Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Human rights abusing Glasgow University send in the ‘Storm troopers’ to clear student protest out of building, blitzkrieg with Police back up

Dear All

When students at the human rights abusing Glasgow University occupied the Hetherington Building, they thought quite wrongly that their interests would be taken onboard by the corrupt senior university management.

They were wrong!

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli and his management group don’t care about people’s rights, destroying parts of the university or human rights in general.

I plainly saw this myself when the liar, bully and thief Julie Ommer, Director of Sport and Recreation repeatedly made false accusations against me as part of a deliberate and systematic smear campaign.


Now, more unhappiness on campus as Police turned up to evict a group of student protesters who have occupied the former post grad club!

80 of them!

The Police were there to assist Anton's ‘Stromtroopers’ of the University Security.

After the seven's occupation which resulted in failure, they have singly fail to grasp the aspects of how to conduct the ‘War on Muscatelli’.

In order to prosecute a success war, it has to be done partly in a covert fashion by putting so much pressure in the system that the university can’t cope.

Foi’s cost time and money.

Enquiries cost time and money.

Complaints in departments cost time and money.

Using computing facilities to run anti Glasgow University propaganda to various institutions, press and World Wide Web!

Find out rating sites and mass postings of protest.

In a war, you have to target specifically.

Example, a Library protest!

What is a library protest?

Get an organised group of students to take out several books and return them almost immediately.

The effect on library staff would produce a result were the library would struggle to provide an effective service.

By carefully selecting targets on campus and burning staff time, the university would be cheaper to give into the protestors.

Targeting people and infrastructure works.

Protester Alice Coy, a postgraduate student, said:

"We've been occupying the building for seven weeks as part of an anti-cuts protest. We chose this building on purpose so that it was not an inconvenience to students as it closed a year ago. The security officers came in this morning to evict us, we've been given no warning. It's very distressing and the university have been incredibly obstructive and refused to negotiate with us."

Alice made the mistake of not having a wider campaign, perhaps Alice should learn more.

Tommy Gore, president of the SRC, said:

"What we saw outside the Hetherington Research Club today, with a police presence of 80 officers on university-owned property is unacceptable. Whilst we support the university's goal of turning the previously empty building into learning and teaching space, we cannot, in any way, see the justification for allowing such a disproportionally large amount of police onto our university campus."

Gore makes the mistake of saying “our university campus”.

It isn't yours; it isn’t the people of Glasgow or even Scotland’s.

Education in Scotland is run by members of the Royal Society of Edinburgh; this private club effectively operates the cartel in Scottish Education.

Another student protest ends!

Failure of achieve all objectives.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

your a twat

George Laird said...

Dear Anonymous

You wrote:

'your a twat'.

That should read:

'You're a twat'!

I hope this helps, when you want to abuse people, learning English properly, it is so important in this modern age.

Now, re write that 100 times!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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