Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Out of the shadows and into the light, the Michelle Thomson scandal is turning into a goldmine, SNP Chief Executive Peter Murrell, the husband of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon could be grilled over serious allegations he was allegedly involved in a breach of rules surrounding independence referendum, question, how many people saw ‘Yes Groups’ run by SNP members as nothing more than fronts for the SNP?

Dear All

One of the things which many people I have talked said to me was that the various Yes Groups set up to give the impression of a groundswell of public support towards a Yes vote were nothing more than SNP fronts.

I have written articles during the Scottish independence campaign of 2014 which I said the organisation called Yes Scotland was staffed by SNP members, their board had members who were SNP, and they offered no alternative narrative publicly except that of the SNP Government it seemed.

Of course, to pad out the inclusiveness of Yes Scotland, the Nationalists used a few ‘dafties’ to give the appearance there was a coalition of the willing, in the shape of the SSP, and the Scottish Greens.

Another group which also popped up during indy was Labour for Independence, that group had photos of people standing under their banner who turned out to be SNP councillors and SNP members.

It was a nasty little sham to hoodwink the public which the Labour Party should have expelled every single member connected with it.

The SNP MP Michelle Thomson affair is a goldmine, first it started off with the revelation that she had 17 houses worth £1.7 million and benefited on the backs of vulnerable people such as cancer sufferers.

Many people have said what she did was immoral, which cuts right across the political spectrum of left or right. Police Scotland is currently investigating alleged irregularities involving property deals in which she was said to be involved; this is another complaint that will probably go the distance, all the way to a Court of Law.

Thomson’s lawyer was stuck off by his governing body.

As the Thomson story gained traction, more information came into the public domain regarding her connection with Business for Scotland; this was another group which was seen by some people as an SNP front despite the claims that this was a party politically neutral organisation.

Some of these people went on to become SNP Candidates for Westminster and Holyrood, five of its seven directors have stood for election for the SNP.

Five out of seven, think about that for a moment, what are the odds of that happening do you think?

How would Oscar Wilde have put it?

No one else as I understand it went on to be a candidate for any other party.

The ‘businesses’ in Business for Scotland were not exactly in the main, big companies or household names, some it was said were little more than sole traders, or had little if any staff.

But Business for Scotland was given the same kind of kudos as the CBI which it didn’t deserve or warrant, by the mainstream media. Michelle Thomson had a serious role in Business for Scotland trying to convince the public that there was an economic case for independence and that ‘business’ was behind the SNP in its bid for independence.

As the Thomson saga dragged on, the SNP have started to become more and more desperate to shift the news media spotlight away from Thomson. SNP MP Pete Wishart was squealing like a pig on Twitter on behalf of Thomson, but was he really squealing on behalf of Thomson, after all she resigned the SNP whip and therefore wasn’t even a member.

56 SNP MPs had become 55 SNP MPs!

As people continue to dig, the name Peter Murrell has arisen to the surface, you will have noticed on my blog I have written about Peter Murrell in relation to what he did when I submitted complaints about my treatment while in the SNP.

I put in a DSAR to the SNP, when I asked Peter Murrell by email who was the data controller of the Party, he replied that he was, the time for a DSAR is 40 days, the SNP broke the law regarding my DSAR, my identification sent wasn’t returned, and the specific information which I asked for wasn’t included. This along with the smear campaign not investigated by Peter Murrell led to first withdrawing from being and SNP activist than having nothing more to do with the Nationalists.

These people don’t believe in the law or natural justice for working class people.

Peter Murrell is married to Nicola Sturgeon, the fairytale myth of these two people being ‘social justice champions’ is a complete and utter lie. I make no bones about the fact that I publicly call Peter Murrell and Nicola Sturgeon what they really are.

These people are rats!

They are the worse type of scum because they put on an act which is totally false and misleading to the people of Scotland, remember Sturgeon saying she would take in a Syrian refugee into her own home; that turned out to be a lie, as she has no plans to do so.

As I said previously, the Michelle Thomson story is a goldmine, all it takes is hard work and digging, now we are at the stage where Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell is at the centre of a ‘serious allegation'. It is alleged that he was possibly involved in a breach of rules surrounding the independence referendum. Given his position and the seriousness of the allegation the SNP’s chief executive, Peter Murrell, has been reported to the Electoral Com¬mission.

The complaint is over claims that he allegedly tried to gain an unfair advantage for the “Yes” campaign ahead of the crucial vote last year. It seems that Murrell who likes to move in the shadows is now going to be thrust more into the spotlight.

And as he basks in the public glare, so will his wife Nicola Sturgeon, except this time, it wouldn’t be a staged managed photo opportunity of how caring his wife is when a press gang is available.

