Thursday, September 1, 2011

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli and human rights abusing Glasgow University back down after 212 days of Glasgow students protesting on campus

Dear All

The seven-month sit-in at Glasgow University's Hetherington Club has ended with students declaring victory against corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli and his senior management team.

The students packed up their kit and wandered off with sacks of clothes and pillows under their arms, guitars and sleeping bags slung over their shoulders.

An epic defeat for the corrupt principal Muscatelli as university management agreed to the majority of the students' demands.

In the end the university storm troopers weren’t needed.

The students have also secured a new post-graduate facility in the main university, presumably far from Muscatelli’s office.

Another key demand capitulated by the University was an amnesty for staff or students involved in the protest but human rights abusing Glasgow University is known for singling out students for bullying.

How much is that amnesty promise worth?

A University of Glasgow promise is quite frankly worth nothing in my opinion, Muscatelli backed bullies who target students, by his silent consent, even when presented with third party evidence from university documents sent to him, the then Principal and the other Vice Principals.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli isn’t a man of honour, so essential in a Principal but to be fair, scotch pervert Muir Russell, former principal wasn’t one either.

The ‘Battle of Gilmorehill’ had its moments as Anton’s storm troopers assisted by Police attempted an eviction which turned ugly with students getting hurt.

The students then occupied the main university building in protest, Anton’s storm troopers were caught off balance as students out witted them at very turn.

A University of Glasgow mouthpiece said:

"We are pleased that the students who have been occupying Hetherington House for seven months have decided to bring the occupation to a peaceful conclusion, and are now leaving. This will allow the university to redevelop the space for academic use."

He added:

"The university has always respected the right of students to peaceful protest and we also recognise the depth of feeling there has been on campus about recent cost reductions. A new social facility for post-graduate students will open in the main building in session 2011-12 and the university will continue to consult with students and their representatives on future facilities and amenities for the student body."

The activists were defiant to the last:

"No Ifs, No Buts, No Education Cuts".

As to the promise of amnesty, I wouldn’t trust a word coming out of corrupt senior management's mouths; my personal experience has taught me that.

The human rights abusing Glasgow University has climbed down, the running sore of bad publicity needed to be lanced as quickly as possible to given the impression that social cohesion has returned before the start of the new term.

212 days to sort out the Hetherington mess, doesn’t seem like competent management to me, the myth of Glasgow University superiority takes another blow.

I wonder if the university softly softly approached was based on some of the students coming from rich middle class families who had the ability to sue.

Poor working class Scottish students, they just allow staff thugs free reign to bully and intimidate.

Another pathetic episode in Muscatelli's tenture at the University.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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