Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and her 'cult' plan to bring in a new era of discrimination against male members in the party to further exclude people standing as candidates, the SNP don’t stand for ‘fairness, equality and social justice’, if male members continue to allow this discrimination they are simply mugs, time to get out of the SNP and find another party

Dear All

The Scottish National Party doesn’t believe in fairness, equality and social justice.

Male SNP members are now waking to find that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is setting her stamp and brand of discrimination in the Party.

The Nationalists are creating a position of inequality in the party to promote ‘gender equality’, it is just another avenue to exclude hard working members in favour of people whose face fits.

A new post called a National Women's and Equalities Convener, the very name is a self-contradiction, it is sexist and discriminatory, it doesn’t represent equality, it represents total inequality.

Now, it doesn’t matter if a person is the best candidate, the most experienced, the hardest working it will only matter if they were born a woman.

I have to say I welcome this discrimination because real Nationalists who are activists will come to realise, it is time to move on and leave Nicola Sturgeon to stew in her own juices.

As I former SNP member, I know what it is like to suffer discrimination and be treated unfairly, I will never vote SNP again because they are a fraud.

People in Scotland have been duped by the Nationalists, when they wake up they will need to consider where their votes will go next.

It really is a question of when.

The Nationalist clique has no loyalty to anyone in their party beyond the clique, the party is a party within a party if you take the time to closely examine who gets positions and who gets selected.

Over years people have commented how family members and partners of elected members get selected.  

To show that discrimination is here to stay under the Sturgeon Empire, all nine seats held by the SNP for next year's Holyrood vote where an MSP is standing down have since seen all-female shortlists imposed on constituencies by party HQ.

Could be that in every single case there was a male candidate good enough?

Also, given that most of the activism is done by men, why should a member work in an area where they have been actively discriminated against?

It is rather stupid to be used and treated as a second class citizen.

The role of women's and equalities officer is currently held by the carpetbagger and political opportunist Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh; who is close to Sturgeon.

In the SNP, the best candidate doesn’t always get picked; you only have to look at some of the current pick of MPs, some of which are ‘pond life’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

They don't believe in anything apart from screwing the people of Scotland in the rush to split the country away from the Union.

Anonymous said...

Blair made the mistake of positive discrimination. As you rightly point out, it should be the best candidate who is selected, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or anything else you may consider.

We need strong politicians, not through discrimination.


Al C said...

And also since (from what I heard) men were more pro-indy than women (and women more pro-union) they'll be kicking some of their core voters literally and metaphorically in the nuts and thereby not so much as shooting themselves in the foot as blasting the whole leg off with a rail gun.

Ah well! Better break out the popcorn!