Friday, June 24, 2016

EU Referendum Special, Independence Day, the Countdown to Brexit is over, Vote Leave won as I said they would, David Cameron resigns as Prime Minister, the Great Escape by Britain will now encourage other countries to leave the EU, George Laird right again

Dear All

It is now Independence Day, the Battle of Britain is over, the Battle of Europe is now about to start.

The referendum on continued membership of the European Union is now over and Brexit has won.

For the regular blog readers, time for a well-known phrase used by members of the SNP:

“George Laird right again”.

Usually said in a sneering fashion!

At present, I am 2 for 2 on referendums.

100% success rate!

Last night, I attended the Glasgow count after cracking on during the day on polling stations, so thoughts on the day. I decide to concentrate on The Glasgow South West Constituency during the week (Pollok) and the weekends I spent in the city centre cranking out thousands of leaflets.

Glasgow South West had one of the biggest leave votes in the city, for the most part; I did it myself by constructing a hybrid campaign because I didn’t have much in the way of resources, manpower and materials.

The mood at the count on the Remain side was a bit sombre; they sat and watched as the results came in and it was very close, then Leave went ahead and then Leave lost the lead, it was up and down like a yoyo.

The Glasgow result came and to and prior to that I said to the Leave campaigners, just watch the SNP will do a huge cheer and selfies post result. I never expected to win Glasgow; my plan was to suppress the vote by getting as many votes as possible.

So, against all the main political parties was me and about 15 to 20 volunteers for leave, we got about 84,000 and Remain got 160,000 votes.

Leave was far more productive because that is the way I laid out the Glasgow ground campaign in the city centre.

Some people had doubts about me and my abilities in the group, but the Remain campaigners didn’t it seems when I told them how I was campaigning; a few people were genuinely shocked.

I was told I was a one man campaigning army.

The count was a bit sombre as I mentioned, the Remain side were expecting a landslide in the UK to remain in the EU, it never happened according to plan.

David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister, I have to say, I am sorry that he did this, I wanted him to continue on in the role and see out his last term as PM.

I think he deserved too!

Over in the Labour camp, an MP has called on Jeremy Corbyn to resign over Brexit vote; Angela Smith accused him of showing "insufficient leadership".

What a load of rubbish by her, personally I have doubts about her future showing such bad judgment.

Before I forgot, Kezia Dugdale ended up chatting to me last night by accident, I was telling her what I had been doing, she said she was really happy that I had the courage to go out and campaign the way I did, and thanked me for the work I did in the Holyrood election in Pollok.

I did a hell of a lot.

The author JK Rowling said Scotland will see independence after Brexit, she is not only wrong, she isn’t a campaigner, politics might be her hobby but I take politics and campaigning very seriously.

There will be no second indyref, no section 30 order and no future for the SNP; Nicola Sturgeon still doesn’t get it, she is irrelevant, her campaign is fuelled by hate and emotion, and that fuel can’t be sustained.

The trend for the SNP is downwards!

Britain leaving the EU is the Great Escape, and I am one of the people who helped the people of Britain make…….. a home run to freedom!

Just for the record, I must be Hilts, that’s Captain Hilts!

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

Good, George. I hope you're right, because I voted remain. Not out of a great love of the EU, but becauseI worry about the implications myself. Another referendum? (I suppose only if the other parties jump on board.) Putin using this as an opportunity to grab parts of Europe? And of course, I have someone special living in Berlin.

Al C said...

Like I said, I do see where the brexit crowd came from, and have no great love of the EU, but I'm just a bit anxious about the implications. If we're better for it then I'm not so worried.

G Laird said...

Hi Al

We will see people attempting to make money out of this on the stock market etc, but the reality is the markets will settle very quickly.

Britain will prosper again post Brexit.

Well done for voting, during the campaign I urged people to vote when I met people who were also remain, we needed a clear result, we have it.


Andrew said...

Sturgeon seems pretty sure of an indy 2 that's what worries me, will scots vote indy this time as i can imagine most of the scottish debate beig pro eu swaying the vote? Does scots voting for remain make a vote for indy2 more likely?

