Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scotland’s Nelson Mandela, Tommy Sheridan's sister standing for Holyrood, chances of winning seat, very poor, lack of marketing skills for success

Dear All

The sister of Scotland’s Nelson Mandela, disgraced politician Tommy Sheridan is standing for her brother's party at the Scottish elections.

Lynn Sheridan is the party's top candidate for the Central Scotland regional list.

Unfortunately in her case, not enough work has been done to get into the minds of the public that she is credible.

She is a lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University, a Unison activist and has been involved in promoting gay rights.

But hasn’t any real profile, which is a problem.

She said:

"I look forward to campaigning in Central Scotland against the brutal and unnecessary cuts proposed by Westminster and Holyrood."

Solidarity needs to evolve beyond the cloth cap and Ferrets socialist persona if it is to be seen as clear democratic socialist alternative.

So what are they standing on?

1. The party is calling for the end of tax avoidance for the rich and big companies.

2. They also want to get rid of council tax and replace it with an income-based alternative.

3. Campaigning to scrap Trident nuclear submarines.

4. Investment in home-grown renewable energy.

A party spokesman said:

"We are standing candidates in every region in Scotland and in Glasgow we are part of a Coalition against Cuts list headed by George Galloway. We will be calling on Scotland's Parliament and councils to set needs-based budgets and not pass on the Tory-Liberal cuts. We will also be calling for a multi-option referendum on independence and full fiscal autonomy so that Scotland has the financial powers it needs to build the kind of society that looks after its pensioners, students, workers, young people and their communities. Solidarity is more than just a word - it is who and what we are."

Problem is the marketing of Solidarity; it is poor, very poor.

Tommy Sheridan is currently serving a three-year jail term at Barlinnie in Glasgow and so far not even one escape attempt.

He was found guilty of lying under oath during his defamation action against the News of the World in 2006.

Now, he has three hots and a cot, plenty of leisure time and working on his martyrdom as a political prisoner.

You can’t get elected these days if you can’t market yourself properly, standing in a woolly hat, donkey jacket and boiler suit don’t work.

And neither does call everyone brother, sister and comrade!

I don’t see her going to Holyrood as an MSP but wish her good luck.

Solidarity don't understand how to sell bake beans!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Credible isnt the only word springs to mind when it comes to Lynn Sheridan, never mind attempting to become a MSP at hollyrood......but what a laugh it gives us.
Here is a woman, sister of a convicted liar, adulterer and many more unsavoury aspects of his life spring to mind.
This woman was also behing the Glasgow LGBT centre which closed down in 2009, of which she was co-chair of the organisation and many people within the LGBT community hold her and her "associates" responsible for the demise of a centre that had been popular for many years...activist for gay rights my arse...she has her own agenda when it comes to those, and many other causes she purports to represent. She should be joining her brother in the clink......mind you, never say never

James said...

And how did she get to be a "lecturer" at Glasow Caledonian alleged University? No research record, no academic background? Answers on a postcard, please...