Monday, August 24, 2015

Bleeding Scotland dry, second SNP Minister dragged into T in the Park cronyism row, SNP Government leadership have a history of passing public money to organisations connected to SNP members close to the senior leadership, Nicola Sturgeon has a lot to answer for, her mask can’t hide the truth; she is rotten to the core

Dear All

The Scottish National Party is a ‘cult’ designed to promoted the vested interests of a few, if you want money get yourself connected to a senior SNP Minister or better still member of the leadership.

Cronyism is nothing new in the SNP, it was rife under Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’’ Alex Salmond and it still flourishes under unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

But the good news, if any, is that it is now coming out into the public domain, which places the spotlight firmly on the leadership.

The T in the Park cronyism is interesting because this wasn’t a failing company getting a bailout, it was a successful one with a turnover of about £170 million a year, and in profit.

In profit is the important part of this story.   

Just as Fiona Hyslop is under the microscope, so now is the SNP Chairman and Transport minister Derek Mackay, Mackay is a rat who deserted his wife and kids.

Mackay like Hyslop also took time out to meet DF Concerts after an approach by Jennifer Dempsie.

Dempsie was a former adviser to Alex Salmond, her involvement was she working on a short-term contract with the firm.

Quite right the Labour Party is running with this scandal because it goes right back to the heart of the SNP leadership.

They want to know how Ms Dempsie could “open so many doors” in the Government, the answer is these cannot distinguish the difference between Government and the SNP.

Could an ordinary person get the same access Jennifer Dempsie?


Jennifer Dempsie is the partner of SNP ‘fake Scot’ and Westminster leader Angus Robertson, the SNP is run by the few, for the few at the expense of the many.

Although Hyslop signed off on an “ad hoc state aid” package of £150,000, this money should be returned by DF Concerts.  

Deputy Scottish Labour leader Alex Rowley said:

“Questions have to be asked about how one person can open so many doors in the Scottish Government for the T in the Park organisers. I have already written to Fiona Hyslop asking about Jennifer Dempsie’s role in T in the Park being awarded a £150,000 grant, but now it seems her involvement is much wider. The public have a right to know about all the access that T in the Park organisers had to SNP Ministers.”

Former SNP leader Gordon Wilson hits the nail on the head when he says that Dempsie who is trying to become an SNP list MSP for the Highlands & Islands has “personally lost credibility”.

I would take that further and say the SNP Government has lost credibility, Audit Scotland should run and investigation into how much public cash is being funnelled to organisations connected to the Scottish National Party members.

Already we know of £150,000 in one incident, but there are more in the pipeline, the SNP has made a habit of this in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

The SNP are basically stupid greedy individuals who follow a pattern, they will continue to milk Scotland dry at the expense of the sick, the poor and the vulnerable.

And this will be done under Nicola Sturgeon’s watch with no questions asked.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Wonder how Sturgeon will bullshit her way out of this one. No doubt she will resort to the "legal" argument, saying everything is above board. I truly hope this is a huge scandal.

Perhaps this is why Salmond is making an attack on Nick Robinson today. trying to deflect attention. Salmond as usual is blaming everyone else for his failure during the referendum.

Freddy said...

I'm sure the scrutiny of this is extremely popular especially amongst the upper echelons of the SNP keep it up George it must be most unwelcome :)

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

The SNP don't like people pointing out their mistakes and misdeeds, rather takes away the false image they created of being whiter than white.