Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nigel Farage hits the European election trail in Scotland hard as he says Scottish independence is ‘dead in the water’ and Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is out of her depth, two fair comments on state of Salmondism!

Dear All

In politics, there are always strong views floating about from other parties, regarding the performance of their competitors.

Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) says that Scottish Nationalism is a fraud.

He also says that Nicola Sturgeon appears out of her depth.

And to add icing to his cake, he says that the Scottish Government's campaign for independence is "dead in the water."

In politics and elsewhere this is known as the 1,2,3!

So, let’s look at his points.

Scottish Nationalism is a fraud, at present people are unwilling to be activists in the SNP and donations are drying up.


Because the Scottish National Party is run as a party within a party by Salmond who uses the ‘cult of personality’ which has created a vile nasty clique!

Nicola Sturgeon is out of her depth, this echoes my thoughts, her latest whizz to campaign in the mock referendum at Glasgow University is incredibly bad judgment on her part and that of her advisors.

The third point that independence is "dead in the water" is very much a matter of fact, from the start; Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have botched this, again, incredibly bad judgment.

There is no independence campaign beyond the SNP and Yes Scotland, no momentum and no heart and soul, no vision, no ideas and no sense that we are living in the days of a better nation.

You only have to look at the couldn’t give a fuck attitude by Alex Salmond at FMQ’s regarding the plight of dying mum Anne Fisher who needs the drug, Ipilimumab would give her more time with her husband and three daughters.

Remember the Scottish National Party members saying on indy, ‘we can make our country anything we want it to be’.

Maybe someone should be asking why the First Minister just shrugged off this woman’s plight; maybe it might explain why people won’t work for Salmond and Sturgeon and why donations are drying up.

These two patently don’t care about working class Scots, except when it is election time, Alex Salmond dons his garb and plays the ‘jolly fat man’ and Nicola Sturgeon plays the ‘concerned’ citizen whose ‘nationalism’ is allegedly based on social justice.

Where is the social justice for Anne Fisher?

Where’s her people’s champion from the SNP?

A whole party that has gone quiet because it is run as a one man band, the ‘cult of personality’.

Back to Mr. Farage, he is on the election trail, as he believes presumably that the 2014 European elections will be a watershed for UKIP in Scotland.


Say whit!

Anyway, Farage hopes that UKIP could emulate the Reform Party of Canada – which went on to form part of the largest party in the Ottawa parliament and "do something dramatic and remarkable".

UKIP is very light on the ground in Scotland and seen by many as Tory Eurosceptics out with the Conservative Party.

On Ms Sturgeon’s opinion that an independent Scotland would only have to amend an agreement with Brussels to become a new EU member state rather than negotiate a full accession treaty, he agrees with my position.

Farage said:

"There's nothing Nicola Sturgeon said that has impressed me. Frankly, she appears to be grossly out of her depth in the position she is in. Just for once, I'm going to go with Jose Manuel Barroso [President of the European Commission]."

And Farage is point blank anti EU, so this is a ‘road to Damascus’ moment for him.

On the current bankrupt strategy of Alex Salmond on Europe, he opines that Salmond and his clique have sold a "completely false argument".

He added:

"This has become clearer to Scottish voters. What has sealed it is the EC president making clear that if you left the UK, you have to reapply and sign a treaty that commits you to joining the euro. Frankly, the sheer dishonesty, the twists and turns, and the hiding of the report and all the things the SNP have done, they're doing themselves electorally huge damage."

In the Euro elections, it would be pretty clear how to get votes by opposition parties, keep using the liar tag alongside a picture of those who have lied publicly on this issue.

Farage hopes to do well, but in order to do so; UKIP needs to built up in Scotland, in the 2009 European elections it came sixth behind the Greens with just under 5% of the vote.

In the years between then and now, they have effectively done nothing in Scotland to raise their profile.

And on that basis they want a breakthrough!

But to return to Anne Fisher, the reason that most politicians say they entered politics, to help people, when is any SNP MSP with ‘a pair of balls’ going to stand up publicly and say that denying Anne Fisher the drug, Ipilimumab is wrong?

Is there one real People’s champion in the SNP who has been elected to serve the people?

I doubt it, which is why SNP members are turning their backs on Salmond and Sturgeon and refusing to be activists and why donations are drying up.

Telling words from Anne Fisher on Salmond:

“He didn’t seem interested all he seems to care about are his great plans for independence.”

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University