Thursday, October 15, 2015

‘Bought and sold for English gold’, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon signals that Scottish independence is dead, stone dead, her cult has joined the Westminster class, the burning question for me, ‘Whatever happened to Syrian Joe’, the mythical guest earmarked for Sturgeon’s home?

Dear All

I said some considerable time ago that Scottish independence is dead, and it is exactly that, stone dead, Nicola Sturgeon has no stomach for independence.

Braveheart, she is not, her clique all have hefty pay and perks at Westminster, they will settle into the trough fairly quickly and once munching away they won’t want to back out.

‘Bought and sold for English gold’.

Of course this leaves the thorny question of what to do with the mugs?

The mugs are the people who do the work, the new found warriors of the cause, well they will be fired with tales of Westminster austerity and the laughable act by Nicola Sturgeon that ‘social justice’ is the next mission.

Still no Syrian refugee at Nicola Sturgeon’s home in Baillieston, Glasgow; apparently there isn’t the appetite in the Sturgeon household to follow through on a solemn promise or as some call it ‘the vow’!

Surely there is a playwright who can do a piece on ‘Whatever happened to Syrian Joe’?

The retreat from Scottish independence has already started, it started the minute that Alex Salmond marched the SNP up to the top off the hill and then marched them back down again.


In comes unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, the shopsoiled white hope from Dreghorn to svae the day, but she isn’t saving anything, that is why she is saying a second independence referendum is on the back-burner.

Why is it on the backburner, because of her record in government, it’s a shambles, not just in one area but in all areas, with Holyrood 2016 coming up, we will have the spectacle of Sturgeon complete with ‘standby kid’ saying she will focus on the everyday issues that matter to people in Scotland.


Two years full years the SNP Ministers abandoned their desks, they took the pay but didn’t produce the goods, even more lost than T in the Park under Fiona Hyslop.

Part time government with full time small minded people!

The SNP leader wants to dominate the news, the reason why is obvious, her husband Peter Murrell, the SNP chief executive is facing claims he broke spending rules in the run up to poll in September last year.

‘Don’t mention the war, don’t mention independence’ is the way forward that Sturgeon wants to tread.

The Electoral Commission will have to investigate the serious allegation that Murrell helped run the pro-independence Business for Scotland campaign group. If this is found to be the case, he will be unable to remain as SNP Chief Executive, he will have to go and go quickly.

Nicola Sturgeon’s claim to be a social justice champion pushed by the media who fell into spouting this lie is dubious, what did she do to address the rich/p0or apartheid in higher education?

He made it worse, she made it harder for the poorest not just to get into University but she more or less destroyed the college sector by slashing budgets and student places.

140,000 places gone, most of which would go to working class kids as a first step to escape poverty.

What do the SNP do, they collect bake beans to hand out to poor people instead, not cake, baked beans!

John Lamont, the Scottish Conservatives’ chief whip, said:

“The people of Scotland have waited more than eight years for the SNP to put the constitution aside and focus on issues that really matter. It begs the question why hasn’t Nicola Sturgeon said this before now?”

He added:

“While the Scottish Government has been spending millions of pounds and investing countless hours in trying to break Britain apart, standards have slipped. As a consequence our schools, hospitals and roads are not doing as well as they should be.”

Labour MP Ian Murray said:

“The truth is that in our schools the gap between the richest and the rest is growing and our hospitals are struggling.”

Hmm someone who thinks like me, incidentally, I have blogged repeatedly on the scandal of cutting College places under the SNP while they prop up rich universities at the expense of the poor.

If you can bothered, you can watch three days of lying and deception as rich Nationalists talk about their fake social justice credentials, but it is doubtful you will see ex SNP MP Michelle Thomson lurking about the place like a bad smell.

After all she might run into Peter Murrell and that would make a good picture for the press.

The SNP are running Scotland into the deck because of their stupidity, they are a cult, a party of protest, not of government, and oh how it shows!

Don’t forget to watch out for Nicola Sturgeon using kids as props, she likes to play mother using other people’s kids.

Finally, does domestic issues mean we are back to the 'fanny pad' campaign, maybe if we are lucky, all male SNP MP and MSP will wear a tampon as an act of solidarity for a photo shoot.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

In the poorest area of Scotland blighted by deprivation and real poverty our local champion, Alison MP, social justice stalwart, is on a crusade to reduce VAT on pads for the fuds. She's settling in nicely at Westminster and jings, thinking of buying a big hoose for the weans.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Kevin Hague's post on gives an update on what the Electoral Commission is doing about alleged electoral irregularities within "business for Scotland" (and potentially other similar organisations. 21 days to go.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA your last comment made me spit out my Kit Kat( 2 finger)


Anonymous said...

Looks like electoral commision aren't going to look into the allegations after all.

What a suprise.

Anonymous said...

I think our esteemed SNP MPs need to pay more attention to the problems Holyrood are causing.

GP provision - out of hours severely curtailed.
Appointments almost impossible to get - 3 days!
South Lanarkshire Council have already closed the payment offices last year,now they are closing the Q&A departments which means that citizens have nowhere to go - and I mean nowhere.
Education is a fucking disgrace. My youngest son still has difficulties with his times tables, because the SNP think teaching by rote is wrong. Literacy levels are also disgraceful. My son is lucky, as I can help with his maths and English, but others are not so fortunate. And the higher maths paper this year was shocking. That in itself deserved a resignation.

The SNP have single-handedly screwed up the Scottish Education system, which was once a world leader.

Sturgeon is now back-tracking on the second referendum. Ever get the feeling that she doesn't want a majority next year, as it will leave her nowhere to hide when the problems really come home to roost.

George, if you ever decide to start your own political party, I think you will get a lot of support.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"George, if you ever decide to start your own political party, I think you will get a lot of support."

Someone did ask me to be leader of a new political party, however due to my serious illness, and ongoing health problems I felt I couldn't take on something like that at present.

I didn't think I would still be here.


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

I am disappointed but not surprised that the Electoral Commission seem to have done a U turn. I expect the decision came from their HQ. I tried to get them to take action some time ago and got a hostile response. I have also been ignored by the Auditor General, who boasts she is appointed by the Crown to ensure her impartiality. It seems that the snp have so offended Westminster that they are taking the view that "Scots made this mess by voting snp and they can live with the consequences". I can understand that. However, it could mean a long and lonely road while we wait for the arseholes who thought it would be fun to vote snp to catch up with us and remove the snp's majority at Holyrood. The only comfort is that independence will not be forced on us. I, long ago, came to the view that it would be very foolish to vote snp if I didn't want independence. Others thought they knew better. The snp madness will end but we may have to wait a while. Longshanker seemed to think that internal feuds within the snp might soon break out into the open. I hope he is right.

Sherbie. said...

Get well soon though George buddy.