Thursday, August 27, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she will be an ally of the BBC if they ‘dance to her tune’, BBC reporter Nick Robinson was subjected to a sustain and organised Nationalist hate campaign, Alex Salmond’s feud with Robinson shows how petty mean spirited and nasty the Scottish National Party are, bad losers and also bad winners

Dear All

It seems that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is saying that her government can be an ally of the BBC if organisation bows down to the Nationalists and accepts her reforms. It seems that Sturgeon wants a new federal structure and new radio and television channels.

That won’t happen.

A federal structure won’t work for the BBC because it would lead to the Nationalists attempting to get state control of the organisation for political purposes.

The BBC will get its charter renewed, there is no question about that, just as people are signed to the NHS as a concept, they are equally signed up to the BBC, it’s their BBC, it’s what they know, what they like and what they want.

Aside from those people who don’t pay their TV licence.

During the independence referendum, the BBC was targeted by the Nationalists, although the leadership kept their distance from the staged managed protests outside the BBC HQ in Glasgow, also missing where the prominent Yes campaigners and SNP politicians.

This is very telling by their absence.

It says to me that these protests were organised and orchestrated much further up the line of the Nationalist camp and the ‘dafties’ were sent in to play the part of ‘outraged ordinary people’, it was all fake.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond was asked repeatedly time and time again to condemn the protests and always he refused calling them ‘joyous’. A ‘joyous’ angery hate filled mob bent on intimidation and bullying of the broadcaster and its Glasgow staff.

Outgoing political editor Nick Robinson has accused Alex salmond of wanting control of the BBC, and he is exactly right, the SNP would dearly love to dictate what the BBC shows, especially they want control of the news media output.

The Scottish National Party has and is running a vendetta against the BBC prior to the independence referendum and post defeat. Nicola Sturgeon recently had a private dinner with Nick Robinson and his family along, this is a n attempt to butter up Robinson and distance herself from Salmond’s rhetoric and personal running grudge against Nick Robinson.

No one will buy Sturgeon’s fake sincerity towards Robinson and the BBC, Nicola Sturgeon is a fake. She sits now at the head of a ‘rat ship’, although faces may have changed and some others brought on board, the SNP remains as I have written in the past a ‘rat ship’.

Another one of Robinson’s bang on the money comments was when he described Nationalist protests against the BBC as “Putin-like”. Like the Putin protests in Russia, they were controlled by Putin’s party behind the scenes.

The running feud by Alex Salmond is the realisation by him that he is a fading star whose day has come and gone. Now, he is more like an attention seeking whore on a low grade talent show thinking the more outrageous and stupid he is the more the cameras will keep the spotlight on him.

That will work for a while, but the more coverage of him being ridiculous the more of a liability he will be to the SNP.

Salmond is the poster boy for hatred against the BBC.

Finally, if Sturgeon thinks a few spuds, a side dish of veggies and a roast will buy off someone from the BBC like Nick Robinson, she is sadly mistaken.

Nicola Sturgeon will need a hell of a lot of spuds to make Nick Robinson forget that it was her party members who led the hate campaign against him while Alex Salmond stood back and allowed it to continue, and her trap was also firmly shut as I recall, however she did mumble something when forced to.

No one is forgetting anything Sturgeon, no one is forgetting you are a rat.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

I can see no way that a British Government would give control of one of the national media outlets to a hostile administration or any devolved administration come to trhink of it. They must know there is a better chance of winning the lottery 52 weeks in a row :)

Sherbie said...

Nicola Sturgeon is really SECOND IN COMMAND TO SALMOND. After his "childish rant" this week, he has probably "ordered" fishwife Sturgeon to attack the BBC. It takes the publicity away from CRONYISM over T in the Park, which former SNP leader Gordon Wilson has rightly condemned. We now also have the debacle over the resignation of Sir Stephen House. It should be the useless Sturgeon who should resign. We have the SNP's own tv channel STV blabbing out everything they're told, and now they want to control BBC Scotland too,,, you're not on. There was a photo of Sturgeon today in The Scotsman online. She was photograped in front of a herd of SHEEP. Someone commented on it, you just couldn't make it up. She should be sent packing, just wait!

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that Sturgeon is using the BBC to take away attention from the recent problems caused by her party? Rather than focus on fixing the SNP's failures in policing, the NHS and education, she instead comes out with an attack on the BBC

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I don't see her getting control of BBC Scotland, not a chance, even if UK adopt Federal system down the line.


bucksboy said...

Salmond is yesterday's news but his ego hasn't got the message. Even the shopping channels won't touch what he's selling.

Anonymous said...

Sherbie is spot on - this attack on the BBC is merely to draw attention away from the cronyism, but it ain't worki. The Mail is headlining the T in the Park story.

All we seem to get from Sturgeon nowadays is "gimme gimme gimme". It's pissing me off and I suspect that the more moderate nationalists are starting to get pissed off as well. Why the hell do we need another radio station and another tv channel? BBC Alba I can accept, but I would imagine the viewing figures are rather low.
I'm also annoyed that Sturgeon assumes she is speaking for all of us. No she bloody well isn't. The quicker she disappears the better.

There are cybernats who openly boast about non-payment of the TV licence. They are continually trying to get everyone doing the same. I hope that the BBC takes them to court.

Anonymous said...

Heres hoping you are right Georgieboy

Are you standing for council elections, do you have a war chest fund?


G Laird said...

Hi Crookie

I am going to join a party but regardless whether they select me, I will be standing in 2017.

I have always had that intention no matter what, if I get picked that's fine, if not it doesn't alter my original plan.

You don't need much money as you can get about 5,000 leaflets for about £80 to £100 but the most important thing is getting help on the ground.