Thursday, September 17, 2015

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond did an undelivered indyref speech, I took the time to re-write it, this is the version I wanted him to say to the people of Scotland, he betrayed his country, he betrayed his people and he is political irrelevant now

Dear All

Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond did a speech in the event he won the Scottish independence referendum.

I decided to re-write it, this is what he should have said.


' In the early hours of this morning, Scotland voted No. We are a nation reborn.
The community of this realm has spoken, you spoke out against Nationalist hate and lies, you spoke out against SNP nepotism; you spoke out against SNP cronyism.

I heard your personal message to me and Nicola Sturgeon said with passion and principle:

‘Fuck you’.

Scotland shall be part of the United Kingdom once again. To those who voted No, I extend an immediate hand of friendship except to reporters who I am barring from my resignation speech.

I do so with no respect for our differences, with the bitterness and anger for you opposing my strongly held views, and with the recognition that the joy of the majority be tempered by the disappointment of the minority I duped with false promises.

We aren’t One nation. One Scotland. We are a divided country, and the One Scotland slogan was nicked from a diversity campaign because we are so bereft of ideas and original thought.

This so called campaign wasn’t reclaimed from politicians and parties who had the monopoly of power and decision-making, the Yes Campaign was an SNP front, run by the SNP, directed by the SNP for the benefit of the SNP such was the contempt we held Scots in.

This must be the start of new politics - a time when the voices of the many will be heard and ignored as usual, a time to consolidate hate into a block vote, the SNP through-out its history has been run as a cult and will continue to be so.

The dispossessed and the forgotten who assert their rights as citizens will be ignored, the time of empowerment and participation will only be among a select few setting up phoney little groups to make out they represent Scotland.

To our friends and families across these isles waking to our new democracy, we say this; know that, in Scotland, you will always have your closest friend, greatest ally and most steadfast partner as my members put their relatives and partners into key unelected positions of government.

Independence was never about equality and mutual respect. The principles of hate and division would have defined our new and unbreakable relationship with the people.

I have just spoken with the Prime Minister.

This morning, we renewed our joint commitment under the Edinburgh Agreement to work constructively and positively to implement the will of the people. That work starts immediately and ends immediately as we don’t like the result.

It is, however, important that the people of Scotland remember this; today, tomorrow and for the next 18 months our lives, businesses, shops, schools and hospitals continue exactly as before and then there would have been a financial black hole which would have been blamed on Westminster so that we could have manipulated the election timetable to get the first independent SNP Government.

The blame game dialogue to resolve any differences with the Westminster government would continue for years in any successful independence bid.

Finally, I know that the eyes of the world are today on Scotland laughing at me, thinking how petty and small minded and lacking in vision I am.

We will use the unprecedented attention to make clear that Scotland fully intends to be a constructive and progressive member of the international community despite the SNP Government being backward looking and uninspiring.

Our friends in Europe should understand with total clarity that Scotland's future lies as a fully-engaged participant in the European Union because we want access to the European Central Bank and the Euro.

Our path is towards inclusion and co-operation, not isolation which is just talk and meaningless rhetoric to fool the gullible will continue.

But those matters are for another day.

This morning, I want every person, Yes voters, No voters, everyone in this proud and ancient nation to pause, reflect upon and remember this greatest day in Scotland's history.

The end of my political career, so many people personally despised me and became active.

They did this. They made it happen. They believed. They trusted ourselves and trusted each other.

A country reborn. A democracy reclaimed from illiberal fascists. They reached towards the future.
What they have done this day will inspire and empower not just this generation but the many yet unborn.

They will learn of this momentous day and thank you for investing your trust in each other. And in them'.

I think this is the speech that Salmond should have delivered to camera the morning after the night before.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


joanna 873 said...

If Salmond was not a small minded pompous puffed up little nobody he may have considered words along those lines ..instead his brain was way ahead thinking (wrongly) that Sturgeon might be more popular and firing her into his empty place he still might be able to swing it!!

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

That is pure genius. You are an inspiration.

Freddy said...

Lol George i can just imagine him saying this with the usual bluster. Of course there is the bit where i move to the place i'm supposed to despise pull 2 salaries and personally enrich myself even more whilst conning those morons who voted for my cult. It's a bit L Ron Hubbard in its inception :)

JF said...

Every couple of days Salmond is in the media saying what would trigger Indy Referendum 2. In the last few days its been Trident Renewal (which voters knew would be renewed in the event of a yes vote given it was the policy of all 3 main UK political parties in Sept 2015, and also Labour divisions. Next David Cameron farting will be a 'trigger for indy ref 2'.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

On a more serious note, does anybody know what right sturgeon has to sweep aside the clearly expressed wishes of millions of Scots in a legally binding referendum in which they opted to remain within the UK? Who the fuck does she think she is?

Anonymous said...


But fucking genius Georgieboy


Anonymous said...

Brilliant George.

The most telling line is "a nation divided".

That is what the Referendum produced more than anything.

I read Salmond's speech, and it was bollocks about One Nation. We all know full well that he would have destroyed the BBC and turned into a propaganda mouthpiece for the SNP, with a certain media tycoon at the helm.

A friend of mine is an independence supporter, but has lost all faith with the SNP. He is what a call a true nationalist - he's smart enough to know that it wasn't the right time, and most certainly not with Salmond as El presidenti.

Auld Jock - my sentiments exactly.

Smudge said...

I see that SNP's tv channel STV is doing a programme looking back over the past year since the referendum. Why the fuck doesn't Scotland Tonight look at what's happening NOW, and what would have happened if we'd believed ALL the lies Salmond and Sturgeon told us. 65,000 JOBS LOST in the UK oil industry over the past year. Liars always get found out, but biased STV will never mention that in the programme i bet.