Friday, August 28, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon becomes an apologist for the Nationalists hate mob who set out to intimidate and bully BBC staff doing their jobs; “The frustration that many (independence supporters) felt was not borne out of a misplaced desire to control the media”, to quote Nicola Sturgeon … “bollocks”!

Dear All

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has become an apologist for the hate campaign run by Nationalists during the Scottish independence referendum against the BBC.

She said:

"The frustration that many (independence supporters) felt was not borne out of a misplaced desire to control the media, but from a genuine concern that the playing field didn't always feel even."

There was a genuine desire to intimidate and bully as can be seen by the protests outside the BBC and online hatred towards BBC staff.

Sturgeon like the former despot Alex Salmond claims the BBC's coverage of last year's independence referendum was unfair.

As I remarked on Twitter yesterday, that is like saying a trial is unfair because the prosecution wants to use the truth.

Through-out the Scottish independence campaign, the Nationalists continually lied, distorted the truth, fabricated figures and made claims which no evidence supported. The biggest lies presented to the Scottish public were on the rather thorny issues of currency and the EU.

On the issue of the pound, the SNP tried to hoodwink the public that they could continue to use the pound and it would be backed by the Bank of England.

Some idiots at BT events hosted by former Labour MP screamed; “it’s our pound” as if that had some kind of legal backing attached to it. When the Westminster Government said no currency union, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond tried to threaten Westminster.

On the EU, Sturgeon said that Scotland would have automatic EU membership and didn’t have to go through the normal entry procedures under Article 49, citing that the treaty could be changed and they could get in using Article 48. They even used Germany reunification as an example which was totally bogus and had no standing to support their case.

Germany reunification was first and foremost a matter of internal German domestic politics; Scotland leaving the United Kingdom was a completely different matter. The United Kingdom holds EU membership, any country leaving the Union, also leaves the EU by default. Scotland doesn’t have EU membership in its own right; that lie was also allowed to flourish during the Scottish independence referendum by the Nationalists. 

Another point worth mentioning is that part of the condition of EU entry is a country must have its own Central Bank and currency.

So, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon knew they were always going to ‘dump the pound’ which they created a smokescreen around to garner votes.

They wanted access to the European Central Bank, so they did a despicable con trick of deception played out on the Scottish public.

These issues were touched on by the Better Together campaign, bloggers such as me; and the wider mainstream media. 

With so much lies and deception coming from the Nationalist camp, it was only right that the BBC analysed the SNP's case for independence in depth. Like raw sewage the SNP kept pumping out a horror story dress up as a fairytale.

For Nicola Sturgeon to claim unfairness in reporting and also claim 'network' journalists, reporting the story for the whole of the UK, were poorly informed is utterly bizarre.

To quote Sturgeon:


At present the SNP are trying to cobble a case to get control of the BBC in Scotland, and they are making demands and saying they are willing to be an ‘ally’. The BBC doesn’t need this ‘petty small minded provincial grievance merchant’ stinking up Pacific Quay in Glasgow.

At the Alternative McTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, she launched a strongly-worded attack on the BBC, the wrong time, the wrong place and the wrong subject.

She said:

"I am not saying there was institutional bias in the BBC's referendum output. However, there were occasions when its coverage - through oversight, apparent ignorance of the detail of an issue or as a result of simply following the agenda of openly partisan print media - lapsed from the objective output the referendum deserved into what could seem partial and, at times, pejorative. I don't doubt the effort and integrity that went into the Corporation's coverage. And, for the record, I think that the BBC; and BBC Scotland in particular, has some of the finest political journalists in the land”.


Nicola Sturgeon does fake sincerity as badly as young guy tugging away at his first pair of female panties, clumsy and rather crude with a belief of being sophisticated.

Sturgeon added:

In trying to appear Statesmanlike and failing yet again, she stated it was right the case for independence should be analysed to a greater degree than the case for staying in the UK.

But a moan worthy of Joan McAlpine, she complained:

"The status quo and the consequences of voting No were not really analysed at all."

What is there to be analysed, all the information of No which is the status quo is already published.

The consequences of voting No in the Pollok constituency for example were saving the BBC from being shutdown, saving Govan Shipbuilders from being shutdown and saving the NHS from being financially wrecked and thereby saving the lives of many people.

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon didn’t seem overly concerned with their plight much in the same way as she didn’t seem concerned about helping Joyce in Inverclyde who needed a specialised drug. It took a major relapse before Joyce got help despite Sturgeon being ‘concerned’ and doing the photo op.

The SNP wanted to shut down the BBC if they had won independence and replace it with a new State broadcaster presumably headed up by Blair Jenkins, Jenkins has since disappeared after Yes Scotland; an SNP front run by the Nationalists got handed their ass on the 18th September 2014.

SNP control of BBC Scotland is a joke in very poor taste; it will also be dismissed as verboten down the road at Westminster. It seems that Nicola Sturgeon is becoming as ridiculous as Alex Salmond with the bizarre outbursts; it is like watching outtakes from failed candidates from the X Factor.

I am a big fan of the BBC, I want them to ask politicians from any party the hard questions; I don’t want them gagged by the SNP goons, the BBC protests were a huge tactical mistake, but what do you expect from stupid small minded little people in every sense of the word.

From the SNP expect nothing and you will not be disappointed.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Sherbie said...

Talking about clown Blair Jenkins and YESmess, the SNP spent £825.000 bailing out YES. If you remember, that bunchof liars always said they were nothing to do with the SNP. Truth always comes out. It takes a lot longer to come out with the NATz, but it comes out in the end. I listened to SNP Justice Secretary Michael Matheson on the Today programme this morning. Oh god, that clown blamed everyone for Stephen House resigning. As usual, he blamed Westminster, the UK Government,, said that most people agreed with Police Scotland being under government control,,, absolute tosh!!! Matheson's a pillock, a cronie, and he'll be shown to be that soon as well.

Freddy said...

Putins Russia indeed to paraphrase Mr Robinson , a measure of an organisations integrity is the ability to annoy the Government of the day George. No matter the government the BBC has annoyed them at times about various issues. As other people have said this is rearing it's head because it's a convenient smokescreen due to other issues being prominent. Most people like the BBC i wish they were a bit more proactive sorting those who don't pay the license fee they must have a big list from those clowns who voluntarily disengaged and sent a letter with their intentions.

Smudge said...

Oh god,,, seeing Joan MacAlpine's name has put me right off my tea. Anyone for a taxpayer funded photoshoot,,, doh,

Anonymous said...

I think Ms McAlpine is persona non grata after next year. She's a liability with no political talent whatsoever. With the exception of Martin Bell, journalists should never even think of political office.

The SNP are still playing as if they are in opposition. True, in Westminster they are, but not up here. It's always someone else's fault. But that argument is no longer effective.

That protest against the BBC was most definitely a tactical error by the SNP. And against one individual was worrying. The interview was skewed, however that does not justify an attack on a single reporter. But the SNP have form, and this attack on the media who they don't like will continue. Check out the nationalist blogs and read some of the bile that spews from the keyboards of members.

I listened to Matheson as well. I knew he was going to blame Westminster at some point. How the fek can Westminster have any influence over the Scottish Police? If I remember rightly, McAkil's reason for centralising the police service was to improve efficiency. Well that worked, didn't it?

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I float the idea of a national police force and fire services when in SNP, but they changed my idea to claim ownership.

And made an arse of it.

I done a few posts on this as far back 2010.

As to McAlpine is part of the cult, not very good I grant you but in there, she will be staying, although useless.


Anonymous said...