Monday, June 13, 2016

End of EU rule looms: Leave camp take 19-Point lead as Britons flock to Brexit, panic stricken Nicola Sturgeon engages in "divisive" rhetoric to encourage Scots to back Remain, guess what a landside is coming, and Sturgeon is on the wrong side of destiny yet again

Dear All

What a time to be a fake 90 minute Nationalist of the Sturgeon variety!

Nicola Sturgeon actively campaigning against a second Scottish independence referendum is an absolute hoot.

You might have noticed of late that the SNP are AWOL from the EU Referendum, their activists won’t come out and beyond a few miserable photo ops and Sturgeon doing a big of snide personal attacks and screaming; they are so quiet, like tiny little mice.

It is highly doubtful in my opinion that SNP supporters and voters will back Remain, when they know that Nicola is in bed with the Tories ….. all the way and Tony Blair to boot.

I have been doing my bit to get a strong Vote Leave for the people of Scotland while Nicola has been supporting oppression of the working class both in Britain and in Africa.

The shop soiled great white hope from Dreghorn claims the result of the vote in 10 days' time hangs "in the balance", my job is to kick it off the bloody cliff, and watch the EU then implode.

People want democracy back in the hands of our elected politicians…. Even the stupid one, because we can get round to them later!

Nicola Sturgeon looks increasingly like she is onto a loser, and she knows it, polling suggests the vote to leave is growing by the day; it seems at this point that Brexit is now appears unstoppable.

Today, I was out in Cardonald, most people who took the time to speak to me said they were voting leave, not just older people but young mums with their kids in tow.

As to Sturgeon arguing Scotland being dragged out of the EU against its will would be a "democratic outrage" and almost certainly spark another referendum, there will be no second referendum because Nicola Sturgeon will bottle it and not even ask.

Support for Scottish independence is dropping as is her party’s support, Nicola Sturgeon has peaked, and its downhill all the way.

Don’t let Sturgeon kid you on that Scotland is solid Remain, it isn’t, the SNP have collapsed, Scottish Labour don’t want to know, the Scottish Conservatives are a tad quiet, even Ruth Davidson seems to have lost her voice.

Tom Harris, leading the Leave campaign in Scotland, accused Ms Sturgeon of adopting "divisive" rhetoric.

He said:

"Scotland doesn't have a vote, neither does England, neither does any other nation of the UK. We are voting as individuals, each vote has the same value as any other in any part of the country. It is divisive, and unnecessarily divisive, to start saying one nation can outvote any other nation. All votes are equal and the majority wins, end of story. Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are not members of the EU, we are voting as UK citizens and it doesn't matter where the votes to Leave or Remain come from."

If you are into gambling, you might want to ‘get the pennies’ on Vote Leave, the way things are going, the smart money is now on Brexit.

And to show how the Remain side has fade away, check out this story:

19 point lead!

In an online poll on the Express which I clicked on, 91% of 168370 voted to leave the EU.

A clear expression of people power in action, it is in the national interest of the United Kingdom to go, the EU is a dysfunctional organisation which doesn’t work to the benefit of EU citizens.

Once the United Kingdom goes, I hope this will start a cascade effect which will see other countries leave, and we can get back to mutual and beneficial trading arrangements which will promote harmony instead of the current situation of Europe being destroyed country by country by the EU.

It really is time to go.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Sherbie. said...

I never watched the debate with Sturgeon in it at all. The newspapers told me all about it the following day. Sturgeon added NOTHING to the debate at all,, only made personal attacks on Boris Johnson. Typical, cocky little bitch, that has blown it for herself and her flock of sheep. I'm voting LEAVE,, I don't know anyone personally who is voting to stay. My sisyer and her family who live in Hampshire also say the same, they know no-one who is voting to stay. I hope we do leave and the German led EU dictatorship eill collapse. Once we go, others WILL follow. John Cleese the actor, who isalso in the LEAVE camp, said in the papers, that we should leave, and also HANG Jean Claude Junker. I agree with that John, and I'd love to be the one to drop the twatt.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

I have watched in horror as merkel unilateraly decided to flood an entire continent with a desperately dangerous and violently hostile culture. She claims Germany needs young workers. She could have recruited from a whole range of European countries but that would not have sufficiently expiated her war guilt or secured the place in history she wanted as the saviour of the oppressed in the middle east. What she has achieved is a huge influx of people from North and sub Saharan Africa, many of military age and including a large helping of jihadists. She is refusing to do a u - turn. She has tried to force migrant quotas on other countries and caused Austria and 9 other eastern European countries to effectively declare UDI and secure their own boundaries in defiance of la merkel. She has attempted to lay Europe open to Turkish blackmail whilst opening a second round of muslim invasion by allowing visa free access to Turks. She may feel guilty about germany's war damage to an entire continent. However she has retained, 100%, typically german fucking arrogance. I was tempted to say that this will end badly but, with many hundreds of thousands of "migrants" roaming all over Europe and the prospect of millions more coming from Turkey, it is unlikely to end at all. Germany seems to be unable to resist trashing the whole of Europe when they OD on arrogance. This is the third time. Clearly, that arrogance is undiminished today. Even if this madwoman is forced into a volte face it is hard to see how the situation can be recovered. It would require the political will to launch and sustain mass deportations on an unprecedented scale all across Europe. The only sensible thing we can do, in the UK,is to seize the opportunity of this referendum to quit the eu and secure our own borders.

Auld Jock

G Laird said...

Auld Jock

Securing our borders is a priority, Europe is heading towards civil war. This is something which I have blogged on in the past, and the evidence of social breakdown is all over the 28 member states.

Today, I was threatened by a guy on Byres Road in Glasgow, who claimed he was the Labour Party treasurer for the Maryhill branch, he also called me a traitor for campaigning for Vote Leave and tried to get me to take a Labour In leaflet, silly man.


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

You have, indeed, warned of this approaching storm on a number of occasions. Roll on the poll.

I know the guy you met on Byres Road. He used to belong to the snp and boasted of his seniority in that party. I can't remember his christian name but his surname was Naebuddy. Was he wee, by any chance?

Auld Jock

Stuart 64W said...

I fully agree with auld jock.

I was astonished that no other European leader challenged Merkels decision to admit these so called migrants.

As we have seen in Paris today with the stabbing to death of a French Police officer and his wife in their own home, this will not end well,

The sooner we are out the better.