Monday, November 15, 2010

Labour Party attacks Nick Clegg over tuition fees lie, ‘secret’ policy shows they weren’t going to honour election promise despite campaigning on it

Dear All

Trust in politicians is at rock bottom and it is easy to understand why trust has gone.

Recently Labour MP Phil Woolas was taken to task over repeatedly lying about his Lib Dem opponent during the Westminster Election.

He was found guilty and removed as a House of Commons MP; the case against him was based on literature put out to deliberately smear his opponent and get out an angry white vote.

Phil Woolas and his campaign team were wrong to do this and he was rightly found guilty, at present he is trying to appeal the decision but is he cooked.

Now it is the Labour Party’s turn, they will be mounting a campaign in the Commons this week over the issue of the Liberal Democrats secretly planning to renege on their pledge regarding tuition fees.

While openly campaigning against increases, they knew their policy was a sham, they deliberately deceived the voters by projecting a policy they were never going to honour.

This is low and on a par with the disgraceful behaviour of Woolas.

If politicians won’t keep their word while in public office, are they fit to be in it?

Circumstances change but to promote one policy and have a hidden different agenda is corruption.

Some Lib Dem MPs are deeply unhappy about Nick Clegg is operating, rather than being a brake against the Tories, he is a willing partner, anything they say is okay with him.

The internal “confidential” document was drawn up months before the Westminster election in March but no announcement regarding their change in position.

In fact Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg addressed the National Union of Students’ conference in April in a specially produced YouTube video which promised students that fees would be scrapped within six years.

Nick Clegg has no credibility as the Party leader and should resign his position with immediate effect.

He by his actions has made his activists into unwitting liars as they stood on doorsteps selling that fees would be scrapped when the opposition was the case.

The documents were prepared by Danny ‘Ginger Rodent’ Alexander, Harriet Harman spotted him as a rat but didn’t have the goods on him.

They have lied to their activists, to the student population, the press and to the general public.

A statement from the Liberal Democrats described the details from the documents as “selective” and added they discussed a range of options ahead of “possible negotiations”.

One word sums that statement up:


Prior to this story breaking, support for the Lib Dems was dying, this story isn’t just petrol, this is rocket fuel that burns deeper and harder.

Clegg’s leadership and moral authority is gone, sooner of later the Lib Dems will openly call for change of leadership.

And they will be right to do so.

As much as Phil Woolas deserves to be kicked out of Westminster, there is a moral case for the removal of Nick Clegg as Party Leader.

You can’t trust Nick Clegg and he has tarred the rest of his Party by his actions, their brand is toxic.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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