Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thrown against a wall, concussion, denied water, arrested, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli of Glasgow University, unfit to be Principal

Dear All

Fear and intimidation are the tactics of the senior management of human rights abusing Glasgow University.

The day of thug was exposed publicly at the Hetherington Research Club but it has been there at Glasgow University as long as I can remember.

Now staff members at Glasgow University are finding their voice and “outraged” over the treatment of a female student by police.

Kate Connelly, a 21-year-old theology and religious studies undergraduate, was arrested twice once wrongly through mistaken identity.

The Police said no arrests had been made.

There are also disturbing claims that she was forced to get dressed in front of a female officer.

We now have a complaint registered by Richard King, professor of religious studies at the university.

He has raised concerns that Strathclyde Police tried to put a positive spin on events by saying there were no arrests or injuries.

Three students were reportedly arrested and charged with offences.

Strathclyde Police have denied acting inappropriately.

Professor King said academic members are composing a letter to corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli expressing “outrage at the treatment of one of our students” who suffered a concussion.

A concussion after allegedly being brutally thrown against a wall!

As well as that it is claimed that human rights were denied after access to water was refused after she was arrested for obstructing the police and inciting violence.

Hospital treatment was “eventually allowed” by the Police.

Then she was taken to Stewart Street police station and held for more than six hours before being released and charged only with obstruction.

And it gets worse for corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli who is trying to spin his way out of responsibility.

The following morning three police officers re-arrested Ms Connelly in her bedroom on breach of the peace charges.

She was handcuffed.

Interviewed in the street and then “immediately released” with the breach of the peace charges dropped.

Police claimed it was a case of mistaken identity.

The Free Hetherington campaigners are now organising a “Kate Connelly is innocent” campaign.

Professor King said in an email:

“One of our Theology and Religious Studies students, Kate Connelly, suffered a concussion after [allegedly] being thrown against a wall by police/security during the ‘eviction’.

He added:

“I have spoken to her. She is a very good and well-mannered honours student on my Buddhism course, and she assures me she did nothing to justify this charge and, in fact, is a strong advocate of non-violent approaches to activism.”

This is another example why corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli is unfit for purpose, unfit to be Principal and lacking as a human being.

Fear, violence and intimidation are the tools of his tenure as Vice-Principal and now Principal, like most cowards, Muscatelli stands back and lets others do the dirty work.

Glasgow University is a human rights abusing organisation.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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