Friday, March 25, 2011

Human Rights abusing Glasgow University to set up the ‘Whitewash Commission’ to ensure that senior management are cleared and shut down complaints

Dear All

Human rights abusing Glasgow University is to hold an internal 'independent' investigation into its failed attempt to end a student occupation.

The ‘Whitewash Commission’ will clear senior management and pave the way for the blocking of complaints against them.

Here is an example of how human rights abusing Glasgow University conducted an investigation from my own situation:

“Appendix H is a letter from Professor Robert Rennie, Law Faculty who is also attached to the Senate Office. Professor Rennie apparently was able to conduct an investigation into my complaint without interviewing me or looking at my evidence. He then managed to clear individuals from the Department he is attached to. I should point out that under the university staff procedures this is not allowed. So, either Dr. Jack Aitken when he wrote on the 25th February 2004 is a liar or Professor Robert Rennie has been involved in the covering up of fraud at Glasgow University by investigating a case that he is not allowed to, under the policies and procedures of the University”.

As you can see Professor Robert Rennie who is a Professor of Law did everything possible to ensure that bullying staff were protected.

Let’s run through what he did.

1/ He didn’t interview me.

2/ He didn’t allow me to submit written evidence.

3/ He didn’t interview any of my witnesses.

4/ He didn’t allow witnesses to submit written evidence.

5/ The Senate Office, who I was complaining about, prepared ‘my’ complaint without my knowledge.

6/ I weren’t told an investigation was taking place until after senior management were cleared.

And then the arsehole wrote to me to say that it 'wasn't necessary' to interview me.

That is how Glasgow University senior management operate.

At present corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli is expressing his regret over “the deeply unfortunate events”.

The unfortunate events are that this is in the public domain.

He didn’t have any regrets what he and the other senior management allowed me to be subjected too.

But then if my case had made the papers then the university would have taken the same tact by expressing regret.

Muscatelli’s regret is that the violence and intimidation of a few student protestors blew up in their faces.

So, an investigation panel will look into events surrounding the incident, and that panel will be hand picked from the University Court, the University Senate and the Student Representative Council.

Michael Comerford, a postgraduate student representative said:

“As one of many students who are extremely concerned about the proposed cuts at Glasgow University, I find it difficult to believe this investigation will be fair and transparent.”

My own personal experience leads me to a similar conclusion; this ‘investigation’ will be to shut down avenues of complaint being filed against senior management.

This could be a PR stunt to try and cover up the true nature of Glasgow University senior management who are only too willing to use violence and intimidation against students.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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