Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jaconelli family thrown out into the street after Glasgow Labour Council of shame send in the heavy mob in dawn raid, the fight continues to Holyrood?

Dear All

Every so often something happens which could cause a political upset.

Margaret Jaconelli could be on such upset in the Glasgow Holyrood Election.

Mrs. Jaconelli has been evicted from her home by Glasgow Labour Council of shame.

She lost the battle over plans to demolish her home to make way for the Commonwealth Games.

Yet again, big business won over politicians at the expense of the little people.

In a dawn raid fronted by Police and sheriff officers, they stormed the building in Glasgow’s East End.

The Jaconelli family were barricaded inside and could not call for reinforcements.

There was much screaming and shouting before sheriff officers using drills and door rams smashed their way in.

Glasgow 2011 under the Labour Party!

Remember that on polling day folks.

After a struggle lasting several hours’ sheriff officers finally managed to get in.

Margaret and husband Jack, both 52, thrown out of their Dalmarnock home surrounded by family, friends and supporters.

Then the Police prevented anyone getting near the flat and the cordon remained in place until the family left.

The family say they are determined to carry on their fight.

Mrs Jaconelli said:

“I have lost everything – I have lost my home. They wouldn’t stop. They had masks on and were armed with all sorts of things. We told them my brother was in the flat and he suffers from a heart condition, but even that didn’t stop them. They tried to get in front and back doors of the close and then into our home. We waited until the last piece of wood was taken off the door – and then walked out with our heads held high.”

This is the classic situation were you would have seen Tommy Sheridan at, but unfortunately as Scotland’s Nelson Mandela, he is still a guest of her Majesty in Barlinnie.

In a statement Mrs Jaconelli said:

“We have witnessed the crushing of rights of people. We have lost our community. What kind of legacy is that for the Commonwealth Games.”

So, where were the mainstream parties?

Where were the political candidates standing for election in her area?

They weren’t standing with the Jaconelli family in Ardenlea Street, Glasgow.

I would assume that they “too busy” pretending that they are fighting for the rights of the working class people!

The Jaconelli case is another example of how Glasgow politics is middle class dominated.

No one from a mainstream political party came to help Mrs Jaconelli because they didn’t see her and her family as important enough.

Mrs Jaconelli found out the true nature of the Labour controlled Glasgow City Council.

If I was her, I would still stand for election for Holyrood in Glasgow to ask Glaswegians to stand up and be counted.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

not quite true, an activist enlisted the help of a senior member of GCC and an MSP and between them were instremental in getting increased compensation (trebled) and the offer of 3 homes. However, I agree with you, a disgraceful state of affairs in an age of basic human rights. Power to wee maggie in her quest for a seat in parliament!

Anonymous said...

poor wee maggie doll ... only offered 90,000 for a shit hole in the east end.
Nationalists retards couldnt care less about her, just another useful idiot for them to use.

Anonymous said...

reply to the imbecile, nationalits councillor and msp took no publicity for their help. Lovely street in the east end before GCC turned it into a ghetto by emptying the flats to make way for "the bogus games". hopefully they will come for YOU soon!