Thursday, September 10, 2015

Choo Choo, all aboard the Betrayal Express; Nicola Sturgeon has sold out the Nationalist community, angry Nationalists are now waking up the fact the SNP is a ‘rat ship’, forget Sturgeon singing God Save the Queen, be angry about the SNP failing to govern in the interests of all Scots, time to cancel that SNP membership, time to stop being used as cheap labour

Dear All

Some “Nationalists” have had a go at me in the past for stating the truth regarding SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon!

But the truth is the truth and it should be spoken or written about freely, I have never been a fan of re-writing history because an inconvenient truth pops its head up.

Nicola Sturgeon has sold out the Nationalist community.

Although the reality dawned on some people yesterday at the opening of the new Borders Railway as Sturgeon stood alongside the Queen, it actually happened along time ago.

I have said the SNP is a Cult and people slowly by surely grasped that concept now, I said it was a ‘party within a party’ and low and behold, the people selected as SNP candidates were the clique.

If you stand back with a dispassionate eye, you can see it for yourself.

Nicola Sturgeon is unlikeable, and has a rather needy look about her wanting acceptance from people. Nationalism gave her the opportunity to go attention seeking, but despite the fake smile she has tried to cultivate as ‘natural’ over the years, it has never come across as sincere.

Nicola Sturgeon has a real hard time faking sincerity.

Recently, Nicola Sturgeon ‘leaked’ out that because of a tragic incident which happened during the migrant crisis that she had been in tears.

How much tears were shed by her during her time as Health Secretary?

How many tears did she shed for Joyce in Inverclyde who lost a third of a kidney because Nicola Sturgeon was too slow off the mark to get her the drugs she needed?

How much tears were shed for homeless Scots?

How is it that a Syrian “refugee” is ‘welcome’ in her home in Ballieston but not a homeless Glaswegian or someone from the Govanhill ghetto she represents?

The SNP is attempting to use the economic migrant situation as a stick to beat the Westminster Government as a bidding war of who are ‘caring enough’ rages among fake people in politics to boost their position or popularity.

I am not crying, however, I have thought about the problem which I suggested needs:

1/ a new EU Border Force

2/ an EU internal immigration policy

3/ an EU wide identity card scheme

4/ intervention and mobilisation of the military in member states

So far, 3 of those ideas appear to be taking root in the minds of politicians, the fourth the EU wide identity card scheme is something I am now talking about online.

Alex SalmondScotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon spent years standing at SNP Conferences building up a legacy of hatred in the Nationalist community.

In the two years prior to the Scottish independence referendum this was noticed by people outside Scotland. For the first time, anti English hatred was marketed under the guise of the Scottish National Party attacking what Westminster was doing to Scottish people with ‘Fat’ Alex in the role of the modern day Messiah and Sturgeon as his sidekick.

Do you remember them kissing on stage at Conferences, so contrive and false, much like the stage managed standing ovations or Salmond and Sturgeon surrounding themselves with children.

Having whipped up the ‘nationalist mob’ that shamed Scotland, the mad dogs were let off the chain to abuse, bully and intimidate people online and in person, they had found a cause. Bolstered by the lie that if they fought for Scottish independence then they would get a land of milk and honey, nirvana was just round the corner.

And a ‘fat man’ with a 650 page blueprint would lead them to it.   

People remarked including me these tactics of intimidation harked back to the days of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.

Defeat came and went in the independence referendum as I said it would, Scotland rejected Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon’s vision, it was a mirage, pure smoke, no substance.

Even real Nationalists wouldn’t sign up to it.

The World turned and the cybernats remained, buoyed on by a big Westminster 2015 win which saw Scottish Labour do really badly, their worst result since 1918. Talk turned to a second referendum to be included in the Holyrood 2016 manifesto, but Sturgeon has no stomach for it. You get her MPs and MSPs doing solo runs screaming “freedom” to keep the mob whipped up but it is all a lie. People are being whipped up not for independence, not for equality, not for social justice but to get Cult members elected to a standard of living that no one would give them outside politics.

When you have a ‘hate mob’, it’s like having a wild animal, you have to handle it with care otherwise you run the risk of it turning on you.

Nationalists are now turning on Nicola Sturgeon, bless their cotton socks, it seems that Sturgeon is now facing angry Scottish nationalists who are outraged that Sturgeon welcoming the 'Queen of Scotland' to Edinburgh. Then she thanked Her Majesty for 'years of dedicated service' and joined in a rendition of God Save the Queen.

Now, it is great that Queen Elizabeth has come to Scotland, and it is great that she is the longest reigning monarch. The question of the monarchy is completely different from the question of whether Scotland should become independent. In some of the Nationalists eyes, they can’t tell the difference. This is because the SNP has been used by Irish republicans as vehicle to express anti British establishment hatred.

