Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Threats, threats, threats, European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt says, ‘We Will Never Allow UK to Choose (their) Immigration Policy’, with the EU project failing, people like Guy Verhofstadt ‘fiddle while Rome burns’, in his delusion he says Brexit ‘chaos’ will make Europeans like the EU again, how utterly bereft of self awareness this EU puppet is!

Dear All

Back in 2016, the EU referendum was the political hot potato in the UK, prior to the vote, the political elite thought like the Scottish independence result that they ‘had it in the bag’. 23rd June saw the result which crushed the Remain campaign; it was a loss, a rejection of 40 plus years of EU membership.

People in the UK had enough of the undemocratic EU which has shown itself to be anti worker and anti country. As campaigns go, this campaign was unique in that the few had overcome the many, much in the same way as Spitfire pilots had done in the Battle of Britain.

A key reason for many people to vote Leave was the issue of immigration, others fought for other reasons in Leave such as regaining sovereignty. Under freedom of movement, the UK had lost control of its borders, everyone knew because the same problem existed in then other 27 member states. The loss of control saw the rise of criminality in its various guises, everything from human trafficking to prostitution to housing benefit scams, industrial scale criminality.

Now that the UK is leaving, the Europeans are losing a major ‘cash cow’, they are angry, very angry, the anger could be crystallised in the form of one man, Guy Verhofstadt, this arch-liberal and federalist is a poster boy for the contempt he hold the UK in. As the European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator has said he will “never” allow the UK to control its own borders. Guy Verhofstadt is one of those people who will lead the people in the EU member states to eventually rise up, and when the ‘civil war’ kicks off, his future is assured, he has none.

What has happened in Europe under people like Angela Merkel and Guy Verhofstadt under the guise of humanitarianism is akin to ‘war crimes’.  These people have set migrants against EU citizens and the outcome is to destroy member states in favour of the creation of a European Super state.

Guy Verhofstadt says that the UK proposed system on immigration allowing in professionals and people with the skills the nation needs amounts to “discrimination”. This is of course nonsense, there is no human right infraction here, and the use of the word “discrimination” is a sham, and a deflection. What the EU wants is for the UL to have a second vote in the hope that people will change their minds, and if they don’t a third vote.

A huge part of EU funding comes from the UK.

As Verhofstadt ranted in front of MEP, we get to see the madness that allows people like him gain power and public office, the man is a fool! A dangerous fool who has power over others; and with history repeating itself with the demise of Europe, his dreams are destine for the scrapheap.

Yesterday, the home secretary Sajid Javid announced plans to prioritise immigrants’ skills, rather than their country of origin, in a post-Brexit shake-up of the visa system and immigration. This type of scheme isn’t new, in Australia; the government have been keen to attract doctors, dentists, joiners and engineers to grow their country and provide services.

The UK government plan on immigration is to bring down numbers by capping unskilled migration; however the government will listen to representation from various sectors that employ unskilled migrants. What is also needed but not talked about is the retraining of British workers who have been left behind; the EU never protected their rights through-out the 40 plus years of membership. The sudden concern of the pro EU people in the UK is risible to the plight of the poor.

Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister has a message for the political elite in Europe, ‘we don’t need the EU’! May also insists Britain’s best days are still to come as Brexit looms, there is even talk about the end of austerity which is sorely needed and long over due in this country. Now is a time to rebuild, rebuild the country and retrain our workforce, invest in the country and invest in the people.

People like Guy Verhofstadt have their little followers in this country:

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party said:

“By ending free movement, our own Government is making it harder for all of us to live, love, study and work across 27 other countries”.

This statement is a joke, prior to being part of the European community in 1973, people in the UK travelled to Europe to live, love, study and work, presumably having to apply for a visa in her mind is the equivalent of tunnelling under the Berlin Wall!

One thing worth mentioning is that the UK has visa free travel to 173 countries in the World, so is it likely that the EU will stop people in the UK going to Europe for holidays etc?

I hardly think so.

Finally, Guy Verhofstadt in his sad delusion said the Brexit “chaos” will make people in Europe ‘like’ the EU again, clearly he isn’t aware of what is going on around him, Europe is primed for violence, splits, divisions and angry confrontation. Things might look okay in the ‘bubble’ of the EU but on the streets, it is a different story.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

to them is say FUCK RIGHT OFF

Al C said...

Just read today an article about the 2008 recession, reminding us that the European Central Bank offered European states a generous bailout package, but only if they accepted austerity. Austerity is a part of the problem, and it beggars belief the idea that the EU protects jobs. There are still legit concerns about Brexit, but the blind spots such as this, it beggars belief, and that's coming from someone who didn't realise there was a blind spot in the first place!