Friday, March 11, 2011

I am not a banker, I’m a human being! Sir Fred Goodwin’s super-injunction backfires as the arrogant Glasgow University product tries to gag people!

Dear All

We all remember when the Royal Bank of Scotland collapsed and hand to be bailed out by the taxpayer.

At the helm was a Glasgow University product, Sir Fred Goodwin.

Fred the shred!

Now, Fred the shred has made a fool of himself by getting a super-injunction to stop people calling him a banker.

Would he prefer wanker?

Anyway, it has backfired and the internet has taken the opportunity to have an outpouring of ridicule online.

The Dam was breached by a backbench Liberal Democrat MP who nipped in and used parliamentary privilege to reveal that the former banker had won a court order banning use of the term.

And in good measure stopping the media even reporting on the ban!

Doesn’t the Glasgow University product believe in free speech?

Just as corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli and his senior management have ran the human rights abusing Glasgow University into the deck by claiming they are running out of money by 2013, Goodwin ploughed under RBS.

Two Glasgow University products same result when in charge!

Liberal MP John Hemming has rightly brought the matter up in the House of Commons so that the press can now freely report that the controversial former RBS chief tried to suppress mentions of his old occupation.

Super-injunctions are a means to hide the transgressions of the past by the rich and famous.

It is their way to suppress stories that might damage their reputation.

The truth always hurts.

Hemming said:

“In a secret hearing, Fred Goodwin has obtained a super-injunction preventing him being identified as a banker. Will the Government have a debate or a statement on the issue of freedom of speech and whether there is one law for the rich, such as Fred Goodwin, and another law for the poor?”

Human rights abusing Glasgow University operate in a similar manner by their use of secret hearing when they want to victimise someone.

Index on Censorship, a group that campaigns for freedom of speech and expression, said the case showed “how disastrously wrong these things can go”.
Padraig Reidy, news editor of the website, said:

“As we’ve seen, after a hiatus of a while, there’s suddenly a tremendous amount of interest in Fred Goodwin again. While it’s difficult to say what Sir Fred is hoping to achieve, he’s certainly drawn attention to himself in a way that he would never have desired.”

Yes, rather than burying the past the Glasgow University product in his arrogance has shown poor media PR skills and brought his part in the RBS debacle back into the public domain.

Austin Lafferty, a Scottish solicitor, said:

“This is a very expensive and frankly high-risk process for anyone concerned about their reputation. The super-injunction, if successful, will keep things out of the public eye but it can look to the ordinary citizen like overkill and simply raise suspicions where there may be no misconduct in reality.”

The web is a great place to spread a message, a quick witter on twitter can produce a tsunami of opinion.

People simply put their ‘cyber boots’ on to give the wicked a kicking!

Goodwin is currently rising to the top of Twitter’s trend list as the most talked-about topic on the web.

Another typical failed Glasgow University style idea lands with a thud.

One comment posted read:

“So Fred Goodwin obtains an injunction, banning the media from calling him a banker, but gets knighted for services to banking. Madness.”

Sir George Young, leader of the House of Commons, told John Hemming MP that the topic would be explored in a forthcoming debate.

“I will raise with the appropriate minister the issue he has just raised.”

Goodwin great claim to infamy was RBS’s takeover of Dutch bank ABN Amro in 2007, widely seen as one of the worst business moves in recent banking history.

The Edinburgh-based bank was brought to the brink of collapse and the State had to put its hand in its pocket and pull out a £45.5bn bailout that brought it 83% into public ownership.

Goodwin left taking with a £342,500 annual pension.

Goodwin joins other arrogant Glasgow University products like Gerald Patrick McCann who think they can use the law to gag people.

It didn’t work for Gerald Patrick McCann and it hasn’t worked for Fred Goodwin.

The people have spoken and will continue to.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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