Remember I wrote about ‘Sein Fein lite’, one of the four core groups that form part of the Cult which makes up the leadership of the SNP. Sein Fein lite don’t care about Scottish independence, they just hate the British and will use any means to destroy the Union.

When Sturgeon sang God Save the Queen, you could see it wasn’t exactly done with love or enthusiasm, I thought it was hilarious.

But more amusing is that her nationalist attack dogs now know that she has sold them out completely. They are waking up to the fact that they have been used, they know now that they have been treated as mugs. Mugs that do the work and get none of the rewards or even have the satisfaction that they helped to make the lives of ordinary working class Scots better!

I would say to Nationalists this, next time you are in Glasgow City Centre around Union Street, look out for the homeless people camping out there, and remember that Nicola Sturgeon, an attention seeker is willing to help a Syrian economic migrant but not a Scot.

Nicola Sturgeon is a rat as I previously wrote, and I also wrote that people need to get the hell out of the Scottish National Party. I expect new members to start the process of cancelling or not renewing their memberships because you are funding gits.

The Scottish National Party doesn’t stand for fairness, equality and social justice; it doesn’t represent Scots or the interests of Scotland.

Finally, eventually everyone comes round to the George Laird view, even cybernats, who would have thought it would take them so long to twig to what Sturgeon and her nasty vicious clique were all about.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Stuart 64W said...

Top trolling by Her Majesty of the SNP, and in their own backyard!

Nicola Sturgeon looked as comfortable as John Redwood singing the Welsh National anthem, when she had to sing 'God save the Queen'!

Add to that being surrounded by folk waving Union Jacks, and having to make a speech praising Her Majesty, which must have stuck in her craw.

Topped off by cybernats attacking Nicola Sturgeon for doing so!

What a day!

As I said top trolling by Her Majesty, and I doff my cap to her for putting Sturgeon back in her box, and she made it look so easy.

Anonymous said...

Payback from Royalty to the SNP.
On the day liz becomes the longest reigning monarch in history she opens an urban railway which just happens to an SNP pet project

What no big event down south?
The drones really are dumb.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

It's difficult to call this one. The nikkster has talked tough about reining in the hate merchants before and apparently done nothing. I guess it turns upon whether or not these guys are really angry and whether they continue to kick off. It must certainly be close to a point where she is going to look even sillier if they continue to rant at her and she continues to do nothing effective. If it starts to escalate, it should be apparent to us. It has seemed to me in the past, that the cybernats may be pretty close to being out of control and becoming a movement within a movement. salmond may have had some control over them but sturgeon doesn't seem to. I think she may be afraid of them. Do you know if these heroic freedom fighters have always been there but, fairly recently, took advantage of social media?

Anonymous said...

Spot on George. I thought it great Nicola doing her wee curtsey. Bet she was practising all week.

There are a lot of cybernats who won't lie down however, as noted by Longshanker below:

The SNP leadership encourages these type of comments. It allows them to distance themselves from such actions. Let the mouthpieces whip the mob into a frenzy, but if things get out of control, they can always deny involvement.

I've studied the rise of the Nazi party for years. And they were created out of political vacuums and a level of austerity way above what we are experiencing. They were also masters of utilising the media, and the techniques they created are still used today by all political parties. The problem with the SNP, is that they focus on the divisive message.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me somewhat of what Niall Ferguson said in his excellent series on the British Empire from 2004. If the British Imperialists couldn't defeat their opponents, foes and enemies on the battlefield successfully, they would do a deal to get them on their side. He applied it to the Marooned in Jamaica but I think it applied to the Gurkhas in Nepal, most of the Indian Raj was established like that, the provisional IRA was dealt with that way - hence Sinn Fein in parliament, and now it seems that the Scottish Nationalists (unless I turn out to be wrong) have gone the same way.

Any thoughts on this, George?

G Laird said...

Hi Auld Jock

I have an idea to rein in some the cybernats, lets start with an audit of the computers of Holyrood MSPs, their staffers and the computers in constituency offices as a starer for ten.

Not someone going through to have a casual look but the machines sent away to be forensically examined.


Freddy said...

No chance of that happening George

Anonymous said...

great idea re the computers George , do you know something?


Auld Jock said...

Oh, I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Get out, get out, Nicola Sturgeon is destroying Scotland. Can't wait till she gets roasted at the ballot box.

Linz said...

This is dreadful politicking from a blog that claims to be about a campaign for human rights. Just awful.

G Laird said...

Dear Linz

1102 people have read this post and you are the only one to complain, so I think we can assume that the problem is with you who doesn't know a lot about politics or the people involved in it.


Sherbie said...

Well said George, bye bye Linz.