Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Annabel Goldie enters the leadership race as a complainer against Murdo Fraser’s plan for new ‘Tory’ party in Scotland, bike please for Goldie!

Dear All

Annabel Goldie has no political future after she steps down as Scottish Tory leader.

She like Jack McConnell is just going to sit up the back at Holyrood and occasionally put her bit in.

Passing the time waiting on her appointment to the Lords!

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock!

Meanwhile life goes on, the Scottish Tories are a dead party in Scottish politics, they have no future; to believe they have is naïve.

However, Annabel Goldie has become embroiled in the party’s leadership campaign trying to save her toxic brand as Murdo Fraser; her deputy has made a pledge to form a breakaway centre-right movement.

Fraser is smart enough to know the Scottish Tories have no future, but Goldie clearly wants to try and save the Titanic.

It’s over!

Murdo Fraser is one of four candidates along with Glasgow list MSP Ruth Davidson, transport spokesman Jackson Carlaw and Central Scotland list MSP Margaret Mitchell standing to be the next leader.

Of the four standing, only Murdo Fraser has the vision.

Ruth Davidson is a carpet bagger, Carlaw isn’t right and Margaret Mitchell doesn’t impress.

Goldie has released a statement saying she rejected Mr Fraser’s plan.

No one cares Annabel, you are yesterday’s force.

Tories did badly at the Holyrood election, others did worse but the fact remains that unless a successful narrative can be found to revitalise the party, they are going down wards towards the same status as Party Harvie’s Green Party.

He says members must “get real”.

Fraser has stats to back up his claims as he says that if the party continues to lose regional list votes at the rate it has been doing, it will find itself with less than 7% of the vote.

Mr Fraser said:

“I, and thousands of members like me, have worked tirelessly for decades for this party. The least the members deserve is to know the unvarnished, unspun truth about the state we’re in. The reality is that, despite having popular and effective leaders such as Annabel Goldie and David McLetchie, we go backwards at every election. We have lost well over 100,000 votes since devolution, and if our trend goes on we will be reduced to a rump like the Greens and the SSP used to be.”

Here is a laugh from The Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP John Lamont, hit back at Mr Fraser, accusing him of insulting “hard-working candidates and activists across Scotland”.

I have never seen a Tory activist or ‘hard working’ candidate other than at election time.

They don’t work in poor areas.

That is the reality, to say there is such a thing as “hard-working candidates and activists across Scotland” raises the question.

Where do they work?

Lamont is the campaign manager for Ms Davidson, he said:

“No-one is disputing the party has been in serious decline, but surely as the deputy leader he has to accept some responsibility for what has happened.”

This is such a bland statement, does Lamont?

The Scottish Tories need to disband and remodel themselves to win seats, Fraser says that a new right wing party is needed, but the reality is to win votes, a new centre party offers a better chance.

Right wing policies coupled with centre left policies on social justice is the only viable option.

Question is will the Scottish Tories who so despised the working class take steps to better their lives?

If they make these people’s lives better then they stand a chance of being a force, if they don’t a new name won’t make a difference.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf.

It’s Murdo Fraser for leader because there is simply no one else.

Annabel Goldie’s intervention has as much effect as a shout on a wet street.

Someone get her a blanket, warm milk and some rusks, she will need something to occupy her time up the back waiting on her Baroness title from the Queen.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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