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Pollok MSP Johann Lamont silent on Labour Councillor suspended over 9 year old ‘rape’ victim comments, he said was victim ‘asking for it’!

Dear All

Glasgow Labour Party has currently got themselves engulfed in a ‘paedophile’ scandal.

A senior Labour Councillor for the Pollok ward, William O’Rourke during a council hearing said was a nine year old little girl ‘asking for it’ when she ‘raped’.

A police officer attending the hearing has since made an official statement claiming Labour Councillor of shame William O'Rourke made "alarming and highly inappropriate" remarks in front of several witnesses.

After she filed a report on the incident to bosses at Strathclyde Police, they have made an official complaint to the Standards Commission for Scotland.

These are the people who govern the behaviour of politicians while in elected public office.

A nine year old little girl ‘asking for it’!

For some time, I have been saying that Glasgow City Council is a Labour Council of shame.

This takes it to a whole new level.

Labour Councillor of shame William O’Rourke who represents the Pollok area has since been sacked from several council positions including the Strathclyde Police Authority, the personnel appeals committee and two other boards of council-owned companies City Parking and Glasgow City Markets.

He has also been suspended from the Labour Party.

O’Rourke is an ally of Council leader Gordon Matheson.

Matheson has been completely disowned him.

Matheson said:

“Councillor O'Rourke's comments to the personnel appeals committee were disgraceful.”

It seems that this maybe an admission that the other Councillors who attended that hearing have already confirmed what happened.

During the hearing, a ranting O’Rourke asked if force was used during the alleged rape and when the Police Officer told him it was not, he is alleged to have asked:

"So she wanted it to happen?"

In her witness statement, the 36-year-old Police Officer said:

"My concerns were raised in particular by some of the questions asked and comments made by Councillor O'Rourke. Councillor O'Rourke asked if force was used during the incidents. I told him, 'No,' and his was reply was, 'So she wanted it to happen'. I replied that she was a child and was unable to give consent. I also briefly covered the grooming process and its associated elements. He began a rant on the age of consent and how it should be lowered, commenting on the promiscuity of children and their modern provocative dress sense, He further commented that you could walk into any high school and observe girls in short skirts coupled with their promiscuous behaviour thus giving weight to his argument about lowering the age of consent. Councillor O'Rourke continued his inappropriateness when discussing the complainer, commenting on her chaotic previous lifestyle at the hands of her prostitute mother. He hinted that she was not a typical innocent nine-year-old but was sexually older than her years and conveyed the attitude that it was not as bad to commit crimes of this nature on a child with this background."

Not as bad to commit crimes of this nature on a child with this background!

So it is ‘okay’ to rape little girls of nine years old if they are socially and economically deprived?

What a charmer!

The Police Officer went on to say that:

"He had little understanding of child protection issues and again very little understanding of grooming and the process of sexual abuse."

And also commonsense it appears.

Labour Councillors of shame Jim Todd and Jim Scanlon also attended that hearing, why didn’t they report O’Rourke for his behaviour?

After all, we are talking about offensive comments about a nine year old girl.

Did they think his comments were acceptable at the time?

If not why didn't they act?

Where’s their report?

O’Rourke, Todd and Scanlon, all Labour Councillors have questions to answer.

And they should consider their positions.

So, far Labour MSP for Pollok Johann Lamont who was hyper quick to condemn Tory MSP Bill Aitken over his rape comments has been publicly silent over her colleague William O’Rourke.

Why is she silent?

Something the people of Greater Pollok should bare in mind when they cast their vote on the fifth of May.

Johann Lamont didn’t speak out and condemn O’Rourke immediately; she is putting ‘party before people’.

Even before a nine year old female victim of alleged rape.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Politicians of all parties appear to have an ambivalent attitude to paedophilia. Check out "Justice" Minister Kenny MacAskill.