Monday, September 7, 2015

EU starting to recognise the need for the creation of an EU Border Force which I have repeated blogged on over the years, another of my ideas which is possibly about to take root is the EU internal immigration policy, George Laird getting it right again, years ahead of Nicola Sturgeon who is badly failing doing gesture politics

Dear All

One of the themes I like to touch on is reform of the European Union, two items you might remember that I have commented previously on are:

1/ the need for a new European Border Force

2/ an EU internal immigration policy

If you do a google search with my name and the items listed above you will see that I have been floating these ideas for some time.

To show how far ahead I was on this issue check out this link of 2011, I am in the comments section floating this idea:

Now, it seems that European leaders are preparing to create a powerful EU-wide border protection force.

It seems that George Laird is right again, and again ahead of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, you will no doubt have had a hearty laugh when you remember Nicola Sturgeon last big venture into Europe, the ‘tampax tax’ episode.

Nicola has been relatively quiet on the ‘fanny pads’ of late, presumably she got a ‘bloody nose’ with the embarrassment of it all.

Plans are being formulated in Brussels for the EU to have legal responsibility for deporting people deemed to be economic migrants. Normally this is a matter for member states to deal with rather than the European Union.

This new idea appears to be a runner as it will go before a meeting of EU interior and justice ministers later this month, events are driving this agenda forward.

Another part of the proposal is that the European Commission with have a list of safe countries of origin, this will hopefully put an end to the nonsense of people using the legal system to attempt to avoid deportation with false claims of persecution. The list is expected to include all the Balkan States, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Senegal and a number of other African countries.

There is an agency called Frontex which as I understand it acts as a liaison point for individual member states’ re border controls, Frontex will also need military liaison if it is to do an effective job. The new EU border force will need to patrol the Med; this means they will need an organisation with experience of integrated military operations.

I would suggest this mean NATO as a short term measure and then a new command structure further down the line.

Prevention is always better than cure, and the current crisis cannot be dealt with a purely civilian response.  

So, Frontex would take on new legal responsibilities and arrange deportation of people deemed to be economic migrants, along with possibly managing the relocation of refugees across Europe. Frontex is the nucleus of the reality of a single European border force, if it happens, it must include the military element.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission President is said to have a plan to relocate 120,000 Syrians, Iraqis and Eritreans who have already entered the EU to states across the union.

So, although no real figures are available on how many have poured in across the EU borders, a number of 160,000 have been circulated. This is a serious problem which cannot be ignored or allowed to be side track by politicians and individuals jumping on the ‘humanitarian’ bandwagon which has happened at present regarding this issue. I attended the BBC Big Debate recently which the SNP MSP Gil Paterson appeared to suggest that the ‘humanitarian’ was more of an interest to him than long term planning.

Paterson sounded totally out of his depth on the BBC Big Debate; he had no real answers and kept waffling on about food banks. His cheap political point scoring line:

‘Sometimes I think Tories were born without a heart’ was rather tawdry.

Anyone remember that the ‘evil Tories’ gave a billion pounds to the SNP Government to lift Scottish children out of poverty and the SNP spend the money on something else. Scottish kids were left in poverty by Nicola Sturgeon, despite all her tripe about fairness, equality and social justice’, Sturgeon is the worst type of lower middle class, pulling the ladder up to ensure working Scots don’t get the same opportunities.

The SNP with Nicola Sturgeon fronting it are using the economic migrant crisis as a stick to beat the Tories. Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland would take 1,000 people, given her attempt to portray herself as ‘caring’, why didn’t she volunteer to take more?

Nicola Sturgeon is like a ‘professional mourner’ in my opinion, she will turn up at any tragedy and turn on the ‘waterworks’, of course after a good cry, the press have to be told about it. Because lets get it right, she is trying to create a false image as a decent human being, but like most things in her life, Sturgeon just isn’t good enough to fake it on cue.

I am not impressed by tales of her ‘crying’.

On the issue of my idea an EU internal immigration policy, countries such as Germany and Italy called for a common asylum system or face the collapse of its cherished right to free movement.

Freedom of movement should as I keep saying be replaced; the system has been abused even before the current crisis. I have no problem with a citizen coming to the UK from another member country, but it should be to a properly sanctioned job and they must have resources to sustain them before getting same rights and responsibilities as a UK citizen.

Free of Labour isn’t freedom of begging.

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister.

“Without providing strict border control, just to speak about a quota system it’s an invitation for those who would like to come. That’s a problem.”

The Hungarians have experienced an invasion as people have entered their country illegally; they have shut down train stations in the capital. They need help; a new European border force could have helped them in their crisis by providing resources, personnel and intelligence.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

No issue with that George by all means help those in need but we don't need more economic migrants. The Government should have been saying yes we will take more but only from camps around the Syrian Border a lot sooner. EU policy should be only to take people from camps in the first place never mind this mass migration. The ones who passed through from Turkey ceased to be refugees once they left their safe haven eg Turkey. The Rules need to be rigorously applied to all.

Smudge said...

How many of these "poor refugees" are terrorists,, getting ever closer!! This is getting very dangerous now George, and the blinkered idiots, Merkel etc cannot see this danger.