Monday, October 5, 2015

‘Hug a Paedo’, Six SNP MSPs want to give guaranteed anonymity to rapists and paedophiles, these notorious sex beasts would be put in highly deprived working class areas to live without the knowledge of the local community, next time you see SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon hug a kid, you could be looking at her with a future potential victim

Dear All

Some time ago, I was a member of the audience in Clydebank Town hall for the BBC Big Debate which was hosted by Gordon Brewer. I recognised several of the panel from previous shows which tends to suggest the BBC operate an approved rota. One of the guests that day was the SNP MSP Gil Paterson; I first met him at the Bishopbriggs South by-election which was caused by the death of a Labour Councillor.

Circa May 2009!

Anyway, time for a quote:

“I sometimes think that Tories were born without a heart”.

SNP MSP Gil Paterson

This is from the Clydebank show as Paterson was in blame the Conservatives mode, which appears to be a standard SNP mantra at the present moment.

It seems however that Gil Paterson is all heart, he is one of six SNP MSPs who are calling sex offenders to be re-housed from rural areas to the big city were they can melt into the background and be guaranteed anonymity.

So, what do you think, are you happy that the SNP want to protect the privacy of rapists and paedophiles?

Everyone has the right to be protected from violence in law, even evil people; the worst of the worst have human rights. I did jury duty in the past, it is a thankless task; the first case I was picked for was a sex case of a man who allegedly had sexually abused a young girl about between 3 and 5 years old.

The case collapsed for whatever reason and the jurors were put back into the jury pool, I was then selected for an assault case. One of the jurors, a female said of the alleged sex beast, ‘he looks guilty’, I was appalled because the guy was dishevelled and wore thick glasses, looking like a tramp doesn’t mean you are a criminal.  

The person who proposed this motion of re-housing and therefore anonymity at Holyrood is none other than SNP MSP Christine Grahame, I have met her as well when she tried to float the argument on another BBC show that the Royal family were part of the reason for poverty of poor people.

I responded that the Royal family had setup charities such as the Princes Trust and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme to help young people get out of poverty and, it was politicians like her who were responsible by their lack of action to address inequality. By the look on her face, she didn’t like the reply coming out of my mouth, but as the old saying goes, truth hurts!

Have you ever noticed that some older people seem to lose the plot when they get older and their views come across as bizarre and extreme! Again some people when they get older tend to take sterner views of life as well as a shift toward the right wing.    

I have to say I am surprised that 5 SNP MSPs have backed this motion, because it shows a startling lack of judgement on their part. By their stupidity and yes, it is stupidity; they are putting the lives of women and children in danger.  

Anonymity maybe a great thing for sex offenders, but is it good for the public?

Put it another way, if you knew a big unexploded bomb was at the bottom of your street would you still walk pass it every day or would you want to take another route to avoid it?

Eight-year-old Mark Cummings and Karen Dewar, 16, were murdered by sex offenders who were parachuted into unsuspecting neighbourhoods.

Whose fault is that?

Obviously the People who killed them, and the social workers who dumped the sex offenders into those communities in the first place, and politicians who didn’t care enough to speak out, put in place adequate laws and systems to minimise risk.

Mark’s mum Margaret-Ann, 40, said:

“Part of the reason my son was killed was because a dangerous sex offender had been encouraged to move to a community where he wasn’t known. We need less of this sort of thing, not more of it. Once again, politicians are putting sex offenders and their human rights ahead of public safety.”

So, SNP MSPs want to re-house sex offenders in urban areas, do you know what that means, it means that these people will placed in the most deprived areas. You for example see rural sex offenders getting upmarket council housing in Newton Mearns or Bearsden. Statistics show that deprived areas are commonly used as dumping grounds for high risk offenders in Scotland.

SNP MSP Sandra White; who won a first past the post seat in 2011, represents Glasgow Kelvin. Part of her constituency covers Townhead; this is close to where schoolboy Mark Cummings was killed.

He was beaten, strangled and molested by Stuart Leggate.

Leggate was moved into the same block of flats as Mark’s family in Royston to escape his past, would Sandra White want Stuart Leggate next door to her? I seriously doubt it, what about Nicola Sturgeon who lives in Baillieston, is she willing to say publicly she has no problem with Leggate next door? Leggate was moved from Carnwath after abusing a toddler and attacking two other children.

The SNP has made a concerted attempted to win the women’s vote for the last several years, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon as can be seen by countless photos has used children in an attempt to portray herself as likeable. We should remember that the SNP are ‘users’ of vulnerable people, they don’t care what happens to them, they don’t care that working class people in deprived areas are carrying the burden of sex offenders being thrust into the midst without their knowledge or warning.

An SNP spokesman said:

“Our MSPs are free to lodge and sign motions as they wish.”

None of the SNP MSPs involved in signing the motion has responded to requests for a comment.

Is it because of shame?

Is it because they know they are wrong?

Is it because there is an election in 2016 for Holyrood?

Here is a question worth asking ‘caring’ Nicola Sturgeon, what kind of ‘social justice champion’ would place women and children in danger from rape, sexual abuse or murder?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

I'm not saying they don't have rights they do but the rights of ordinary children come first. I don't have any kids but i still wouldn't want any near my area in my personal opinion they shouldn't be released without personal medical alteration but that's me George.

Louise said...

This is utter craziness, paedophiles do not deserve anonymity so they shouldn't get it.
We as parents/carers do all we can to protect our children and we do not want these people living among us.

They give up their rights when they take away a child's innocence by abusing them. There is no place in society for them and i do not for one minute believe they can change their ways and just stop being a paedophile.

Anonymous said...

When you read about the Hollie Greig case you can understand their cosiness on this subject.


Sherbie. said...

This crazy shower want to appoint "state guardian" for every child in Scotland, yet they want to allow these paedo's anonymity. The SNP shame Scotland.

Smudge said...

Christine Grahame,,, yuk!! This is the same "greedy moron" that claimed £26,000 in expenses for STAMPS and STATIONARY in 2009. We don't want a greedy @@@ like that putting children at risk with her ridiculous idea of giving rapists and paedophiles anonymity. She should be taken to task over this stupid, dangerous idea. This is putting children at risk big time. SHAME ON YOU CHRISTINE GRAHAME AND THE OTHER 5 IDIOT MSP'S WHO SUPPORT YOUR VERY DANGEROUS IDEA. Get back to licking your stamps. She's every parents nightmare!!! Resign you stupid dangerous fool.

Anonymous said...

You just don't know.I had over several years what I thought was a good relationship with one of the local shopkeepers.Three weeks ago I told my daughter not to go in the shop,and I haven't been back.
Hugging my daughter and friends.Touching daughters friends hair and nose piercings.A friend of my daughter's was picking up money she had dropped,shopkeeper walked past and pushed her head downwards.Told my daughter that she was a "BITCH" Neither my father or late husband ever verbally abused a girl or woman in that manner_so that was it for me.My daughter is 13 years old.