Monday, November 1, 2010

Tommy Sheridan sees funny side of life, he needs to think more before opening his gob, he must know he is getting ‘ass raped' in the High Court

Dear All

One of the key skills that are essential to a good defence lawyer is asking questions which you already know the answer or can get the witness to agree with you raising doubts in the mind of the jury.

Today, at the hit trial of Tommy Sheridan comes an example of why I keep saying that Tommy Sheridan needs a trial lawyer.

The hallmark of the Sheridan Case is that a witness steps up and rips Tommy Sheridan a new arse on the witness stand.

The hardest rippers of ass have been women testifying against him.

A new witness enters the Sheridan farce, Susan Dobbie.

Alex Prentice QC acting for the Crown is having a wonderful trial and on course for pulling off a sensational win.

Could be the making of him for future Lord Advocate but he has had help from Tommy Sheridan who is in my opinion quite frankly is exhibiting poor skills at the Lectern.

Alex Prentice QC sets the ball rolling by asking Ms Dobbie if she had ever met Tommy Sheridan.

She told the court she had met him twice, the first time in a bar in Glasgow city centre when he had been in the company of "lots of guys" and the second when he met up with her and they had driven to a flat "in the "West end."

On arriving at the flat she met Andrew McFarlane introduced to her as Mr Sheridan's brother in law and Anvar Khan.

Anvar Khan is the journalist who says she was famously shagged under a picture of Communist revolutionary Che Guevara in sunny Pollok by Tommy Sheridan.

Ms Dobbie told the Court that she had been drinking beer at the flat and added that the others had been drinking wine from miniature bottles.

Miniature bottles play a key part in the Sheridan Saga.

Then up steps Tommy Sheridan to have a go.

He starts off cross examining Ms Dobbie, then disaster strikes.

It goes downhill rapidly like shit through a goose

Had she or her partner had ever taken money from the News of the World newspaper.

Dobbie said they had not.

Straight into the ground head first.

Then onto her police statement which said she had been smoking cannabis to which she confirmed to the Court.

Sheridan then went on suggested that the cannabis use could affect memory, to which Ms Dobbie agreed.

Then putting his foot in his foot suggested to the witness that he could not be sure he had never met her.

This would for some bright spark prompt the question has he ever used Cannabis if his memory isn’t so good.

However he managed to pull out of the grey matter that he was sure he had never met her in the company on Anvar Khan.

Finally he ended his disastrous cross examination by allowing her to respond to a question by effectively saying she was correct and he was wrong.

He said to Ms Dobbie that he had "got to put it to her that she was mistaken" to which she responded she was not mistaken.

Fuck sake son start watching some Rumpole of the Bailey or Petrocelli to get the hang of cross examination of witnesses.

Sheridan then returned to the dock.

Section 196 (1) of the Criminal Procedures (Scotland) Act 1995 allows for an automatic reduction in sentence for an early guilty plea.

196 Sentence following guilty plea

In determining what sentence to pass on, or what other disposal or order to make in relation to, an offender who has pled guilty to an offence, a court may take into account—

(a) the stage in the proceedings for the offence at which the offender indicated his intention to plead guilty, and
(b) the circumstances in which that indication was given.

I think the circumstances could be summed up as totally fucked!

Hopefully Race Lawyer Aamer Anwar has advised his client and pal of all his options.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

i think it's like just a fucking amazing! there are no words

this will be an all time example of why you shouldn't defend yourself..

unless your mental

George Laird said...

Dear Mxyzptlk

I think Tommy Sheridan is hoping that the jury will disregard the evidence and vote on personality.

I feel sorry for him, he is sinking like the Titanic and all he has to call on Aamer Anwar.

I met both of them and Aamer Anwar is a prick.

If he enters politics he will be a race candidate like a few others I know.

I knew him at Glasgow University.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

Sheridan has been discarded by the London Establishment... Or... he's off tae Club Fed... Fully inclusive...

Is he still shagging his 'wife'?

It has all the hallmarks of a London Establishment goatfuck...

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