Thursday, September 1, 2011

Labour MP Alastair Darling gets out the close quarter combat knife to stick it to “psychologically flawed” Gordon Brown in new book, well played sir!

Dear All

Labour MP Alistair Darling has decided to put pen to paper to do his memoirs and it will not be painting the picture of a happy ship under the captaincy of Gordon Brown.

The book is said to dive into the depths of mistrust within the Brown government.

And to show no love lost, Alistair Darling, the former chancellor brands his Downing Street neighbour “brutal and volcanic”.

In order to help promote the book and wet the appetite, there have been selected leaks from the book as Darling reveals the breakdown in relations between Nos 10 and 11.

All good stuff to be such but the interesting segment is the statement is that Gordon Brown got his supporters, most notably Ed Balls, to run what effectively became a shadow treasury team.

Brown who was described by Alastair Campbell, Blair’s Chief spin doctor as being “psychologically flawed” was regarded by some commentators as a nutter, a control freak.

A real fruit loop.

So; why the hatchet job now by Darling?

I think some will go with good old fashion revenge and want to coin a few quid on the side.

In June 2009, Mr Brown attempted, unsuccessfully, to marshal the forces of darkness to replace Darling as chancellor.

Waiting in the wings was the odious Ed Balls, now Ed Miliband’s Shadow Chancellor, a mistake by Miliband which will come back to haunt him in future.

Darling was for rolling over and stood his ground and survived to the end of the Brown reign of hell.

He simply said that he was refusing to take another job in government. Gordon Brown who saw a nasty public fight in the offing back down; the threat to Darling left a bitter taste in the mouth.

But is just isn’t Brown that cops his whack, Darling also points the telescope towards Shriti Vadera whom he refused to have in his Treasury team.

Nicknamed “shrieky” because of her fits of temper – describing her as “only happy if there was blood on the floor – preferably that of her colleagues”.

No point in having someone like that in your happy wee existence down at the Treasury.

One appointment he did accept was Yvette ‘the boy’ Cooper, Balls’s wife and another key Brownite, as Chief Secretary to the Treasury in January 2008.

She was said to be Brown’s spy or in layman’s terms a ‘grass’.

Darling famously remarked how Britain could be heading for the worst recession for 60 years.

Brown’s failure of regulating the banks has put Britain on the rocks, and worse is to come as budget cuts really ram home how bad things are going to get.

America has lost its AAA credit rating through measures like Quantitative easing.

(QE) is an unconventional monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the national economy when conventional monetary policy has become ineffective.

That is why people are putting their money into gold and sliver as Fiat currency continues to lose value.

Gold and sliver prices are rocketing.

Gordon Brown has previously come in for tough criticism in the memoirs of Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson.

In the former, he was described thus:

“Political calculation, yes. Political feelings, no. Analytical intelligence, absolutely. Emotional intelligence, zero.”

In the latter, it was said:

“There’s no-one to match Gordon for someone who articulates high principles while practising the lowest skulduggery.”

Gordon Brown the man with the moral compass!

In February 2010 with the Empire falling apart, Brown the then PM argued he had a good working relationship with his chancellor, insisting he had “never instructed” any briefings against him.

The innocent man surrounded by a nest of vipers and he knew nothing about nothing.

“Political calculation, yes. Political feelings, no. Analytical intelligence, absolutely. Emotional intelligence, zero.”

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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