Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Actions speak louder than words, Ex-SNP Candidate Lyall Duff who resigned as member for Catholic midwife slur is back in the Nationalist fold, I keep saying that Nicola Sturgeon’s word is worthless, this act tells it like it really is regarding the SNP, what section of the public is Duff supposed to appeal to?

Dear All

There is a lot of hatred in the Scottish National Party against people who hold different views and opinions.

You only have to look at social media to see that Nationalist hate is awash all over it, having lost Scottish independence by lying, bullying, threatening and deception, the mythical second independence referendum was held out as carrot to the simple minded and gullible hate mongers.

As part of Nicola Sturgeon’s pitch to No voters, she urged her Cybernats not to “hurl abuse” on the internet at their unionist opponents.

It’s a bit late to rewrite history that Sturgeon and her followers are ‘nice people’ after what has happened pre referendum vote and post referendum vote.

Everyone knows where we all stand, I don’t care what Nicola Sturgeon does; I am never giving the SNP my vote again.

I would rather cut my nose off and see them burn at the ballot box and accept less than help them into power, even to the extent of letting someone who can’t write a sentence without help of others.

Time and time again, ordinary people have been selected for harassment and abuse which wouldn’t have been out of place in the Germany of the 1930’s. Of course, we don’t have ‘brownshirts’ wandering the streets looking for political opponents, these people prefer to dress casual when throwing abuse.

No uniform to link them to them to the SNP but in the modern age, uniforms aren’t necessary to identify them, technology does the heavy lifting on that score, just as technology was their sword, it also turned out to have a downside. In the modern age, your digital foot print can be tracked, right back to your homestead in some cases.

One of the trademarks of SNP justice regarding abuse is that the person leaves the party as a member; they wait till the heat dies down and then are re-admitted, kind of like a virgin who is purified.

All sins forgiven by Saint Nicola of Dreghorn!

One wonders how long it will be before Nicola Sturgeon’s wife beating pal Bill Walker is back, sitting with Nicola’s arm round his neck enjoying each others company.

Two special people!

Someone I know doesn’t like the SNP, he is a Catholic, and remembers when the SNP were seen as very much an anti Catholic organisation, his opinion is any Catholic voting SNP is like a Turkey voting for Xmas. He has no time for the SNP or the group I refer to as ‘Sein Fein lite’; the ‘Sein Fein lite’ group aren’t nationalists, they just hate the British Establishment. The SNP is just a vehicle for them to exercise their hatred and attempt to break up Britain. If there is a broken Britain, then that might fuel an attempt to have either a breakaway Ireland or campaign for a united Ireland.

As I said, the SNP is made up of various factions of malcontents under the banner of ‘civic nationalism’ which is a load of crap.

A former SNP candidate called Lyall Duff suspended after making abusive comments online about two Catholic midwives has been allowed to rejoin the party. To show how quickly he has returned to the fold, he was photographed with social justice secretary Alex Neil at this month’s SNP conference in Aberdeen.

If you want a laugh, Nicola Sturgeon has said party members who “cross the line” will face disciplinary action. As I previously said, I put no stock in Nicola Sturgeon’s word at all; to me it is entirely worthless. Some tripe to be said to the press to show that she is in control but the truth is; she has a pack of savage wild dogs that one day will turn on her, once they figure out that she has sold them a pup on independence. This will take about two terms if Sturgeon can hold on that long in power. When they realised that they have been conned, she will have salted away enough money that she can do the Salmond route of backbencher or get out of politics altogether.

Scottish Labour MSP James Kelly said:

“Three years ago the SNP decided that Lyle Duff wasn’t fit to be a candidate, and less than a week ago Nicola Sturgeon was forced to tell her supporters not to indulge in online abuse, but here we see Mr Duff’s back in the fold and posing with a senior nationalist minister.”

I have a series of questions for Nicola Sturgeon myself; however, these questions are best suited to a TV camera in front of my face speaking directly to the whole of Scotland.

Who knows, perhaps it might happen sooner rather than later.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Stuart 64W said...

"Someone I know doesn’t like the SNP, he is a Catholic, and remembers when the SNP were seen as very much an anti Catholic organisation, his opinion is any Catholic voting SNP is like a Turkey voting for Xmas."

Curiously the 'Green Terror' waged by the WNP against Irish Catholics in the 1930's has been almost airbrushed out of the SNP's history.

It was instigated by the then leader one Andrew Dewar Gibb, (there being a shortage of Jews in Scotland) so the Irish Catholics became the scapegoats instead.

You'll look in vain for information on this, as the SNP have buried it deeply.


"The original leader of the SNP was the innocuous figure of Alexander McEwan, who was even knighted by the King for his public service. But he was insufficiently Scottish for the rank and file. So in 1936 he was bumped out in favour of one Andrew Dewar Gibb. And let us be in no doubt about it, this man was a fascist.

Obviously, there were relatively few Jews in Scotland so Gibb seized on another target; Irish Catholics. You don't need to take my word for this, he wrote a number of books about the danger of Irish Catholics to the well-being of Scotland. And just like the wee man with the moustache, since outright racism needed a rationale, he seized not on their origin but their religion as their "fault".

He was particularly outraged that "these people" (as he would have it) not only were allowed a vote but then used that vote to support the Labour Party. For he hated the Labour Party. But not quite as much as he hated the Communist Party, which he described as "too largely Jewish in origin".

There you are. One of Alex Salmond's direct predecessors. Never disowned by the SNP to this day."

Try looking on Wikipedia on the pages for Andrew Dewar Gibb or the section on the history of the SNP, and you will find nothing....

Which tells its pwn story.

Freddy said...

It will take some doing to get you asking a question in front of a TV camera George good luck though.

Anonymous said...

talking about twats Georgieboy



Sherbie. said...

We have Catholics on our family George. They are "DISGUSTED" that this moron, Lyall Duff, has been allowed back into the SNP ratship. Seeing the photograph of him with Alex Neil is enough to make anyone sick. This anti Catholic moron Duff should "not" be accepted back. I suppose in time, Nicola Sturgeons friend, ex-convict, serial wife beating thug/bully, Bill "thumper" Walker will be allowed back in to the arse lickers fold. ALL Catholics and decent minded people, should have NOTHING to do with hate filled people that make up the SNP. They are the gutter trash of politics.

G Laird said...

Hi Crookie

One of the ads for a super market says, every little helps, and although Wings has been fined £750, it is a victory.

And funny!

And £750 less he has to spend on spewing out tripe.


Anonymous said...

Read the comments on the Herald story about Wings. All the usual suspects are there defending him. They talk about "one nation", yet spew vile abuse. Thank goodness we got a No vote.

Paul Jordan said...

You have used a photo of Lyall Duff and Alex Neil without my permission. Please remove it or I will seek payment.