Monday, August 31, 2015

Conservative Minister Theresa May's wants an EU migrant crackdown, she is on the right path, the EU needs an internal immigration policy, a new EU border force and political will to make tough decisions, laughingly the Nats who want control of immigration play cheap political point scoring, SNP are a ‘party of protest’ not of government

Dear All

Some time ago I floated the idea of an EU internal immigration policy on the blog, the idea was to regulate the movement of EU citizens so that no member country would be unjustly burdened.

Free movement of Labour would remain but the free movement of Labour would be to a job in another member country.

The current set up is deeply flawed.

Conservative Minister Theresa May is now echoing what I said after she called for EU migrants without a job to be barred from the UK.

The reason for the ‘get tough now’ approach is that official figures show net migration has topped 330,000 people.

David Cameron staked a bit of his political capital in wanting to reduce net migration to below 100,000.

The new figures of 330,000 are extremely embarrassing for the Conservatives, perhaps they should adopt my idea for an EU internal immigration policy because a ‘British fix’ isn;’t enough, the whole of the EU needs to be regulated properly. This is not about banning people it is all about setting a criteria that a person has enough resources available to support themselves after they move to another member state. Each country would set their criteria in-conjunction with the EU.

It would be based on fairness, the same standards would set by a country would apply to right across the board. The resources required by a German would be the same as a Romanian.

Some European leaders don’t wish to sign up to the UK’s attempts to reform the rule on freedom of movement.

They are drawing a line in the sand and saying it is a complete non-starter, this is old thinking, in the past when the membership was small this didn’t represent a problem, it does now.

I have always liked the EU as a concept from the early days, but the organisation has had its problems due to lack of vision.

In truth, I still remain a big fan, but it is hard to see how the EU can continue without being re-invented.

Unsurprisingly the SNP, the party of protest and not of government have waded into this EU row to try and appear meaningful, and as per usual, they are backward and wrong.

An SNP spokesman said:

"Theresa May's comments have less to do with the employment status of immigrants and everything to with her own job prospects as a future leader of the Tory party.”

See what I mean, a real crisis and some clown of a spokesman can’t get past themselves to make this a cheap political point scoring exercise.

No country and afford to have open borders, there must be regulations. If regulations cannot be put in place, if political will cannot be found, then the question of remaining in the EU will be focused in the minds of British people when the referendum is called on continuing membership.

May rightly says there is a "broken European migration system" for the current migrant crisis, and she is 100% right.

But it isn’t just a "broken European migration system", there is a distinct lack of political will in the major capitals to tackle this problem. If unchecked we will see the rise of the far right in Northern European Countries who will be less than agreeable to newcomers.

Recently Alex Neil of the SNP said the Scottish Government would financially support failed asylum seekers if Scotland was handed control over immigration. When I was in the SNP, I used to have a lot of time for Alex Neil, he is a good speaker, on top of his government brief, however, his statement is incredibly stupid at a time when Scots face austerity, lack of jobs and restore to using food banks and soup kitchens.

So, where is this financial support coming from, where is all this money the SNP seem to have their hands on? It’s coming out of the budgets of the poor, the sick and the vulnerable.

There is no chance that the SNP would get control over immigration even if the United Kingdom was to adopt a federal set up.

David Cameron and Theresa May have a mountain to climb if they were to try and push for an EU internal immigration policy, so they will probably just try for a limitation to the numbers coming into the United Kingdom. At present, the Conservatives are trying to do a ‘deal’ with European leaders on reform but I doubt that will be successful as they would hope.

At present there is the biggest influx into the EU in world history, if something is not done it will lead to civil unrest and violence. Just as you wouldn’t tolerate unwanted people breaking into your house, why should you tolerate breaking into your country?

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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