Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tavish Scott MSP tries to rally the faithful at Lib Dem Conference in Perth, doesn’t mention Nick Clegg in speech to empty hall, activists have voted

Dear All

Yesterday, Tavish Scott stood on the stage of the Lib Dem Conference to rally the faithful.

He didn’t say two words during his keynote speech.

Nick Clegg.

Nick Clegg is so toxic to the Lib Dems that he is being airbrushed out as the liability he undoubtedly is.

Barnsley Central is more than just a wake up.

Tom Gordon, Scottish Political Editor on the Twitter website asks a question:

“Nick Clegg's here in Perth, but where are the #LibDem delegates?”

I think the answer is quite simple; people are passing judgment via their feet.

And as the old song goes!

‘Those feet are made for walking’.

One of the things in politics practiced by candidates is deception but when it stretches into self deception, it treats party activists with contempt.

People aren’t that stupid.

Recently I was doodling listening to someone talk about ‘winning’ an election. I was drawing the ‘Eye of Ra’ and Pyramids at the time. Normally I tend to inject when someone talks shite to me but I thought why waste my valuable breath on an idiot!

Tavish Scott is playing the deception game in Scotland; the humiliating result for the Liberal Democrats in Barnsley Central will have no relevance at all to the Scottish elections?

Why should Scotland not want to follow the rest of the UK putting the boot to Nick Clegg?

In Scotland the cuts caused by the coalition will put thousands out of work, see services slashed and cause real financial hardship as Clegg runs with a Tory agenda.

Lib Dem Activists have walked out and these are the hardcore, those who do the work in the communities.

Scott urges people to “keep things in perspective”, acknowledgment of the problem but saying there is no problem.

Which is it?

Nick Clegg dismissed Labour’s victory, branding it a “foregone conclusion from the start”, it was but his result was sixth place.

The worst drop seen since 1945!

The result:

Dan Jarvis (Lab) 14,724
Jane Collins (UKIP) 2,953
James Hockney (C) 1,999
Enis Dalton (BNP) 1,463
Tony Devoy (Ind) 1,266
Dominic Carman (LD) 1,012
Kevin Riddiough (Eng Dem) 544
Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 198
Michael Val Davies (Ind) 60

1,012 is rock bottom.

And the Scottish Liberal Democrats have already seeing their poll ratings as low as 7%.

Clegg told The Herald:

“I don’t think the very specific circumstances of Barnsley bear any relation to the Scottish elections ... they voted in Barnsley. They did not vote in Scotland.”


The vote was an anti Clegg vote and despite trying to rebrand themselves as ‘Scottish Lib Dems’, the truth is the leader of the Liberal Democrats is not Tavish Scott but Nick Clegg.

Again deception to trick the Scottish voters!

Labour leader Ed Miliband who is still looking for a narrative said:

“I don’t think you should write off the people of any part of Britain.”

Oh how Labour must be wishing for his brother David was in charge.

If political parties want upset then the pool of Scxottish Lib Dem voters is a well to draw on.

You just need the right pitch, hwy they should switch.

The LibDem candidate Dominic Carman lost his deposit after securing a meagre 4% vote share and this could happen in Scotland.

But Scottish parties need a narrative to run for the entire short campaign.

Yesterday, Tavish Scott stood on the stage of the Lib Dem Conference to rally the faithful.

He didn’t say two words during his keynote speech.

Nick Clegg.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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