Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bahrain Royal Family uses foreign troops to subdue the will of the people and declares martial law, Saudi Trooper killed by protestor

Dear All

The eyes of the world are currently transfixed on the appalling situation in Japan and rightly so.

The Japanese have serious problems on many levels caused by the earthquake and tsunami.

Not least the major problems in their nuclear plants with the prospect of a meltdown and further explosions at their sites.

However, we shouldn’t get transfixed as there is so much happening elsewhere that is equally powerful in how the world view is getting shaped.

The Middle East problems of Libya are still ongoing and Bahrain is also experiencing the breaking down of civil society.

Bahrain’s king has declared martial law.

This is due to his Government being unable to cope with the struggle to quell an uprising by the island’s Shi’ite Muslim majority.

The King has allowed foreign troops from Saudi Arabia to enter the country and there is a three-month state of emergency will hand wholesale power to Bahrain’s security forces.

Already there are reports that a Saudi trooper has been killed by a protestor.

And civilians are being killed by the security forces in their crack down.

There are reports of the country splitting down sectarian lines.

The government has also imposed a curfew from 1600 (1300 GMT) to 0400 and banned all demonstrations.

United Arab Emirates and Qatar have said they would also send police to Bahrain as more and more countries are getting sucked into the conflict.

Over 60% of Bahrainis are Shi’ites, their complaint is that they are been subject to discrimination at the hands of the Sunni royal family.

Bahrain is home to the US Navy's Fifth Fleet, so the interest of the United States is to back the Royal Family.

It maybe that the United States may find themselves on the wrong side of history if the problem is not resolved and there is a civil war.

When the majority is suppressed by a minority sooner or later there will be trouble on the streets.

The will of the people is being denied by violence, when that happens the Government has no legitimacy.

Across the world there appears to be a gathering of ordinary peoples who are rising up against their rulers because they have realised that their rulers don’t serve their interests.

They serve the interests of multinational corporations.

Britain is heading for people’s protests too, the gap between rich and poor isn’t reducing, and it’s getting wider.

The world needs to be rebalanced because of the financial terrorism of the bankers who hold entire countries to ransom.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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