Monday, November 29, 2010

Peter Kearney, Catholic Media Office says hostility to Catholics is ‘deep, wide and vicious’, anyone seen an iceberg of hate floating about?

Dear All

The Catholic Church likes to speak out on issues.

Peter Kearney is the director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office.

He says that hostility to Catholics in Scotland is “deep, wide and vicious”.

Recently there has been a bit of trouble down at the SFA which saw Hugh Dallas sacked over an email which mocked the pope during his recent visit to Scotland.

Kearney said:

“Let no-one be in any doubt, with this shameful episode, Catholics in Scotland have drawn a line in the sand. The bigotry, the bile, the sectarian undercurrents and innuendos must end. Such hateful attitudes have had their day. They poison the well of community life. They must be excised and cast out once and for all.”

He continues by informing us all that the “tasteless” e-mails may simply be “the tip of a disturbing iceberg of anti-Catholicism in Scottish society”.

Anyone seen any icebergs floating about in Glasgow?

If it is so “deep, wide and vicious” as claimed why aren’t we seeing more court cases in the media!

Where does he get his ‘evidence’ of the Scottish iceberg of bigotry?

Yes, there is sectarianism but you can usually see a common factor in it, Football Games, particularly old firm games where some fans seem to think 22 guys kicking a ball full of air on a piece of grass is a re-enactment of some centuries old battles of a primitive time.

Peter Kearney claims sectarianism showed little sign of disappearing, so why isn’t he calling for Rangers FC and Celtic FC to be both closed?

Isn’t that the logical conclusion to help start solving the problem.

The Hugh Dallas email was stupid there is no question about that given his position and the fact he should have known better.

Peter Kearney wrote to the SFA and demanded that they sack Dallas; they duly did given the coverage this incident received.

Sectarianism like racism and other ‘ism’s’ will never disappear in any society but the fact is Scotland is a better place to live in now than previous times, ordinary people moved it forward, not Churches or Government.

Leading historian Professor Tom Devine based at Edinburgh University said of Mr Kearney’s comments:

“Whether one accepts it or not, it is historically significant. This is the first time that an official spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland has come out to say this with such vehemence.”

I take the view that his comments of a bigoted Scotland are not historically significant and Kearney has form for being off the beam.

For example in December 2008 he attracted widespread ridicule when he claimed that the popular children's song and dance the "Hokey Cokey" was a "faith hate crime".

Perhaps he is in favour of burning books and destroying history.

Maybe Peter Kearney should learn tolerance himself:

After reading this, is there a case for calling for his removal?

How can he call for tolerance while saying it is okay to discriminate?

Doesn’t he believe in fairness and equality?

Peter Kearney without thought destroyed someone’s personal life (Hugh Dallas) because of a silly act of stupidity on Dallas’s part which found its way into the public domain.

Surely as a Christian he is versed in the concept of turning the other cheek.

I am not buying into Peter Kearney’s vision of a bigoted Scotland where sectarianism is “deep, wide and vicious”.

If he wants to know what Scotland’s ‘secret shame’ really is, it is the sectarian industry which has sprung up under the Labour Party to ‘manage’ the people and keep Scotland divided using religion as a stick.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on these hypocrites...

Anonymous said...

out on the streets every day i can report that secteranism is well alive and kcking anyone who thinks it doesn't consume some peoples lives are wearing blinkers. but it seems it's ok to mock someone of a particular religion any religion as long as it's christian its not trendy to criticise this sick sick condemnation it makes people look good to bang on about racism when you can be murdered for being a christian in this country.16 year old Mark scott had his throat slashed for wearing a celtic top after a match involving celtic and partick thistle by a sick fucking thick sectarian thug. in bright sunshine in front of mothers and kids strolling down a glasgow street.

Anonymous said...

Sectarianism alive and well in Scotland i know i was an recipient of it's 'all inclusiveness' whilst working in my first job at fifteen Glasgow, i was bullied unmercifully for one year by two men, I was kicked, punched and one of them even wrote his name on the back of my hand with a knife. The reason for this bullying was because i was an Rangers supporter and an protestant. Sectarianism has many faces and many statistics, i don't need Peter Kearney to tell me about sectarianism and bigots.

Anonymous said...

lol huns

Anonymous said...

I despair of sectarianism in Scotland. I have been reliably informed by the Roman Catholic Church (Mr Kearney's boss, Cardinal O'Brien told us all)what the definition of secatrianism is.

Catholics in Scotland are faced with being the subject of sectarian violence due to “blatant anti-Catholicism” prevalent throughout the country, said a Scottish cardinal.

"It is not poverty, alcohol or football which underpins most cases of religiously aggravated crime in Scotland, but blatant anti-Catholicism," the cardinal said.

So, there you have it. Sectarianism cant happen to a non-Roman Catholic and my children just have to being called "hun" and "dirty orange bastard" as they are perceived to be Protestant because of the football team they support without any recourse or right to complain.

One Scotland, many cultures...... as long as you're not a Protestant, or a Rangers or a Hearts supporter.

And just accept that the Roman Catholic Church protected paedophiles because if you say that you're an "anti-Roman Catholic bigot"

Scotland in the 21st century is more like living under the Inquisition.

Anonymous said...


Try and get a job as a teacher in a PUBLIC catholic primary school , paid for by the state .

How many Labour Glasgow councillors MPs and MSPs are Catholic

468,000 1,754,000 26.68% of Scotland are Catholics.

The dual school breeds sectarianism,

I heard one catholic woman say , who was getting shagged by my proddie friend , while still married , with no sense of irony that the catholic education was morally superior.

It is being perpetuated due the disproportionate representation of Catholics in Government in Scotland , it is a breach of a non Catholics human rights not to allow then to teach in a school based on religious discrimination

If it was a colour issue the PC squad would have shut it down a LONG time ago

By the way the Protestant belief of superiority is somewhat shattered when you see the spittle flecked mouth baying hatred at football and the marches.

My father was a hun, my mother was a tim and for them there was no surrender to bigotry.