As to opposition parties, this issue is dynamite, it has all the ingredients to make a good story of hugely damaging proportions and they want a full investigation. This is one complaint that cannot be swept away, too big, too serious and now too public.

The claims regarding Murrell centre on suggestions he was helping a group called Business for Scotland, if that is proved Murrell was involved in BFS while carrying out his SNP duties, it is serious stuff, the SNP and BFS were registered separately as independence campaign bodies and as such there are strict rules applied to prevent such bodies from working together and sharing funding.

During the Scottish referendum, I was fighting the good fight in my area for Better Together; they were officially registered with the Electoral Commission as was everyone else who wanted to pick a side, I picked the right side, to save Scotland for a better day. The Electoral Commission set limits on how much organisations could spend, while also barring individual groups from working together.

Remember through-out the Scottish independence campaign I said there was a genuine lack of talent in the SNP? Well, there is, to wander off track for a minute, the SNP MP Chris Stephens who I helped in the past is calling for a public inquiry into the miner’s strike of 1984, what a waste of time and money. It also shows that his ‘shop steward’ mentality doesn’t recognise the real problems and solutions needed for now, history is history.

Back to Murrell, if things turn bad, his position as SNP Chief Executive would be untenable, and by default so would Nicola Sturgeon’s ability to cling on the position as First Minister.

So, you can see why the SNP are so desperate to get the press and other media to focus on something else.

We should be grateful to Kevin Hague; he did a breakdown of the businesses which made up Business for Scotland on his blog. And he is a bit of a digger when it comes to research it appears. Anyone interested should nip over to his blog and read his articles.

He said:

“All parties need to play by the rules. If they were not playing by these rules, and BFS co-ordinated with the SNP, then that should be in the public domain. BFS continuously positioned themselves as a party politically neutral organisation. This finally puts the nail in their coffin. It was a SNP front and we now see that five of its seven directors have stood for election for the SNP, and the SNP chief executive was influential at board level – or even a shadow director.”

It seems the cracks in the SNP are coming to the surface now, when I was in the SNP I was urging the need for education, after awhile, I realised I was surrounded by dumb bastards but while their stupidity in the main didn’t affect me, I wanted to help ‘right the ship’. I give people the benefit of the doubt until such time as they do something so bad that I close the book on extending good will to them.

Now, I want to see the ‘rat ship’ created by Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell torpedoed, and the survivors politically machined gunned in the water.

The SNP isn’t a Nationalist party, it is a shell occupied by greedy stupid and self serving little people, feathering their own nest, their relatives, cronies and partners at the taxpayers expense.

If there has been any law broken then under Schedule 4, Paragraph 24, sub paragraph 5, sub sub Paragraph (b) of the Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013. By virtue of that provision, a person who "knowingly or recklessly" makes a false declaration [as to election expenditure] commits an offence bringing with it the potential penalty of a fine or even of a term of imprisonment "not exceeding twelve months".

Given that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon never went to see her wife beating pal Bill Walker, would she go see Peter Murrell if he got banged up in prison?

Would Tommy Sheridan, who was publicly shunned by the senior SNP leadership during the Scottish independence referendum, have a smile on his face if Murrell was given his old cell?

Don’t quote me on this but I think Asda are doing the complete boxset of Ronnie Barker’s Porridge for about a tenner, this includes the Xmas episodes; maybe Murrell would like this for Xmas.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

The very fact that 5 of the 7 directors were SNP candidates needs to be communicated far and wide. That in itself is extremely damning.

Alistair Carmichael is going to face a grilling under oath - and quite rightly so. Let us hope that the same balanced treatment is given to anyone who may face the courts of serious allegations.

If the allegations turn out to be true, Sturgeon's position would be untenable. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if Salmond reappeared on the scene, once more to "save" the SNP.

Anonymous said...

Given that Salmond's mental state post indyref defeat may be questionable, and his voter appeal is not as wide as Sturgeon's, would that be of any benefit to the SNP? And given his fondness for hoarding and spending taxpayer's money (on himself), his self-centredness and his disgraceful, blatent dishonesty during the indyref campaign, how long would it be before his shady dealings began to surface?

Sherbie. said...

The SNP bailed out YES Scotland to the tune of £825,000. They always claimed that Yes Scotland was NOT part of the SNP. That turned out to be a BIG LIE. Now we have Peter Murrell allegedly deeply involved with Business for Scotland. The whole thing seems to STINK HEAVILY of corruption.

Anonymous said...

hahaha Genius George


Sherbie. said...

You know,, say what you like George, but the silence from Sturgeon on this is deafening. If it "was untrue", she'd be all over this story lijr a rash, but??? hmm.