Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Glasgow University in covert surveillance of human rights campaigner, did corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli authorise serial stalking?

Dear All

It seems that human rights abusing Glasgow University under the leadership of corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli is stalking me.

Host name

IP Address

This is the Publicity Department at Glasgow University.

As in Glasgow University, the new Scottish Guantánamo Bay!

Dates and timings over the last two days:

1st March 2011 09:05:19 Page View
1st March 2011 11:48:38 Page View
1st March 2011 12:30:48 Page View
1st March 2011 15:42:46 Page View
2nd March 2011 09:19:18 Page View
2nd March 2011 12:10:15 Page View
2nd March 2011 13:38:18 Page View
2nd March 2011 15:22:05 Page View
2nd March 2011 16:25:27 Page View

As you can plainly see this is organised.

And Glasgow University management has a documented habit for passing on names to their staff thugs. Staff for example who were caught with a machete in their locker by their own security.

Why does a Glasgow University staff member need a machete in a Sports Building?

So why is human rights abusing Glasgow University stalking me?

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli and the senior university management group were involved in covering up institutional bullying, discrimination, harassment, malpractice and criminal fraud.

The ‘stalkers’ don’t comment on the blog from university premises, they watch like predators.

Is this stalking sanctioned by the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli and/or the senior management?

The truth bringing too much heat to their door, now 200 academics are speaking out about them and their practices?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

they are right fucken authoritarian handdowntherirowntrousers cunts up their, FOR FUCKS SAKE!

REV GREEN said...

Being a follower of Robert Greens abuse at the hands of the Scottish legal system in defense of Hollie Greig ,NOTHING would suprise me of the Scottish establishment . They seem to have decided to stop at nothing should a citizen have the cheek to gob off.

We will be watching to make sure you dont have an accident

Just dont stand near the edge of the underground platform !