Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Independence is dead in Scotland, SNP ban indyref 2 debate in autumn conference, this conference is all about promoting shallow and unlikeable Nicola Sturgeon as a successful and popular leader, yet again, new members find themselves serving a cult as cheap labour, seen but not heard, used and discarded for personal financial gain of Sturgeon’s cronies

Dear All

The Scottish National Party is a cult; it is a party within a party.

After the failure of Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon to deliver a win, some people flocked to join the SNP in the mistaken belief that Sturgeon as the new broom would effectively bring in indyref 2.

The new members took to the streets in the belief that momentum and a sense of history were on their side as they became activists.

These people didn’t realise that they are serving a cult which is set up to get certain people into public office and in turn those elected employed their relatives or partners.

Nicola Sturgeon and her cult have shown that the wishes of their members mean nothing as members will not getting a say over indyref 2, the mythical second independence hyped by SNP MPs to the gullible.

Despite motions coming from SNP Branches, a draft of the upcoming conference agenda makes no mention. Of course at the fringe meetings, SNP MPs and MSPs will stoke up the fires to keep the gullible working for them as a form of cheap labour.

Yesterday, I wrote about the discrimination in the SNP as the Sturgeon Empire change the rules to exclude more people getting a fair and equal chance of being a candidate.

Merit in the SNP doesn’t matter; it is all about whether your face fits.

Now that more of her cult has gained elected positions as MPs, independence is off the menu in the SNP totally.  

Jim Sillars , the former SNP deputy leader said:

"Why the committee has not approved them for discussion at the conference is a mystery to me".

A mystery easily solved, these people are interested in two things power and money, they don’t want to risk that so Sturgeon will ignore calls and cite she will decide when the timing is right, incidentally, the timing will never be right while she is leader.


At present, Sturgeon is playing a ‘cat and mouse’ game over whether there will be a  commitment to seek a mandate for a second referendum at next year's Holyrood election, if people start abandoning the party and stop working as cheap labour, you might see this as a topic at the next Spring Conference.

This conference is all about Nicola Sturgeon being centre stage and goading at the demise of Labour in the Westminster 2015 election.

People joined the SNP expecting to see change but it is business as usual, although the SNP will welcome with open arms the influx of new cheap labour; that is all these people are, people to be used, their opinions are meaningless to the cult.

An example of how the gullible are being led about by the nose is the ‘carrot’ that the SNP may call 'snap' indyref in next Holyrood parliament according to SNP MP Martyn Day, this is a ‘carrot’ that doesn’t exist, and even if it did, it wouldn’t be legal.

A motion of indyref 2 discussed at conference is a reminder of failure something that Sturgeon doen’t want to be associated with as the Nats want to re-write history of her as a popular leader which she isn’t.

The game’s over for the SNP, sooner or later their new members will have to accept they have joined a party that isn’t fighting for Scotland just fighting to charge up the cash flow of certain individuals and their relatives.

If there is a drop in activism in the SNP, this nonsense might be on the agenda of Spring conference 2016.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

rejoice Georgieboy


G Laird said...

Hi Crookie

Looks like the MoD see the pressure is off or to be more apt melted away.


r11co said...

All it will take now to completely split the SNP will be Corbyn becoming Labour leader. I'm betting on Mhairi Black being the first high-profile defection...!

Freddy said...

Surprise surprise however it's going to take a while for people to wake up to this.

Anonymous said...

The SNP are in for more problems. Quite a considerable number of their new members appear to have been supporters of the Scottish Socialists. They'll soon start causing rifts when they realise that the SNP, like all other parties in government, have to be business friendly. Wonder what Ms Black's views are on this.

Sturgeon's been a wee quiet this week. Nothing to do with allegations that Police Scotland are spying on journalistic sources of course.

Anonymous said...

Before the referendum was it not stated that it was a once in a generation opportunity.

How long is a generation nowadays?

bucksboy said...

How is banning discussing a topic progressive?

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha idiots!