Monday, March 14, 2011

Human rights abusing Glasgow University spend millions on ‘reinventing’ the wheel, Student Lifecycle project, the new white elephant on campus

Dear All

Human rights abusing Glasgow University in 2011 is a place of cronyism, greed, nastiness, perversion and big white elephants.

In fact you can’t see the white elephants for the shit lying about.

It’s stacked high.

One elephant which has staggered out behind the University ‘outhouse’ is the Student Lifecycle Project.

David Newall, the university’s secretary of Court, said:

“The university places a major emphasis on improving the student experience and this project is a key part in delivering that”.

Another essential part of the ‘student’ experience at the human rights abusing Glasgow University is bullying by senior staff, green lighted by the senior management from the Principal, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli downwards.

Another thing which David Newall was happy to allow and was fully informed about!

Now, the Student Lifecycle Project, millions ploughed in to reinvent the wheel.

Here is someone’s letter to the human rights abusing Glasgow University under FOI about it:

“Dear Sir or Madam,

First of all I wish to provide you with a bit of background so thatyou can give me an answer that I will be able to understand.

As a Scottish tax payer I am fully behind the Universities.

From entries on the website I have noticed thatthe University of Glasgow has embarked on an initiative, theStudent Lifecycle Project, which will cost millions of pounds andtake years to complete.

To understand what this project is about I have studied variousdocuments and comments provided by the University.

What puzzles me is the absence of a clear justification for such ahuge investment particularly in the current economic climate. Yourliterature related to this project appears to be a load of management jargon that is meaningless to Joe Public. My real concern is that for an investment of such magnitude, you seem to beunable to provide any evidence of substantial financial or academic returns. The amount of money involved could break the back of theUniversity and then we, the public, will have to bail theUniversity out. Even if the University can sustain this expenditure without any concrete evidence of financial or academic returns, it would lead me to feel that the University of Glasgow is being overfunded by our Government and I will be compelled to contact my MSP and MP to express my concerns. As a tax payer I would like to be sure that you are prudent with £13 million pounds of public money. However, given the number of entries in the whatdotheyknow.comwebsite in relation to the University’s Finance System implementation and your replies to them does not fill me with a great deal of confidence.

I would be grateful if you could answer a few simple questions to reassure me that you know what you are doing with our money.

Here are my questions:

a. What are the success criteria for the student lifecycle project?

b. For each of the success criteria, please send me details of when each will be materialised and how the success will be measured?

c. Has an external and independent body assessed the viability ofthis project? If so could I please see the report?

In your reply please refrain from using management jargon and get straight to the point.

Yours faithfully,

Cameron Buchan”

The University replies:

University of Glasgow did not have the information requested.

In the age of austerity millions wasted; jobs and departments getting the chop.

The UCU lecturers’ union believes the current in-house system is effective and does not need to be replaced

A spokesman for the Glasgow branch of the UCU said:

“Every area of the university is being forced to make savings, jobs are threatened and courses face closure. It isn’t clear to us what, if any, benefit the huge investment in the Student Lifecycle Project will deliver to the teaching and research of the institution. Existing in-house systems have performed well with minimal investment.”

Glasgow University gets too much public money which the management lives a life of extreme luxury.

Think Glasgow Labour Council of shame and you get the idea of what I am talking about.

The university argues the system, which has already been adopted by Cambridge, Queen’s University Belfast and Derby University, is a vital part of a modern institution.

Remember my comments in previous posts of copying others?

Human rights abusing Glasgow University is ranked 128th in the world, it still has farther to fall.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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