Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Joanna Yeates' parents face their daughter's killer as Vincent Tabak is in court, he admits manslaughter but denies murder, he deserves life sentence

Dear All

Sometime ago; I blogged on the murder of Jo Yeates, the facts clearly pointed that she was killed within her apartment and then dumped.

Friday the 7th January I wrote this post.


Putting up the solution to solve the case!

On the 20th, I followed that up with;


And then on May 6th.


The neighbour Vincent Tabak pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

George Laird was right again, but it was an easy case to solve if you looked at the evidence.

What you had to look at was the evidence that was there coupled with evidence that should have been there and was missing.

In his haste Vincent Tabak forgot to put Ms. Yeates footwear back on, left at her flat, along with her coat and door keys.

Criminal profiler Dr Gary Macpherson playing the role of Mr. Sherlock Holmes of 221B Baker Street put out all sorts of theories regarding Tabak.

The lack of evidence left by the culprit citing that Tabak maybe forensic aware, when Tabak could easily explain away his DNA in her flat by saying, he was her neighbour.

McPherson also said that the lack of evidence may indicate that the killer may have abducted and killed before.

He got both theories wrong, and to think, we pay this ‘clown’ money at Carstairs State Hospital.

And he is on the directory of professional witnesses as being an ‘expert’.

All theories, all wrong!

However, Vincent Tabak was caught and now the the parents of landscape architect Jo Yeates get to see her killer at court for the first time.

David and Teresa Yeates were at Bristol Crown Court for a pre-trial hearing for Vincent Tabak.

The couple have not seen Tabak in person in court before as the defendant has appeared by videolink from prison at previous hearings they attended.

Tabak is a Dutch engineer and has confessed to killing Ms. Yeates, he has admitted the manslaughter of Ms. Yeates but denies her murder.

The charge against Tabak states that he 'unlawfully killed' Miss Yeates between December 16 and December 19.

He is going to prison for a long time, this isn’t just a murder case; it is a high profile one like Soham and the Moors murders.

It took the Police several months and 70 Police Officers to solve this case, it took me, a few minutes reading a couple of articles.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Sam said...

It didn't take the police "several months" to solve the case. Ms Yeates' body was found on 25 Dec December and Mr Tabak was arrested on 20 January, three weeks and five days later, and charged on 22 January, exactly four weeks later.

It's especially funny since you mock the views of a professional "Sherlock Holmes" just before giving yourself a nice big irony-free pat on the back for being such a brilliant detective.

George Laird said...

Dear Sam

I only took a passing interesting in this case.

So apologies for the several months crack by me.

But the fact remains, that Dr. Gary McPherson got it wrong.

All wrong, at every step on his analysis.

I hope the fact it took me the reading of a few articles and such a short time, hasn't been the cause of jealously on your part.

13 days before the arrest of Vincent Tabak I put the correct theory that the case would be solved at her flat and surrounding area.

In truth, it was an easy case to solve.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University