Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SNP Meltdown: SNP MEP Alyn Smith is reduced to ‘begging' at the European Parliament, ‘Don't let Scotland down', someone get this political loser some cardboard boxes to pack up his belongings, what an complete embarrassment to Scotland

Dear All

On Friday the 10th of June, I got a phone call as I was standing in the street putting up posters for a public event on behalf of Jim Sillars, former deputy leader of the SNP and Nigel Griffiths, the Director of Leave.EU.

Anyway, the caller asked me, ‘do you want to go to the BBC’?

I said yes thinking it would be in a few days and as I have had plenty of experience sitting in BBC audiences it wouldn’t be a problem.

The caller said, no, the event isn’t in a few days, it is happening in about an hour and you aren’t sitting in the audience you are sitting on the panel.

So, back up the road, washed up, shaved, suit on, taxi turns ups up, gets me to the BBC, walk in rushed through and within 5 minutes, I am on air.

My fellow panellists were Ming Campbell, the former Lib Dem leader, Alyn Smith SNP MEP and Brian Monteith, the former Conservative MEP.

The debate was hard fought however the leave campaign won it hands down; afterwards I was contacted by the people who had put me into the limelight to say well done!

I was glad not to let the side down with effectively not having time for preparation.

During the radio show hosted by Gordon Brewer, the SNP MEP Alyn Smith looked and sounded to me increasingly unhappy about the way the debate was going for Remain. Afterwards Alyn Smith left the BBC looking rather angry; Ming Campbell was as Ming is a statesman. When I went to shake hands with the audience after the show, some were clearly as unhappy as the SNP MEP.

The Remain audience knew they had witnessed a loss unfolding right in front of their eyes; these weren’t ordinary members of the public but people personally selected by the Remain side, in effect political activists.

I have helped put SNP MEPs Alyn Smith and Ian Hudghton out of a job; I previously met Hudghton who informed me that I wasn’t good enough while in the SNP.

4 years down the line, I have put him onto the political scrapheap; guess he must have made a mistake about my abilities.

Now, after the shock aftermath is sinking in, the SNP issuing meaningless threats, the SNP are past the ‘crying’ stage and have moved on to the ‘begging’ stage!

SNP MEP Alyn Smith is now begging the European Parliament not to "let Scotland down", the begging has received a standing ovation.

Maybe someone will throw him a few Euros his way for the taxi to the airport for the return to Scotland.

The emergency debate in Brussels called following Britain's vote to leave the European Union last week. Check out the video below this post as Nigel Farage gets a rough ride, even the President of the European Parliament comes across as snide as he asks the mob in the chamber for quiet to let Farage speak.

So, what is Alyn Smith want, he is asked his European colleagues to respect the will of Scotland.

Scotland didn’t vote in this referendum as a separate country, there was no Scotland voice, this is an artificial construct by the SNP which is as bogus as Nicola Sturgeon’s fake concern about ordinary people.

The leave campaign in Scotland had few activists, in Glasgow, the number talking part was about 20; not all of them were experienced politically or had a working knowledge of campaigning.

Despite this handicap, the leave campaign on ground followed my suggestions and got about 50% of the Remain vote, about 85,000 votes, a remarkable achievement in the circumstances.

Remain got about 170,000 votes with the support and help of all the main political parties I Glasgow.

62 per cent of the electorate voted to remain in the EU in Scotland, however if there had been the same resources available, then the Remain side would have seen a bigger leave vote returned in Scotland…… using George Laird campaigning tactics!

Smith might have won applause from the chamber at the European Parliament when he described himself as "proudly Scottish and proudly European" but he is about to be ‘proudly unemployed’.

He said:

"And the people of Scotland, along with the people of Northern Ireland and the people of London, and lots and lots of people in Wales and England also, voted to remain within our family of nations.

He added:

"I demand that that status and that esprit European be respected. But colleagues, there are a lot of things to be negotiated. We will need cool heads and warm hearts. But please, remember this: Scotland; did not let you down. Please, I beg you, chers collègues, do not let Scotland down now."

Maybe Alyn Smith should listen to a George Laird speech, ‘people don’t believe you, people hate you and people distain you, that is thinking people, now running off and apply for jobseekers allowance’!

Finally, if anyone has spare cardboard boxes, Alyn Smith and Ian Hudghton of the SNP are packing up with their belongings because their ticket on the EU gravy train has run out and they are getting pulled off.

Bless their taxpayer funded cotton socks!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

So what's your two cents on this, George? Are they in a strong position and about to get a boost, or a weak position and fighting a losing battle as you seem to suggest?

Anonymous said...

what a fud

G Laird said...

Dear Al C

They are onto a loser, onto plums, Donald Tusk just blew Sturgeon out from getting a meeting.

It is game over, the bomb has been dropped.


Al C said...

Go figure. Explains why they've got such a big hump. I guess if it meant indy was nigh they'd be delighted. It's quite amusing to watch them thrash about though now!

S said...

Vote remain won in Scotland, but the VOTE LEAVE plus the voters who never voted in the referendum, vastly outnumber the remain lot, by more than 1 million.

Smudge said...

Get up off yer knees Alyn Smith you grovelling leech. Your a disgrace to the fishermen and the residents of Scotland. Go lft your p45 you obsolete twatt.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Today's pattern is that the nikster is getting herself on tv shaking hands with people we've never heard of, getting smiles and explanations that what she is peddling must be taken up with the UK government. She is just posturing for the cameras. She will come back with nothing. Naturally, that won't stop her from making some spurious claims about what she achieved. Nobody here will be listening anyway. Same old same old.

Auld Jock

G Laird said...

Hi Auld Jock

You are right, done for the cameras, all about posturing and nothing about substance.

Today, I blogged on the nonsense of Sturgeon's European adventure, the situation in Turkey and the pound recovering.


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

And a very good blog it was too. You have done wonders to help keep my spirits up during these last 2 referendums. Thanks for that.

I caught wind of an alleged leak by a Polish newspaper of a document issued by Brussels calling for powers on tax, borders, foreign affairs and defence to be taken over by France and Germany. It is alleged that some 20 eu states have signed up to this and the german foreign minister touches down in eastern Europe next week to "persuade" the local nay sayers to conform. Have you heard anything of this?

Auld Jock

G Laird said...

Hi Auld Jock

Brexit has frightened Europe, so the EU wants to clamp down, I am hearing rumours, but I think there is already a backlash coming down the pipeline.

Merkel is in trouble as Germans now seek a referendum, and with current events focusing minds in Turkey, peoples across Europe will also follow suit.

At some point, I suspect violence which I predicted will focus not just on migrants but also on the political class.

It is a dangerous time for Europe, and I also suspect the EU army is for suppression of EU citizens internally.