Professor Peacock read out the result, first the Yes result, a small cheer was heard; then came, the no result which resulted in a loud vocal cheering of celebration, sprinkled with loud booing as the independence supporters disgraced themselves in public.

Only 2589 (13%) of the university's 20,000 students took part in the poll.

Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins who turned up to witness the personal humiliation of Nicola Sturgeon said he was disappointed for the students backing his campaign.

He added:

"We have to remember that some 2,500 out of 20,000 students actually cast votes and this undoubtedly reflects the fact that a large section of the student and general population has yet to make up their minds."

Carys Hughes, a representative of the Glasgow University Better Together campaign, thought that introducing Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the campus for a whole day backfired for the yes campaign.

"It was because they did this, because they took the campaign away from the students, that they lost."

Ms. Hughes added:

"Our campaign was led by the students and wasn't consumed by party politics. We talked about the issues."

So, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is sinking as I previously blogged, yesterday she lost student independence vote, the SNP and Yes Scotland threw the kitchen sink at this campaign and lost.

There is a serious lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, Team Sturgeon got politically ass raped on the campus of Glasgow University because they didn’t understand the political economy.

George Laird right again, and ahead of the curve as usual.

Politics is really rather easy for some of us, but obviously not Ms Sturgeon who campaigned dress in black, appropriate for her own political funeral later on as the result was read out.

And what was the deal with her footwear, heels, again totally inappropriate, the pictures of her looked like a ‘baglady’ who had wandered onto the campus without a paper cup to do some ‘street begging’. 

She left without getting a nickel and her tail between her legs, head down, a major mistake to campaign personally.

And what a stunning coup of a PR victory for Better together which she gifted them. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

"politically a win or loss for either side is meaningless." George Laird- 22/02/13

Might I also once again point out that recent polling showed Nicola Sturgeon as Scotland's most popular politician. Polling 54% in a former Labour stronghold in 2011 shows that she is very, very "unpopular." #wrongagain

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

Thank you for quoting me apparently according to you:

"You still don't get it fatty no one gives a flying fuck what you think".

And now you do!

In academic terms, this result is meaningless, but the value is the PR coup which Better Together has gained because of her stupidity to publicly campaign on the streets of Glasgow University.

I know Nicola Sturgeon did well in 2011, maybe you can ask her who was one of the first people into her campaign HQ each morning to get her elected!

Finally, I told you to keep quiet, please take my advice and go away, no one is interested in your opinion.

I was right, it was a mistake for her to campaign at uni on the street and that it would be a loss, George Laird right again, twice.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Candide said...

They compared it to the 2009-2011 mock referendum in Catalonia, and in one way that's not so far off.

In Catalonia participation was less than 20%.