Thursday, March 24, 2011

“I'll back Labour if I win Scottish parliament seat”, says George Galloway, he targets his pitch toward Labour voters, 6% of vote means he is in!

Dear All

One thing you can say about George Galloway is that the boy isn’t stupid.

Galloway is standing for Holyrood on the list vote, if he gets 6%, he’s in.

The list in truth is his own option of going to Holyrood, he hasn’t built up time in a community to be a contender.

And then there is the Labour factor to overcome.

So, he is sticking his electoral ‘eggs’ in one basket.

Galloway wants to get as wide a voting stream as possible so he wants to tap into the Labour Regional Vote in Glasgow.

His pitch is simple; Labour won’t get any seats under the regional vote so their vote is up for grabs.

So, the former MP George Galloway will back Labour in the Scottish parliament if he wins a seat.

With Galloway in the contest and pledging support to the Labour Party, their voters might be asked to shift over.

Remember there are only 7 seats up for grabs.

And I expect one Tory, one Lib Dem and one Green.

That leaves four.

If Galloway is smart and lucky, he takes another that leaves three!

Senior figures in the major parties, including Labour, believe it is likely that Galloway would win a list seat.

I have to agree with them, 6% of the second vote in Glasgow on 5 May is achievable.

Galloway said:

"If you don't fight, you don't get. It's the squeaky wheel which gets the grease."

Galloway, 56, also previously attacked Holyrood MSP’s accusing members of being inadequate.

You don’t know the half of it!

Galloway added:

"We know the Scottish parliament is too small, too small-minded, too small in its horizons. And that the great majority of the people in it are quintessentially small politicians."

He is of course quite correct, sadly, the truth hurts, we haven’t got a great parliament because it is to some extent filled with people whose only vision is to get an MSP pay check!

Most people in Glasgow when I ask don’t know the names of Glasgow list MSPs.

After 4 years of them working and giving us their ‘vision’, they might as well not have bothered at all!

George Galloway says he will be a big beast in that small jungle and to be fair, it is about time some people were savaged.

He would pull off a shock by spreading his net wide.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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