Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A year and three days after George Laird proposes single national police and fire services at SNP National Assembly, Scottish Govt announces both

Dear All

On the 4th September 2010, I went to the SNP National Assembly in Perth.

At that meeting, I proposed that the Scottish Government led by the SNP move towards the creation of a single police force and single national fire service.

Two months after my suggestion, Iain Gray of the Labour Party backs the idea publicly regarding the police.

4 and a half months later, the Scottish Government announce on 12th January, the consultation regarding the police restructure.

Now a year and three days later, the Scottish Government will bring forward plans to create a single police force.

Alex Salmond said:

"I am announcing our intention to move towards single services. The Cabinet Secretary for Justice will provide Parliament with further information, including how we will seek views on the options for how the new services will work in detail."

This is part of the new legislative programme for the Scottish Parliament.

He added:

"After detailed consideration of all the evidence available, we are persuaded that a single police service and a single fire and rescue service are the right options. This is the only way to maintain the number of officers in every community, right across Scotland. It will sustain and improve the delivery of local services while giving all parts of Scotland access to national expertise and assets whenever and wherever they are needed. The reform will enhance national governance, ensuring clear separation from ministers, to ensure the continued operational independence of these vital services."

George Laird was right again.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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