Sherbie. said...

I see the blinkered maggot Sturgeon is at it again. She can forget a second referendum. Just shows you what a bloody fool Sturgeon is. Everyone wanting OUT of the EU now, yet Sturgeon wants in.. At least she can't blame London/South East England for the Leave vote result. Europe WILL now implode. You wont hear her slagging off the Midlands, North East England for voting Leave,,,, shook you
YOU WILL NOT GET THE £ STURGEON,,,, FACT. Thank God we're out of the EU,, we can now re-join the rest of the big wide world again.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Congratulations on calling this referendum as well as the indyref. I share your view that the markets will settle. As you know, I voted to leave and I am delighted with the result. On a humorous note, I see that the imbecile sturgeon claims to be preparing legislation for another referendum. Perhaps she will legislate to suspend the UK parliament. Leaving aside the fact that she no longer has a majority, another of her delusions seems to be that there is any enthusiasm in Scotland for more electoral expeditions, least of all indyref 2. I see that our gallant legislators in the form of the MPs who continue to support remaining in Europe are already scheming to reverse the referendum result. What they should be doing is accepting the will of the people and that these MPs are out of touch. Instead, they want to remain in the single market, continue to offer a blank cheque to the eu and allow ongoing unrestricted eu migration. Migration and costs of membership were major issues in the referendum. We voted to leave and they purport to interpret that as meaning they are entitled to do what they think is best for us no matter what we say. Unbelievable!

Auld Jock

G Laird said...

Hi Andrew

Sturgeon has no mandate, no authority morally, politically or legally to call a second indyref, and she wouldn't get it in this term of the Holyrood Parliament.

Her time came and went in 2014, her self life is also in doubt, lost the majority and lost the EU referendum.

So, nothing to fear, absolutely nothing.


Al C said...

Thanks for your response, George! Of course I vote in anything that comes up. Usually, the side I vote for loses unfortunately, but I know that people die and kill for the right to do so, and it's far too important to pass up.

And despite the line many of my fellow remain voters are saying on a rerun, we have a clear result so there's no point in another one.

All the best!

Al C said...

And also, if I happen to be wrong about my vote I will be delighted. In fact, I hear that anti-EU grumblings are happening in Europe as well.

S said...

Well said all you folk on here,,, great comments.

Anonymous said...

well done George, you call it right, and thanks for your efforts, you're a fucking legend mate.

Sherbie. said...

Just goes to show what Sturgeon thinks about Scotland's fishermen and their families. The fishermen all voted LEAVE, but Sturgeon wants Scotland to stay in the CORRUPT EU. SHAME ON YOU NICOLA STURGEON FOR TRYING TO DESTROY SCOTLAND'S FISHING INDUSTRY.

Anonymous said...

hahah Hilts Brilliant Georgieboy..I see you more as Big X

But if you are Hilts I am Little Ives

Legend mate


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

The bizarre posturing by la sturgeon continues. She now claims she is seeking an urgent meeting with the eu to "protect Scotland's position in Europe". I'm sure Herr Junker will give up his weekend in his eussr funded dacha to wipe away her tears.

Auld Jock

Anonymous said...

you called it George, you even did the video as well, man you are a legend dude

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Sturgeon claims she can veto Brexit legislation because the Scottish Parliament's approval is needed when Westminster wants to legislate on matters which are within the remit of Holyrood. This is, of course, bollocks since foreign affairs are a matter for Westminster. More worryingly, those bastards at Westminster want to form a cross party committee to "examine the implications of the vote to leave the eu". Since 400+ mps are pro eu, what they mean is they are going to look for a way to subvert the clearly expressed will of the people. So, the referendum cost around £180m, we got a clear answer to the question our "government" wanted us to decide and the plan now is to set the vote aside so the mps can keep their friends in Europe happy. In their opinion, it's perfectly acceptable to ask us a question, campaign on the issue themselves, ignore the answer and stuff £180m down the toilet.

How do you rate their chances of getting away with it?

Auld Jock