Friday, August 7, 2015

Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn says he wants to scrap Trident and it would not mean job losses, leaving aside he is wrong on that bunny, Corbyn has no credible idea of how to defend the UK, we cannot give up our Nuclear weapon systems, Corbyn is talking himself out of any chance to be British Prime Minister, Labour have a major problem in leadership

Dear All

Jeremy Corbyn's wants to be the Labour leader, which is a fair enough ambition for a person to have.

Just as you can talk yourself into a job, you can also talk yourself out of a job, in this case Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Yesterday, I commented that he was wrong to say he could do a deal with the SNP, today I find he proposes to scrap the Trident nuclear weapons programme.

As to the workers, he thinks thousands of Scottish workers employed could just potter off to what he describes as "socially productive" jobs in renewable energy, railways and housing.

Once a person hits 50, they are 25 times less likely to get a job than a younger person. And to move to "socially productive" jobs would require re-training.

Britain is a Nuclear power, it is also one of the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council; the idea of giving up Trident is ridiculous and the politics of the student union. I cannot see how the UK public will ever return a Labour Government with someone who has so little regard for National security of this Country.

Everyone wants peace but the reality of life is that we live in a violent world which requires up to date weapon systems to protect the UK and our allies.  

The dropping of the Atomic bombs were a horrific event in World War 2, President Truman was said to have taken the decision because of the appalling loss of American lives as his troops started to take islands closer to mainland Japan.

When the bombs were dropped the Japanese surrendered soon after effectively ending the Second World War in the Pacific. It is right that we should remember the Japanese dead at Hiroshima and Nagasaki; both cities were destroyed by the most lethal destructive force of our age.

Corbyn’s policy document on defence diversification may seem noble, but it will remain a document, there is nothing wrong with left wing policies but he has the concept wrong which would chime with voters. Nothing wrong with wanting more jobs in  skilled manufacturing and construction jobs but this isn’t the way to go about it.

The policy document adds:

"We are making the case for a defence diversification agency because we have a moral duty, and strategic defence and international commitments, to make Britain and the world a safer place”.

As vice-chairman of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, he said:
"Many of us have spent our entire lives campaigning against nuclear weapons, we have got to win people over to the idea that a nuclear-free world is possible, that they are not a defence but an ever-present and costly danger not just to us but to the entire planet."

A nuclear-free world is not possible, this is a delusion on his part and a dangerous myth to spread about, not one of the other 4 main powers on the Security Council will give up their nuclear weapons, and also neither will any of the other nuclear powers.

At present in the Labour Party whether they want to admit it or not there is a vacuum regarding leadership that needs to be filled, I don’t see Jeremy Corbyn doing well if elected as leader.

You cannot bring your own personal baggage in his case CND into the job as leader because you don’t like nuclear weapons.

What would our key allies, the Americans think if he was British Prime Minister, would they have confidence in his ability to handle military matters?

I seriously doubt it.

Jeremy Corbyn raises too many questions in my mind that a lot of people would find rather uncomfortable.

One thing is certain, appeasement doesn’t work, that is a lesson from history which was learned rather painful around the World.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   

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