Saturday, April 10, 2010

Glasgow Labour Party plunged into fear as Strathclyde Police send in elite detectives to investigate alleged corruption at Glasgow City Council

Dear All

Glasgow Labour Councillors suffered a severe blow as an elite team of Police detectives are now investigating alleged corruption at Labour controlled Glasgow City Council.

Recently the Glasgow Labour Party rejected calls for an independent inquiry into how the Council operated in the wake of allegations questions how many jobs and contracts have been awarded to Glasgow Labour Party members, relatives, friends, associates and Labour donors.

Now, Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell is to be probed over alleged corruption while head of the Labour Council of shame.

Strathclyde Police have finally yielded to public pressure for an investigation.

It is alleged that cocaine user and council boss Steven Purcell used undue influence to help friend and fellow councillor Ruth Black win a £50,000 contract.

Serious allegations and serious money!

A confidential source is thought to have tipped off the SNP with potentially incriminating information over the award of the running of the city's publicly funded lesbian and gay drop-in centre.

The Scottish National Party; then informed the Police who have put elite detectives from the Major Crimes and Terrorism Investigation Unit on the case.

The Police as part of their investigation will be examining links between Purcell and Ruth Black; she is the boss of a firm called The Castro Glasgow Ltd.

Castro was competing to run the new lesbian and gay drop-in centre.

Black previously ran the old one which when bankrupt with debts of £300,000 in April 2009, six months before she had quit as centre manager.

It is alleged that Purcell told people that Black didn’t have to worry about the rival bid, as The Castro would run the service and receive grant funding of around £50,000 a year.

This falls in with my theme of how many jobs and contracts have been awarded to Glasgow Labour Party members, relatives, friends, associates and Labour donors.

This case highlights the need for a public inquiry.

The questions aren’t going away and will continue to mount until the people of Glasgow get the answers.

Yet again it is only the Scottish National Party who is standing up for Glasgow, people like SNP Candidate and Councillor Billy McAllister who has fought tooth and nail for an investigation.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


DaveP said...

Ah. A polis investigation. What is the betting that by this time next year nothing will have changed?

martin said...

What a load of rubbish. Does no one do serious research or writing anymore. Lynn Sheridan, sister of Tommy and then Chair of the board at the LGBT Centre published a letter on the former LGBT site over a year ago about how the project had to close. The year before that they were recruiting for the post Ruth Black used to hold as a good friend of mines was interviewed for it. So if they are saying that Ruth only left 6 months prior to the Castro bid winning (October or such 2009) Ruth would have had to have left the project in April last year…. well my mates interview was in 2008! Come on its all on the web if people look! She's 3 years into a 4 year term as a councillor and left after being a councillor for just under a year!!!! If anyone is guilty of mismanagement of the lgbt centre and its debts it the board ie sheridan and her cronies! dont just copy and paste from the Daily Record adding your own we bits of sarcasm for sensationalism....

The Source said...

Got to agree with your post Martin, some, but not all of it.
You are correct though, Ruth Black did leave the centre in 2007, december to be exact, and this was to do by being quietly forced out the door by some of the then "board of directors" and also due to her council business.
The board of directors at that time wer finding it difficult as most were leaving, new ones were coming in and not much weight behind them to bring the centre forward. There were concerns at the time which were righly voiced by centre users and tenants, the final outcome being the centre went into administration and sadly closed....a situation which was deeply regretable.
You now have to ask yourself this question...
Why is the exact same scenario being repeated with concerns about the running/operation of this centre and the people behind it.
Lynn Sheridan is not connected to this board or indeed anything to do with the centre, though her organisation Glasgay did put in a formal bid for the centre which Glasgow City Council Executive committee rejected. The reasons behind this decision and many others are now being scrutinised due to the information that is coming forward from people who know exactly what is going on, where and by whom.
Only tonight, Wed 21-04-10, i have learned that Glasgow City Council, Strathclyde Police are to be given more incriminating and very much damaging information into the corrupt practises by Glasgow City Council and this organisation Castro.
This source is 110% reliable and the information is very credible.
Its just another chapter of the corruptness of Glasgow City Council and its halls of power and the more we find out about it all the more damaging it is going to become.
Its the LGBT community in Glasgow i feel it for as that is twice their centre has been investigated due to the people who are supposedly running it on their behalf.
Sad but true, todays politicians, esp Labour ones cant be trusted..then again, who do we trust.