Saturday, September 26, 2015

Laying it on thick, Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon lays out her personal angst over Vogue photo shoot, despite multiple attempts by the SNP to re-invent and make her likeable, the public aren’t buying it, anyone really care how she balances being ‘unglamorous’ with her utter incompetence at running the SNP Government?

Dear All

Some time ago, I read something which was such a load of crap as to be utterly risible. It was Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond pushing a line when asked, what keeps him up all night, he trotted out nuclear weapons.

The angst of Alex Salmond!

Nuclear weapons, I ask, do you seriously think that Alex Salmond paces about in his bedroom in his northern hovel to the early hours of the morning over that? When I think nuclear weapons, my ‘angst’ is more I hope the sub doesn’t hit the seabed because some nugget can’t steer the boat properly.

Surely Salmond’s angst would be better served in worrying about why he ran a cult or what people will think of him being married to a woman old enough to be his mother or is it smart to have a known adulteress such as Joan McAlpine as his aide.

McAlpine wrecked a woman’s 29 year old marriage.

Now those are angst problems to get a grip on.

Of course what is going on is the SNP leader is inviting you to invest in his life as soap opera like EastEnders, he is the main character, the hero or as they say in the urban ghetto a ‘good c*nt’. Aspects of his life are laid bare to get you to relate to him on some level as you would with a TV show or long running saga which you feel you must tune into watch.

Alex did this, Alex did that, oh isn’t Alex wonderful.

In case you don’t know the real plot in the Alex Salmond saga, the short version is this, he fucked over the poorest in society by introducing middle class welfare-ism.

As to what people aren’t seeing, behind the mask of the northern fat man, well, the SNP aides at Westminster have apparently written a document in which Salmond is dubbed ‘Mr. Terror’.

Now sit down for a minute and chew on that, big beaming jolly fat man for the public and allegedly in private, ‘Mr. Terror’; what face do you think is the real one? Anyway, make a choice, as an aside; I would add that anyone who uses fear to lead people below them is a bad leader. If you look at the Yes Campaign run by the SNP and what they did, you can see the point of bad leadership proven.

So, the SNP are into presenting their leaders in the vain of a soap opera character. After Salmond resigned in the huff, barred reporters and had the fat smirk wiped off his face by the public, up pops the next ‘chosen one’ by God, sense of destiny character, the great shop soiled white hope from Dreghorn, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Like Salmond, the SNP has gone the same route of trying to present Sturgeon as cross between superstar politician and caring individual. To sell the ‘caring’ part in this new soap opera, we see Nicola with kids all the time, we see Sturgeon all smiles along with her husband in a perfectly cleaned house which a reporter drops by to have a cup of tea and a chat, and we learn her husband likes gardening.

Himmler liked gardening.

Just as we had the Alex Salmond angst thrust on us to make sure we knew he was thinking weighty thoughts, it is now the time for Nicola Sturgeon to trot out her angst.

Is it nuclear weapons?

No, nothing as worldly, we get treated to Nicola Sturgeon: I was 'internally conflicted' about Vogue photoshoot. This pish is, ‘I am just a wee woman from Dreghorn, education got me where I am today and I care deeply about Scots but I will let my sycophants say I am a super woman who gets things done’.  

This is what Scots have been asked to buy into now, just as Salmond turned out to be a rat, so has Sturgeon.

Do you think Scotland has serious problems?

Yes… No?

If you think Yes; then you have to ask yourself, why Nicola Sturgeon has time to pose for Vogue when the Government she runs is falling down around her ears. As people comment all the time in politics to her, ‘its time to do your day job’!

Lots of people as Nicola Sturgeon said comment on her clothes and hair "literally every time I'm on camera". I suspect this is to do with fact that she appears to favour dressing in the clothes of an elderly woman and then there is the great ‘is she, isn’t she wearing a syrup (wig) debate. I have heard several women voice the opinion it’s a wig, and one woman in October 2013 opined Sturgeon needs to get her eyebrows done. I think this is because they look rather manly and the fake colouring to pass herself off a blonde hadn’t worked.    

Nicola Sturgeon added comments about her appearance are often "written in the most hideous and quite cruel way."

She is so precious, do you feel her angst?

Perhaps the comments are a proxy for what people think her personality is actually like, I remember some time ago, that the SNP let it be known how nice, warm and funny she is in private. If people have to say that you are nice and publicly; perhaps their statements cannot be taken at face value. And I toss this in; Nicola Sturgeon surrounds herself with the most vicious nasty scum in Scottish politics.

Do nice people hang around with scum?

Nicola Sturgeon told the press, roped into her soap opera:

“I have the dilemma of knowing whatever I do people are going to talk about what I wear and what my hair looks like, and I could and maybe should just decide that I'm not going to engage with that on any level. Or I can decide, as I sometimes do, that I'll try to turn it into a positive in some way. Most of what I ever do there will be trying to use a platform to promote Scottish designers to turn it to an advantage. But you will find people with different opinion, sometimes I'm a bit internally conflicted by it.”

So, have you bought into her angst yet regarding that diatribe?

Or are you one of those people who see this shallow hollow woman for what she is, entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy.

Perhaps a spot of Sturgeon angst might be thrown that onto those words. Nicola repeats George Laird says, “I am entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy”, to which someone points out, doesn’t he get a hell of a lot right?

Despite the SNP trying to turn Sturgeon into someone likeable with their stage managed appearances with the ‘standby kid’, to be stuck on her for the photo shoot, the gag isn’t working too well.

Hence we now have ‘inside the mind’ of Nicola, the trials and upsets of a ‘social justice champion’.

Sturgeon isn’t a heroine, she isn’t an anti hero; she is your classic wicked witch, ugly sister or outright baddie.

I am really not interested that she dresses in the clothing suited to an elderly woman and looks ridiculous. That is called fashion, however, that being said, the ‘great’ Nicola Sturgeon wig debate has a passing interest for me.

Another observation from the cheap seats; is the SNP selling the tag #sexysocialism on twitter, this piece of nonsense is to attempt to portray Nicola Sturgeon as sexy, and she does socialism, well again this is just risible.

Yesterday online I was directed to an article written by someone whose name escapes me, a gem of a comment which I feel should be passed on to Nicola. The author writes if he wants to stop himself from ejaculation during sex he thinks of Nicola’s face. The jist is that once he thinks of Nicola, his ardour immediately cools, as a throw away comment, I was looking a picture of Nicola a wee while ago, and I was struck how she resembled the late great Boris Karloff. He famously played the role of The Mummy in the 1930s I believe, and he was very good in it, worth a watch.

Karloff was able to pull off a fine performance in the role, he could sell himself as the undead much better than Nicola Sturgeon can playing the 'role' of a decent human being.

Of course he had the advantage of ‘craft’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I am always gagging for these geogieboy , you never disappoint

ladylustre said...

Seen on a car bumper recently, "get SNP, get #sexy".
Neither Salmond nor Sturgeon fit the bill I'm afraid, they are vile.
Get SNP, get #shafted.

Anonymous said...

great article, speaks in a plain and direct fashion.

Anonymous said...

Let's remember that the SNP did a poster called "Joke McConnell" about the former FM and his kilt back in 2005 I think. So fashion and appearance are definitely uppermost in their minds.

ladylustre, Sturgeon is erotic as a breeze block. I'm not exactly Brad Pitt myself to be fair, but I hate people who put emphasis on appearance rather than substance.

Anonymous said...

is it a wig or is it not a wig George?

is she has bald as an american eagle?