Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scotland’s Nelson Mandela, Tommy Sheridan sends defiant message from prison cell, his liars are in prisons of ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’, no parole!

Dear All

Scotland’s Nelson Mandela, Tommy Sheridan has sent a defiant message from prison.

In a statement issued by Sheridan, who is currently a guest in Barlinnie Prison, he said:

“To those who lied and collaborated with the police and the News of the World to imprison me, I say, I may be in jail right now, but in January I will be free”.

What no escape attempts?

Sheridan added:

“The collaborators and liars will be in prisons for the rest of their lives. Prisons of guilt and prisons of shame.”

But they are out on the streets!

After a standing ovation from 100 supporters, she said the prosecution was “politically motivated”.

As well as the early Xmas message, his wife Gail condemned the £4million spent in taking them to court over perjury allegations.

Unfortunately, the cost of prosecution is high but Sheridan could have plead guilty and choose not to!

He effectively ran up the taxpayers’ bill!

So, he is partly to blame for the high price tag.

The 46-year-old disgraced politician’s message was read to the faithful at a meeting in Glasgow that marked a truce between his party Solidarity and the campaign by George Galloway.

Solidarity is going to help in trying to get George Galloway elected via the Glasgow regional list.

Galloway would get humped in a first past the post contest but the list is another story, he has a chance.

After a standing ovation from 100 supporters, she said the prosecution was “politically motivated”.

Mr Galloway and Mrs Sheridan stood shoulder to shoulder last night in Renfield St Stephen’s Church in Bath Street in Glasgow. They are supporting the campaign that aims to find out why the Crown Office and Lothian and Borders Police spent 52,000 police hours on what they say was a witch hunt.

I can answer that £200,000 in readies!

Galloway said:

“It’s suspicious to me that £4m and 52,000 hours were spent hunting down Tommy Sheridan.”

Really, watch much detective movies? I would have thought it was obvious? There was evidence and witnesses that the previous civil case was perverse.

On one issue I do agree with Galloway, locking Tommy Sheridan up at a further cost of £45,000 a year is madness and a waste of public money.

There are people who need to be in prison as they represent a danger to society, Sheridan is one. He is now a politician seriously lacking in credibility.

When he comes out and resumes his ‘Citizen Smith’ activities, his prison time in Glasgow’s Gulag will only add to the legend of Sheridan.

Glasgow’s Sarah Palin, Gail Sheridan will probably be on the ballot paper for the Glasgow City Council 2012 elections.

And the world continually spins.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

oh! come on £4000000 could of been better spent on hospitals etc etc
or perhaps the newspaper who wished to persecute out Tommy could get the bill for the Case.

Thats a lota lota of dosh to get one wee man

REV GREEN said...

If Mr and Mrs Sheridan had wanted to save money all he had to do when the allegations first came out was to say no comment, or when he went to trial plead guilty ,

HE WAS GUILTY yet he decided to let his ego take control , the waste of money in trying an ex MSP is all his.

REV GREEN said...

Here is another waste of money when Kenny calls the cops:)


REV GREEN said...


oops seems Mr Daly has been a bad boy, again!

REV GREEN said...

Could some lawyer please tell me how Robert Green can qualify for legal aid one minute , have the charges dropped then have new charges offered then have his legal aid request refused, twice. Is it because it was Donald Findlay and Mr Sweeney or do the Scottish government just want to dispense with the illusion of a fair trial?

So far I think he has been seen in camera twice and in the last year been dragged back to Grampian stazi region twice.

Internet lizards aside that does seem a very strange course of event for what seem to me to be a civil matter.
How many other breach of the peace cases have been treated this way?

While we are at it how many other Lord Advocates get their legal work done by Levy Macrae for free ,pity Robert Green isnt extended the same courtesy.

I m sure the Drum slapped her down about that but what a surprise it was missed in the BBC Shockland and STV.

Does this not bother anyone else, lawyer or not, if there is nothing to this story why are they acting like a banana republic to bury it?

REV GREEN said...