Friday, August 21, 2015

Scottish independence is dead PT2, HMS Artful’s arrival in Scotland clearly shows that Nicola Sturgeon has been politically neutered as a driving force in the independence debate, Sturgeon in power means the ‘coast is clear’, clear enough to park nuclear subs in Scottish waters

Dear All

Scottish independence is stone dead; if you listen to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon making implied threats of the mythical second referendum, just give yourself a little laugh.

Just sit and go…… hehehehe!

Nicola Sturgeon has been politically neutered on independence; the issue cannot be resurrected during her tenure as SNP leader.

She will of course play the ‘angry wee Nat’ card to her supporters to win elections but they are living in a delusion.

The SNP MPs and MSPs will do solo calls to fan the flames but this is entirely meaningless, to stir people in servicing the clique.

Sturgeon has been effectively bought off; another sign of this was the Sturgeon family holidaying with the Queen.

Threats of indy 2 on the EU referendum are entirely bogus, and completely without foundation.

It all just empty hot air.

The British Government know now the ‘coast is clear’, and as the coast is clear, Britain's latest nuclear-powered submarine will soon be arriving at its new home on the Clyde.

HMS Artful is firm evidence, the independence boat has sailed, the sub is the third of the Royal Navy's new Astute class attack submarines. It is top of the line and brand new; currently going through sea trials, her home will be Scotland. The Sub is a 7,400-tonne vessel built in Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria, so hopefully it wouldn't leak.

So, what future for the SNP leadership now?

Downhill all the way, the new members can know, or will find out soon enough that they have betrayed, and also realise that the public have been ‘bought off’ with pennies and robbed of a future.

It is pointless to be in the Scottish National Party now, they aren’t campaigning for independence anymore; they will not be rocking the boat because they will want to cling to their tax payer funded salaries at Westminster and Holyrood.

So, as you see HMS Artful sailing up and down the Clyde, you can be sure the MoD has weighed up all the issues relating to Scottish politics and know that Faslane is a safe bet for the fleet for decades.

I totally support the nuclear fleet being in Faslane, sadly Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t work out that backing Faslane guaranteed Scottish sovereignty.

Their poor judgement on this issue and others were ‘key’ to the independence failure.

Salmond and Sturgeon couldn’t understand what Statehood was all about, or defence or currency or equality or justice social etc etc. The White Paper was the most expensive con trick using tax payer cash of the referendum.

And a pile of rubbish to boot!

This is the most significant indication that the SNP question has been dealt with, and a symbol that the UK is securely intact.

Even with Nicola Sturgeon at the helm in Scotland!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

It may take a little time George but eventually the general public will see through this self serving bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...


jF said...

What do you make of this Yes party that's putting candidates up for Holyrood George? First sign of splinters in the SNP?

G Laird said...

Dear JF

They have the right to stand, the SIP need political direction and even basic vetting procedures.

But best of luck to them, if they are legally allowed to be on ballot paper, let them make their case.

The SNP don't want anyone you have another Nationalist party in Scotland because they want to curtail everything in politically to a Unionist V Nationalists debate.

People need a new centre right nationalist/unionist hybrid party which allows Scots to improve Scotland for the better. This would allow nationalists to campaign for more home rule and unionists to secure a better position for Scotland within the UK.

It is very difficult to see current parties making headway unless there is improved choices.

I was considering joining a party but not so sure now.


Anonymous said...

The thing that they forgot to tell their voters was this; that they as politicians would have to tow the line or be rejected from the corridors of power. All their pathetic attempts of attacking mp's for being mp's has backfired catastrophically for them as their wee Scottish arses begin to make wee Scottish arse grooves in the leather at the houses of parliament.

Anonymous said...

Nicola's arse is cooked now she is an uber unionist stooge.

Anonymous said...

you are spot on, dead and buried now. No way Nippy can bring it back.

Anonymous said...

Nothing, absolutely nothing would change for Scots under independence, except that we would end up in a worse financial situation very quickly, given that oil prices screwed up, and the high percentage of workers in the public sector.

And what do you think of the revelations regarding funding for T in the Park, and allegations about a certain Mr Robertson and his relationship? Could it be that scandal worthy of Westminster has finally clobbered the SNP? Let's hope so.

jF said...

I am centre right leaning myself George. Have taken an enormous amount of flack from family members for abandoning my 'socialist upbringing'. In Scotland it seems to be a race to the left in politics and everything can be solved by more public spending and 'taxing the rich'. Dundale is already pledging to be more socialist than the SNP but at the sane time has offered support for more entrepreneurs. I have voted labour in the past even in May, but will not vote labour if Corybyn wins the leadership race. The last thing Scotland needs is more socialism.

Smudge said...

Keep the nuke subs coming, a great deterrent in a very unstable world. For the Nat sheepies, get the claymore out.

Sherbie. said...

Angus Robertson is a 2 faced rat. On the one hand, he whinges on about poverty and foodbanks, and then his partner, "a crony of Arslec Salmond", gets Useless Dipstick, Shona Robison, to hand over £150,000 of taxpayers money to a multi million £ company for T in the Park. Even the ex SNP leader Gordon Wilson said that this cronyism is wrong.

G Laird said...

Hi Sherbie

Just a point, it wasn't Shona Robison, it was Fiona Hyslop.


Sherbie. said...

Thanks for correcting me George.

G Laird said...

Hi Sherbie

Don't want the Yestapo getting getting on their high Shetland pony.


Anonymous said...

Angus Robertson bangs on about poverty and foodbanks - well, he could sell some of the items he bought with taxpayers' money and donate the proceeds to anti-poverty charities: sofabed £2324, Sabatier knives £100, corkscrew £20, home cinema system £400, bed linen £526, a rug £183, etc etc.
Come on Gussyboy, do your bit.