Monday, February 25, 2013

Scottish independence, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon heads to Brussels as she continues to flog a dead horse on Scotland’s EU membership, whipping the beast will not make it come back to life!

Dear All

Awhile ago, Robert Redford did a rather charming movie called the ‘Horse Whisper’ about a young girl and a horse injured in an accident.

It seems that from ‘Horsewhisper’ we now have in the present day the ‘Horse Whipper’ in the form of Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who is whipping a dead horse on EU membership beyond death now.

As the angry wee Nat continues to whip, whip and more whip the dead horse in the hope that somehow life will return to it, what must any reasonable nationalist think, it’s pathetic and it’s embarrassing.

Nicola Sturgeon is now being asked the Labour Party in Scotland to "get on with her day job", after it emerged she was heading to Brussels to address a think-tank.

The subject is the process Scottish independence.

After being rebuffed by the EU, Ms. Sturgeon wants to try and create the appearance of a dialogue is happening between the Scottish Government and Europe so Scottish people think they are dealing with the membership problem that Scotland has.

But the truth is, she, Alex Salmond and the Scottish Government are just wasting their time, burning up resources and not being effective in the independence campaign.

Ms. Sturgeon is speaking at the European Policy Centre on how Scotland would become a full EU member in the event of a Yes vote next year.

Labour whip James Kelly said:

"The minister should be at home trying to create jobs for the 11,000 Scots no longer in work. Europe for the SNP is the hole Nicola can't stop digging and she would be better getting on with the day job."

It is quite dishonest politics by the SNP Government to try and engage directly with key EU players after being rebuffed by European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso last month. No matter how many attempts made by Nicola Sturgeon, the bottom line is failure.

Nothing can or will happen until the referendum vote in 2014, and poll after poll shows that the ‘positive’ message being sold by Salmond and Sturgeon is not appealing.

Trust is an issue, and the SNP Government is losing the trust of ordinary working class Scots, not just on the EU but also in key areas of devolved government such as Health, Law and Order, and Education.

In health at the weekend another NHS health scandal erupted which again appears to lead by to Nicola Sturgeon’s tenure at health as opposition parties claim the SNP cover up.

In a knee jerk response to the latest crisis in accident and emergency departments in Scotland’s NHS, patients were being left waiting for hours on cold trolleys, money was pumped in, a face saving exercise. 

Health is no longer a flagship SNP policy.

This continual beating of a dead horse must stop, her continued farce of what represents negotiation would see her and Salmond unstuck as she says:

"Our intention to remain outside Schengen, retain the pound and keep Scotland's share of the UK rebate will simply be a confirmation of the status quo in terms of our relationship with the EU."

She can’t get a share of the rebate as the contract remains solely with the British Government, and she wouldn’t be able to remain outside Schengen either, again, totally dishonest politics from an unpopular Deputy First Minister who will say anything to the people of Scotland.

Scotland’s EU membership if there is a successful vote for independence, means starting from scratch, everyone knows this, and the continual falsehood only adds to an air of mistrust which is growing on a daily basis!

Labour MSP James Kelly is right, Nicola Sturgeon needs to stop digging a hole on the EU, put the dead horse in the hole and bury it deep, it’s pretty ripe now, the smell can only get worse.

Its seems that Nicola Sturgeon is wishing to barge her way into any room that has ‘Europe’ on the door, to justify her ill judged strategy, tax payer money wasted on another unproductive ‘jolly’.

How long will it be till Labour MSP’s put ‘Europe’ on toilet doors in Holyrood?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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