Monday, September 12, 2011

Human rights abusing Glasgow University condemned over tactics at peaceful student occupation, head of ‘rent a mob’ Gordon MacKenzie singled out

Dear All

It seems that human rights abusing Glasgow University has come in for serious criticism in a damning report.

The report also says that The Police acted unlawfully by attempting to bring to an end a student occupation.

Strathclyde Police had “no legal authority” to remove protesters, it was a botched eviction which led to mass disorder as Police and university storm troopers in the security cleared the building.

Led by Charles Kennedy, former leader of the LibDems and the university’s rector, the report went on to question decisions taken by senior officials at the human rights abusing institution.

George Laird was right again.

And saying it for years, the reason for the human rights abusing staff at Glasgow University backing down is publicity, bad publicity.

Kennedy also criticised, but he is wrong, if you want to make a point to these people in management, you have to complain repeatedly till you are blue in the face.

That is the nature of corrupt Glasgow University.

A fuller version of their corrupt practices and bullying can be found by reading my blog post.

Glasgow University Senior Management involved in institutional bullying, discrimination, harassment, malpractice and criminal fraud.

Just click here.

Kennedy also called for the university to introduce a number of improvements to its internal decision-making procedures but stopped well short of what is required by saying there should be no repetition of the highly damaging scenes.

Better to keep a lid on the corruption rather than the truth coming out.

One of the incredibly stupid aspect of the ‘battle for Gilmorehill was the use of a Police Helicopter.

Unfortunately, the students hadn’t constructed an airfield on the roof and the cost of F14’s and Apache helicopters wasn’t in their defence budget.

And the use of 80 police officers was OTT.

Things went terribly wrong the report alleges that the head of university ‘rent a mob’ security saw an “opportunistic approach” emerge as there only a few protesters in the building.

The head of ‘rent a mob’ is Gordon MacKenzie who has the title of Head of Security and Janitorial Services.

The MacKenzie plan fell on its collective arse as crowds began to gather outside as students inside alerted others using social networking sites and by mobile phone calls and messages.

Then Mackenzie called in the Air Calvary.

So, it seems the report in conclusion after identifying many mistakes has homed in of the fact that the problem was caused squarely on MacKenzie.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, the university Principal, said:

“We find the report fair and its recommendations appropriate.”

Is that because the bar of setting the blame is set so low?

Superintendent Nelson Telfer, of Strathclyde Police said:

“We do accept . . . that for a short period at the start of the incident, our officers did assist in the eviction of some of the students. This is something that should not have happened.”

All that time spent at Tulliallen College and still don’t know the law.

But I think it was really sad state of affairs, they did know the law, they didn’t give a shit about the individual rights to peaceful protest.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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